‘Hum Hein Muthoot’ anthem is an attempt to bring oneness among company employees

The creatives for the anthem, launched in January as part of internal communication, were conceptualised by Happydemic, a live entertainment and music platform

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Published: Feb 6, 2019 8:20 AM  | 4 min read
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Muthoot Pappachan Group (MPG), popularly known as Muthoot Blue, recently rolled out a campaign titled ‘The Muthoot Blue Anthem’. The ‘Hum Hein Muthoot’ anthem was launched as part of internal communication strategic tool to create a feeling of oneness among the more than 26,000 employees of Muthoot Blue group who are called Muthoootians. The creatives of the anthem were conceptualised by Happydemic, a live entertainment and music platform.

The anthem was sung by the Muthootians themselves in 5 different languages namely Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Talking about the campaign, Sanjeev Shukla, group Chief Marketing Officer, Muthoot Pappachan Group, said “A brand cannot be built without gaining trust and satisfaction from the employees. The anthem, which was launched as part of a strategic exercise, spread a message to our employees on the company’s motto and goals,” said

He continued, “The Muthoot Blue Anthem was a project that was very close to the heart. For us, it wasn’t just an anthem we were looking at, but saw it as a strategic tool that inculcates the feeling of oneness amongst Mutoothians who come from different backgrounds organisations, geographies and languages.”

“We are extremely happy with the way Happydemic partnered our vision and translated it into the core thought of oneness. Through their expert thinking process, which is both strategic and creative in nature, Happydemic gave us an anthem which instills the emotion of oneness, pride and aspiration. The structure of the anthem, the simplicity of lyrics and the advantage of being easily translated into multiple languages ensured that it connected well with employees,” added Shukla.   

Speaking about the insights that went into the creation of the anthem, Radhika Mukherji, CEO, Happydemic said, "When we conceived the anthem for Mutooth Blue, the prime objective in our mind was to create an engagement tool that resonates with employees. The marriage of music and strategy was the key to creating a value- building anthem.”

Talking on how the campaign is helping the brand, Shukla said, “The campaign was built with very clear and specific business goals. Some of the outcomes it will deliver include a spirit of oneness in the team, the belief that we are all in this together to achieve a larger objective. It is designed to bring every team member’s thoughts on one track and strengthen the internal community of the company. As an additional value add, such innovative campaigns also make the team feel that the company cares about them enough to do something like this. The uniqueness of this campaign is that it ensures brand adoption and the stickiness factor enhances brand retention and recall.”

Shukla added, “Every detail, right from the genre to the instruments, was carefully selected in order to exude the spirit of motivation while maintaining the essence of the core message. There are two benefits of such a solution as compared to a conventional communication technique- the degree of stickiness it has and the level of adoption of the message. They also carefully incorporated subliminal messaging to strengthen the brand. For example, many of the words such as ocean and sky are a part of the lyrics which are indicative of the colour Blue. I can say it’s a creative yet strategically fulfilling engagement tool”.    

The Muthoot anthem was launched on January 26, the 131st anniversary of the group.  As part of the brand transformation, the group had launched ‘Blue Soch’ campaign with actress Vidya Balan last year.

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