How to level up your ad strategy for festive sales

Guest Column: Alok Pandey, Vice President - Sales & Marketing at Xapads Media, says the festive season marketing plan can be designed keeping in mind Story Building, Tech Stack & Audience Pool

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Published: Aug 12, 2022 8:37 AM  | 4 min read
Alok Pandey

As the festive season approaches, users get ready to dive into its vibes and spirits around the spending plans. It is the time of the year for which brands and marketers wait keenly to tap into the festive moods of the target audience. Every brand competes to reach more of its potential customers and increase its market share, and to cut the biggest share among tough competition. The festive season marketing plan can be designed keeping in mind Story Building, Tech Stack, Audience Pool as means to reach them in a more innovative and creative way.

During this time of the festivities, I wish brands more power to flourish in the online marketplaces and share my opinion on the right strategies that can really do wonders while creating an effective brand reach and recognition.

Reach your audience with a Story Building: Creating a buzz in the market and spreading awareness about your offerings become possible only when you know ‘who your audience is’. Understanding the consumers based on their past actions and behaviors and what are their expectations from your brand will help you establish a special connection with them. This can be done via emotional and personalized creatives that can tell a story and connect with the user's sentiments. Since it's a time of high emotions, joy and happiness; a personalized message to the right audience can help in building a quality user base with an effective brand presence.

Go Mobile-First Approach: In India, since 2021 the average daily time spent online by internet users is 7 hours via which online consumerism has been rising massively. The reason for this rise is internet penetration coupled with economical smartphones and taking such advantage, mobile adverts are booming. During the festive season, it can be said that people become more active on their smartphones than on the usual days which is a perfect opportunity for brands to advertise themselves and even retain a large chunk of their users.

Harness the Power of OEMs: Set of active audience changes daily based on their actions and triggered events wherein, OEM can be a better option to tap into the users that could convert. This is because OEM inventories involve an audience pool via which marketers get more targeting options with intact brand safety and hygiene as OEM provides users meaningful insights like buying patterns, daily time spent, etc. This enables advertisers to grab users’ eyeballs towards a campaign and acquire them with lookalike inventory.

Choose Adtech Stack that Innovates: Relying on the right adtech stack can give marketers’ strategy an extra edge while making a huge impact on campaign performance and ROAS as well. Consumers usually get more influenced by the ads in terms of festive season-related advertisements across multiple platforms such as apps, browsers, OTT etc and make the desired purchase. An adtech stack enriched with premium media sources and inventory can help advertisers with better brand presence across multiple platforms resulting in quality sales.

Retarget Loyal Users: During the festive season, it's better to equally retarget the loyal users with the new and prospective ones since loyal users barely switch to any other brand. Advertisers can make the most of their campaign and boost sales as they become familiar with the choices and preferences of loyal users and showcase the personalized offerings that best match their interests. This also results in an effective user experience with maximized brand reach and increased profitability.

Anti-Fraud Mechanism: Fraud is a real concern and undoubtedly the biggest threat which eats up the marketing budget without the knowledge of advertisers. In order to protect your campaign from unethical and fraudulent activities, marketers can include pre-bid and post-clicks fraud techniques in their marketing toolkit. This eliminates the fraud traffic and also saves the marketing budget going into vain while maintaining intact brand safety with complete transparency and control.

To make your campaign a successful one with the biggest hits in ad strategy and extra bonanza in sales, the implementation of the above-mentioned practices into the marketing toolkit could be beneficial in driving efficient results with maximum brand reach. I wish brands warmth to make their campaign successful with effective utilization of advertising spend.

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