From silos to collaboration, data driven marketing is changing for good

A roundtable on ‘Data Driven Marketing – Insight to Action’ was recently organised by exchange4media in association with the leading Enterprise Communication & Digital Marketing Technology company, Netcore Solution Pvt Ltd in New Delhi

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Published: Feb 13, 2017 8:44 AM  | 4 min read
From silos to collaboration, data driven marketing is changing for good

exchange4media in association with the leading Enterprise Communication & Digital Marketing Technology Company Netcore Solution Pvt Ltd, hosted a roundtable on Data Driven Marketing – Insight to Action, recently. The participants included names such as Vani Gupta Dandia, Marketing Director - Indian Snacks, Foods at PepsiCo India; Vivek Anand, Director –Marketing & Customer Experience, General Motors India; Kaushik Prasad, General Manager - Consumer Marketing at Ford Motor Company; Puneet Anand, General Manager (Marketing) & Group Head at Hyundai Motor India Ltd; Manu Seth, Sr. Director - HTC South Asia; Amit Bhatia, Sr. Director, Marketing, Droom and Rajiv Dubey, General Manager-Media, ‎Dabur India.

Speaking about the need for shared data and making sense of the big volumes of data already available, Dandia of PepsiCo India said, “The real challenge is dealing with the enormous amount of data. While there is a lot of data, the fact is that it is available in silos and unstructured forms. I think it is important to be able to make sense of it, process it and bring it to an insight, otherwise data itself is just numbers and will not help in taking decisions, so the big challenge is to bring the data to a point where it can help make key decisions. I think there is a huge opportunity that can be leveraged in terms of sharing data even in no-adjacent and seemingly unrelated categories.”

Underlining the importance of digital data, Vivek Anand of General Motors India said, “The biggest challenge is that we just latch on to the attractive parts of the data, as it is easy, while the unattractive part requires a lot of work and cross checking. Earlier we were not putting much into the digital (medium) but the message reaching to us from customers is to reach them through digital as it is more convenient and we are fast adapting this system to get better insights from our customers.”

Prasad from Ford Motor Company spoke about the immense scope that data insights can provide to marketers. He stated, “I agree to the point that data today is largely available in silos. However, there is huge opportunity with data that is available to really attack it in a very agile manner and play with it and juice it to the maximum. This is true of our industry where we have legacy systems and the systems don’t talk to each other. The big thing is that we need to unlock the revenue potential that comes with data and that is the real challenge for all of us.”

Highlighting the need to use intuitive skills while crunching data numbers, Dubey of Dabur India said, “I think at times intuitive skills work more than the converging of data. I think data management is becoming expensive as some of it is sitting outside the organisation while some is sitting inside the organisation. There is explosion of data and we need to be very careful about what we choose.”

Puneet Anand of Hyundai Motor India spoke about how data will continue to impact the marketing game in a big way as he stated, “The biggest challenge that today’s marketer faces is to churn the data in a meaningful way. In fact we are now trying to invest in a big way for our own data. Looking at the progression of the industry and learning from our western counterparts, and the fact that technology has simplified data gathering and processing, I think there is huge scope for the data led insights as far as the auto sector is concerned.”

Seth of HTC South Asia said, “I think there is a huge scope for a technology platform, but when you integrate the data the question is what happens after that? Let’s go beyond these 100 or 500 cities and think about capturing data beyond those cities as there are brands that are present in more than 2000 cities. So, the point is: how do you collect that data and how do you integrate it?”

 “We have a lot of consumer insights and I would say we are data custodians in terms of user behaviour. I think the business of marketing is a mix of art and science and we have look at the best way of leveraging data for effective marketing,” said Bhatia of Droom.

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