Guest Column: A brand must stay relevant to the consumer: Lisa Mukhedkar, Restore

Branding is ultimately about creating a lasting impression and a relationship with the consumer, feels Mukhedkar

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Updated: May 1, 2017 8:56 AM
Guest Column: A brand must stay relevant to the consumer: Lisa Mukhedkar, Restore

In a world where there is immeasurable visual noise from numerous brands, what would make a customer standup and notice your brand? With the intensive permeability of technology in our lives, copious amounts of information about the brand exist in easily consumable formats. The challenge then is for the brand to stand out and break the clutter.

Branding is ultimately about creating a lasting impression and a relationship with the consumer. While a consumer might not be in the market for your product or service today, branding/marketing can help keep your brand on the top of mind of the consumer, when he or she is looking for your product/service.

A few ways to create a lasting brand impression on the consumer are:

Brand Identity

This factor encompasses who you are, what do you do and how do you look. Originality as a brand persona will take the brand further down the road, but neglecting the visual and language identity will be detrimental in the long run. Have a logo that reflects your brand’s essence with colours and shapes that are unique. The importance of brand’s visual identity will set the tone for the brand and the stakeholders.

Sell the brand, not just the product

There are only 20 seconds for the brand to make an impression. That time frame is not enough for the product to create an impression on the consumer. If your brand doesn’t create interest, consumers will move on to the next one.

Be aware of the behavioural habits of your customers

The diversity of the shoppers can be defined in terms of what stage is the customer in the product lifecycle (i.e., a new or long-term customer, or someone who has never even heard of you), or by the behavioral and taste profiles. The commonalities of your shoppers will create a more comprehensive profile of your desired audience.

A refined strategy can be more nuanced, and can identify the exact behavioral details that help you understand the consumer better.

Both Physical and Digital journeys of the consumers are critical

The brand should be present in the cross-channel, cross device and other formats that are relevant to their consumers. If you are relevant to the consumer, then, they will stay loyal to you. High-impact videos display better brand stories and create a much stronger connect. Also, presence at physical locations, which are frequented by their consumer, will increase brand recall and value.

Collection of the right data

Identifying the right branding metric is of utmost importance. For example, tracking branded site visit rates is a good leading indicator of future sales, while video completion rates are a great proxy for how receptive an audience is to a specific creative message. With surveys taking inputs about brand awareness, purchase intent, and ad recall at scale, brands can measure a plethora of factors to create that lasting impression.

Discover New Audiences

Technology can now track brand campaigns across different audiences and context framework. Discovery and optimisation of the brand campaigns helps you reach a wider audience and grow you consumer base. If you feel that your current visual and language identity is not in sync with what your brand is, don’t be afraid to rebrand.

You need to create strategies that speak to consumers directly throughout the brand journey, using combinations of audience, context, formats, and measurement techniques to create, build, and nurture consumer relationships that last.

Be it offline or online, if you can create an immersive experience, an experience that the customer connects to via memory, uniqueness, aspiration or learning, you will stop being a brand and become a lifestyle choice of the consumers.

(The author is co-founder and director, Restore Design)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of


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