How brands can use power of creative storytelling to boost sales this festive season

Guest Column: Alok Pandey, VP - Sales & Marketing at Xapads Media, writes on how effective storytelling establishes a connection between brands and audience at the initial stages of campaign promotion

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Published: Sep 29, 2022 8:53 AM  | 5 min read
Alok Pandey

The festive season gets shoppers excited to dive into the offerings of online marketplaces in the quest of new products and great deals. Being the most awaited season, it comes along with joyous vibes that touch the user's emotions; and this year 36 per cent Indian shoppers are willing to spend more on festivities (source: YouGov).

The enthusiasm among the shoppers this festive season justifies that, they are looking forward to making online purchases which presents a great opportunity for brands. Marketers can tap into the consumers to better establish their footholds and create an exceptional recall value in their minds that could drive effective engagement. But a question might come, how can it become possible, especially during the festive season when both the brands and consumers equally remain proactive at online stores? 

Herein, storytelling creatives come into the picture and let’s discuss more in brief how brands can use their power to boost sales during the festive season.  

J.K. Rowling has well said that “No story lives unless someone wants to listen” and in the evolving AdTech space, this saying stands true especially during the festive season because users better connect with the brand that relates to their requirements. Marketers that involve a creative depicting story in their campaign strategy can efficiently make their brand stand out from the competition. This is because a storytelling message focuses on emotional appeal which touches the users’ sentiments and they efficiently interact with the brands. 

A customized story-building strategy is an effective way of creating a buzz, driving brand awareness and cutting through the market competition; here’s ‘how & why’ it establishes a connection between brands and audience at the initial stages of campaign promotion. 

Rich Media Adverts: Every story comes with relatability; likewise, every storytelling creative comes with an emotion that urges users to interact with it. Rich media adverts make brands stand out. During the festive time, the best way to grab users' eyeballs is to facilitate them with rich media ads where its message can relate to users’ words and sentiments. For example, having a message like ‘Diwali apno wali’, ‘tyohar parivar sang’ etc. can encourage users to better relate with the brand and make the desired action. The more a creative would incorporate an emotional appeal, the more users will connect and interact with a brand. A personalized message that can relate with users at one go aids marketers to win their hearts for a lifetime because when a user feels valued, he automatically gives value to a brand which helps in bolstering the campaigns too. 

Predictive Marketing: Adapting this practice, especially during festivities could drive user retention, engagement and monetization towards a brand and also helps in bridging the gap left wide by privacy protocols. It incorporates data science to predict and analyse the strategies that could work the best and helps marketers in understanding the audience while drawing their behavioural patterns to optimize the campaigns for better results via AI/ML-enabled technology. 

Personalized Offerings: The dependency and reliability of consumers on smartphones have made them mobile-first, increasing online consumerism. This year, the festive season is expected to drive 20 per cent of more consumer spending as compared to 2021 because users spend quality time on mobile in search of online offerings wherein, Automated Personalized Suggestions could be an extra benefit for brands (source: Financial Express). Marketers can maximize their brand reach and awareness amongst the audience while tapping into the mobile-first population and can also engage them better by showcasing personalized product recommendations based on their preferences, interest, past actions and behaviour. 

Retargeting: Several times a user becomes churned, lapsed or inactive on an app due to certain unknown reasons; thus, the ad spending made on UA Campaigns should also be supported by a powerful Retargeting Strategy in the initial stage of its execution itself. Moreover, when it comes to festive time, perhaps switching brands in the online marketplace can be a possibility since consumers always desire to have ‘more in less’ and actively look for better deals. Herein, retargeting the inactive and lapsed users could make a difference and can be done via ‘wake-up campaigns’ which incorporate interactive and content personalization. This helps marketers in understanding the users’ brand switching patterns along with their choices via which engaging them becomes a little easier and results in quality sales.  

An ad creative telling a story is a blend of ‘art and science’, which can either make or break a campaign. I would suggest, going with a positive and right message while showcasing the adverts, keeping in mind the frequency of campaigns can actually make a difference in brand recognition. Also, I would like to add that using A/B tested ad creatives via AI/ML-enabled adtech stack can make a brand stand out. Thus, it's better to execute a campaign programmatically at the right time, making it beneficial for a user to interact and engage with it and spend more time with the brand. I wish, this festive season, may your brand flourish more and storytelling creatives can do wonders in its presence.

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