ICMA 2017: Strategic view of content more important than virality: Ronita Mitra

The Founder and Chief Strategist at Brand Eagle tells us what it takes to build a great content strategy as ICMA awards inches closer

e4m by Abhinn Shreshtha
Updated: Aug 23, 2017 7:25 AM

Content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords today. To celebrate the best work in content, exchange4media is holding the second edition of the Indian Content Marketing Awards on August 30, 2017.

Building up to the main event, we caught up with Ronita Mitra, Founder and Chief Strategist at Brand Eagle, to get her views on what makes a great content strategy.


What are some of the integral features of a good content strategy?

Content marketing is the coming together of the three vertices to form that perfect triangle of brand purpose, great storytelling and building a long term relationship with the consumer. It connects with an audiences at a human level when you communicate what you stand for, what is its purpose to exist and what are its values. It’s in a way at the heart of what human relationships are about.

With so many new formats now available to marketers, how to choose the right one?

Since it is fundamentally about story-telling, content marketing has been around much longer than the internet. Therefore, content marketing need not be confined to a film format only. It needs to be in any format that is in tandem with the content on a platform that is consumed by the audience, be it articles, a book, pictures, film, social media and so on. It should therefore encompass all relevant formats.

Content strategy for most brands seems to revolve around posting creatives on Facebook and Twitter. What are some of the other avenues that they can explore?

Content marketing is meant to go beyond merely communicating a products and features in a transactional manner, i.e. when it suits the marketer through a content that serves its purpose alone. It’s about building a strong, long term, consistent relationship with the audience, recognizing their loyalty and having a meaningful and continuous conversation, through content that eventually makes a difference to the consumer’s life.

How does a brand create a sustained content marketing strategy instead of doing it in media bursts?

It is important to take a long term strategic view rather than trying to meet objectives of virality, awards, etc. If it is content that connects and tells an honest story, it will in any case go viral. The objective should steadfastly and ruthlessly be about an engagement with the consumer, telling the consumer something that will genuinely make a difference to their life.

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