Great mobile marketers are great change leaders: Thomas Barta

e4m Screenage 2020: On the second day, Thomas Barta, Author & Former Partner of McKinsey, shared how mobile marketers can take bold steps to achieve revolutionary changes

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Published: Nov 21, 2020 9:08 AM  | 4 min read

On the second day of e4m Screenage Mobile Marketing Virtual Conference held on Friday, Thomas Barta, Author & Former Partner of McKinse, delivered one of the most insightful sessions. Barta, who has written a plethora of books to help marketers enhance their skills, shared why mobile marketers need to be brave to connect to the next 500 million users, and more.

Starting off the talk, Barta said, “At the moment, right now, we have had quite a few layoffs during Covid, but luckily, mobile is a little bit better off. I believe this very special time that we are all living in is easily a marketer’s moment, if you play your cards right.”

Barta then talked about having faith in the unknown. “When gaming became a thing, the management at Sony was first reluctant about venturing into it because it was a new industry. The one person that changed the game was Ken Kutaragi. In his 10-year-long battle, he convinced the sceptical Sony management to get into gaming and make gaming and Playstation a success it is today.”

The point Barta wanted to drive home with the Sony story was that the success of many things in marketing isn’t so much about how good your ideas are or how good your technology is, but success is about being able to bring about change.

“At the moment, a lot of people in marketing are facing a skill gap because there are just too many (skills). Even if you are really good, it isn’t possible to learn them all. So the skill gap has become a confidence killer, which isn’t helpful. It is something that you are often up against in marketing. In mobile marketing, you are always facing a trust gap. From 5G rollouts to autonomous drive-in, they are mostly about the future. When we work on a project, it is mostly about the future. That is why in mobile marketing, everything will sound a little bit less reliable than some hard facts because, in reality, it is. The truth is that the work curated is mostly about the future and therefore there is a big trust gap.”

The issue, Barta shared, is that nobody addresses the problem of skill gap, trust gap and power gap in the mobile industry and, therefore, fail to succeed.

Barta advised that in marketing, we need to become influential so that all the hard work pays off. “Age isn’t a roadblock. Many young people are shaping the mobile marketing industry. It is about how talented you are and your age shouldn’t be a challenge,” he shared.

Talking about what is essential to be a successful marketer, Barta said, “Personality and technical skills are two fascinating things in marketing. Success in mobile marketing can be learnt and having marketing skills is an entry gate. But to succeed, you need more, and the thing that can help you grow is the company you work in. It also depends on the organization head who helps you strive and listens to your big ideas. Finally, the largest factor for success in mobile marketing is a change in leadership skills. The best people we have in our global research study were good in marketing but what they were exceptionally good at was producing the ideas they had conceptualized. Great mobile marketers are great change leaders.”

Barta also cited four noteworthy insights for mobile marketers to enhance their business, which are: tackling the big issues, stand for profitable revenue, tell a story of hope and lastly, walk the halls. “Think about your current marketing projects. Are they covering customer needs and your company needs? If both the questions are true, you are in the stage of value creation,” commented Barta.

On a parting note, Barta said, “You need to have a real purpose in mobile marketing to be brave. Think about what you want to fight for or change, and once that is highlighted, go ahead and be brave.”

The second day of the virtual conference witnessed keynote sessions, panel discussions and speaker sessions by leading mobile marketing and digital marketing experts. The array of topics were centered on how the amplification of mobile adoption has become a crucial part for brand marketers to build an effective engagement with their consumers and curate revolutionary steps in the industry.

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