Imagica’s ‘Groupbaazi’ campaign based on visitor trend

Raveendra Singh, Head of Marketing, Sales and Strategy, Imagica, & Joy Ghoshal, Co-Founder and Head - Creative Strategy, Marching Ants, talk about the insight and integration of the campaign

e4m by Rasika Kiran Upasani
Updated: Apr 16, 2019 9:19 AM

Imagica has unveiled a new summer campaign ‘Groupbaazi’ with a message to propagate the idea of maximising fun in groups. Going beyond promoting rides and pushing discounts, the ad campaign derives its storyline and message from a strong insight which says fun multiplies when like-minded individuals come together as groups. 

Designed as a clutter-breaking campaign, the idea has been derived from the perspective that people always have more fun when they are in larger groups, which also holds true as per Imagica’s visitor trend. The 45-second and 60-second ad campaigns which is set to be released on TV, digital platforms and cinemas will definitely strike a chord with the key target audience.

In a conversation with exchange4media, Raveendra Singh, Head of Marketing, Sales and Strategy, Imagica, talks about targeting customers across geographic segments and addressing their needs.


What kind of demographic does Imagica cater too?
Imagica is a destination that caters to all age segments and different types of groups - from families looking to having an entertaining time, to the adventure-seeking youngsters who are on the search of innovative and unique experiences. Currently, over two-third of Imagica’s footfall comes from primary catchment areas of Mumbai and Pune, and 20 per cent comes from the secondary catchment of Gujarat. The remaining audience pours in, in equal numbers from the rest of Maharashtra and all over India. 

Going forward, what plans do you have for marketing Adlabs Imagica?
The current trajectory for growth and sustainability is through entrenchment in non-catchment markets and attracting tourists therefrom. We aim to achieve this by segmenting the market and targeting the type of people that would make ideal customers across geographic segments and addressing their needs. Emphasising on the relevance of outdoor recreational experience and importance of taking short or long-term vacations, which involves fun and entertainment, is another step to showcase Imagica as an ideal themed entertainment destination due to its relevant offerings in terms of parks ranging from themes like water, snow and Bollywood. 

Further, we also wish to raise and build awareness of our IP characters and Stars of Imagica beyond the park boundaries through multiple character promotional activations such as branding across schools, character parades outside Imagica, and character meet and greets.

What is your marketing mix like?
Imagica is a destination that has been built to deliver a unique, differentiated and international standard experience. We live in an era of digital disruption, and therefore to make an impressionable impact, visual content is vital. The content in the digital entertainment arena has the space to be comparatively more experimental and creative than other platforms as the adoption rate is 90 per cent for this sector. Experiences are therefore best comprehended through visual mediums, specifically in the video format, as it makes it easier for people to digest information. The digital behavioural pattern of the audience in general also shows that they are far more likely to share, embed, and engage with videos. As a result, Imagica’s marketing mix involves a shift of focus from the static to video medium wherein we have leveraged the most influential medium i.e. television and digital platforms to break through the clutter. 

The marketing spends have been apportioned as follows:
•With maximum weightage for ATL mediums (70-75 per cent) where Television has the largest share followed by
•Large format static imagery through OOH and print media which continues to hold its importance
•Transit mediums that garners high visibility such as Metro whole wrap, bus panels and airport screens which are innovative mediums included in the mix to ensure targeted reach
•Digital - combination of search, display, aggregator, affiliate, video and Social media(YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) which accounts for nearly 20 per cent
•The balance is via BTL activations such as mall activations or innovative on-ground activations in Mumbai and Pune

How will you drive growth in regional areas? What kind of approach will you take to gain their attention?
For regional markets, Imagica has always adopted a targeted approach with digital marketing being our strongest source and most instrumental in reaching out to our audience in these markets. Digital has been an optimal tool as it helps us define the audience and segment them by age, interest, location and behaviour patterns leading to contextual advertising scenario. This is driven mainly through the robust database we have gathered over the past 6 years to identify, determine and target the correct and potential emerging markets and apportion our spends accordingly. Currently, we are seeing a growing interest from secondary catchment, especially Gujarat and Rest of Maharashtra (ROM). In order for a mass reach in these markets, leveraging regional publications with regional communication and targeted digital ads have worked best for us.

Do you believe in CSR efforts and should it be used in Brand Building?
Imagica as a brand strongly believes in CSR efforts and in the betterment of the community. For the past two years we have built an impactful association with C.R.Y through our own philanthropic annual initiative, ‘Share The Joy’ which entailed distribution of toys and books amongst the underprivileged children’s life and spreading happiness and cheer amongst them. In addition, Imagica has also aided the transformation of areas in Khopoli, which essentially was an industrial area. Since Imagica has come into existence, a number of businesses have spurred outside Imagica as well as in the nearby vicinity leading to creation of direct and indirect forms of employment. But more importantly the positive impact is the successful trust and relationship built with the local community.

What are the marketing trends to watch out for?
The marketing trend related to the outdoor recreational industry including theme and amusement parks currently revolves around group travel. As an emerging trend, most of the marketing communications, activations and even experiences are being specifically curated for groups and is therefore a trend to watch out for. This can be attributed to the fact that doing and experiencing things together as a group is fun and enjoyable. It has been observed that globally and in India too, people always bond with each other and form big groups to have fun and it starts, right at home extending to every phase of an individual’s life. In groups, people are willing to try new things with their friends – things that they may have never tried before. They might find something new that they deeply enjoy doing and have a unique experience and build memories together.

In further conversation with Joy Ghoshal, Co-Founder and Head - Creative Strategy, Marching Ants, exchange4media learnt about the insights behind the ad films.

What was the brief given to you by the client ?
Imagica needed to grow in its promise to its consumers. Interestingly, the exit interviews of consumers at the park showed that consumers where surprised at the scale of the park, its quality of rides and the overall experience that far exceeded their expectations. This was the opportunity and also presented the challenge for communication.

What was the insight for the ad film?
A deep dive of consumers revealed that going out with your own (nuclear) family is not as much fun. But ‘Real fun’ is experienced when you are with a group of like-minded people, friends and similar age groups. The articulation of the campaign was ‘Groupbaazi Mein Mazaa’.

Did you integrate the ad campaign? If so how?
We created a multi-tiered approach to integrate the ad campaign across all media. While on film the idea was to introduce the (fun) effects and impact of Groupbaazi, on OOH we wanted to show the idea of fun with groups along with the scale of the amusement park and the plethora of options it has to offer. On digital and radio, we have explored in a more granular manner as to how specific groups interact, to carry forward the core thought of ‘Groupbaazi Mein Mazaa’.

The message you wanted the consumers to take away...
The beauty in going out with your ‘Group of People’ is in the feeling of freedom interspersed with comfort. Every group has its own nuanced texture of people within; various flavours of individual quirks and idiosyncrasies; the inside jokes that only you get. Your group will always be unique and something that only you can experience; no one in the outside world would really be able to understand ‘Apno ke Saath. Groupbaazi Mein Mazaa’.

What were the challenges you faced while producing the ad film?
In the category of entertainment products and services, understanding the difference between communicating an entertaining product versus communicating the consumer benefits of using an entertaining product can be the biggest challenge. Very often the product itself starts confusing itself with its experience and this was our biggest watch out. Traditionally, most amusement park conversations have always revolved around the product: the rides, the themes and the scale of the park. While the past campaigns have all played around Imagica as a destination, the challenge this time was to move away from depicting Imagica being just a sum of its offering, but delve deeper into bringing an emotional connect with the brand. We knew everyone was already aware of Imagica. The aim this time was to drive interest and relevance so that it communicates a stronger consumer emotion, as opposed to just clichéd narratives of thrill and fear that have been done a million times.

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