e4m Conclave-South: Consumer XP will be more important than pricing: Bhaskar Choudhuri

Bhaskar Choudhuri, CMO, Lenovo APAC, spoke on the topic 'Consumer Journey – A Labyrinth' at exchange4media Conclave-South 2019

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Updated: Nov 23, 2019 1:01 PM
Bhaskar Choudhuri Lenovo

At exchange4media Conclave-South 2019, held in Bangalore, Bhaskar Choudhuri, CMO, Lenovo APAC spoke on 'Consumer Journey- A Labyrinth'. The Choudhuri started off the session speaking about the change in the purchase of a PC 15 years back to now, and how Lenovo constructs a consumer journey when a person tries to purchase a product.

Before the advent of the digital age, the standard consumer funnel to buy a PC, that most people used to operate starting with awareness followed by familiarity, opinion, consideration, model intention, shopping and ending with the purchase of the product. Choudhuri explained that as marketers, they were aware of the first two steps that are awareness and familiarity and some brands knew the last step of purchase but in between the two steps, it was a complete black box for everyone.

In today's time, consumers actually go through several touchpoints before making a purchase. “Starting with advertising, go to search engines, go to online, shopping networks to check on prices and finally reaching retail touchpoint were they might be checking prices with what they will be possibly getting in Amazon or Flipkart and finally make a purchase and experience that device and also hopefully have a good service experience,” said Choudhuri.

Unlike, 15 years back, the process is much more transparent but Choudhuri believes that the amount of distraction that this chain offers is enough for a marketer to lose his way.

He added, “I find that this is a much more dangerous level than the level that existed 15 years back.” He further shared how the consumer journey looks at Lenovo. “At Lenovo, we actually build and break down the consumer journey into six different steps starting from a non-intender which we are in most cases, unlike FMCG products to purchase, since a PC is a very high involvement purchase".

Speaking about the live dashboard, Choudhury mentioned that it gives you a meaningful point of conversation with almost every arm of the business. “So you're not necessarily only the person who is responsible for spreading awareness, by integrating your role into the fundamental part of the consumer journey, you actually have the ability or the power to have a meaningful conversation, whether it is supply chain, service organisation, sales organisation, or it's retail audience. This is actually the way in a manner of speaking as marketers. We can rediscover ourselves and rightfully claim our place at the centre of this.

To sum up the journey, Choudhury mentioned four points, “Around 15 years back as a marketer it was said you must know your consumer very well. I think in today's time you also need to know your consumer journey very well because otherwise, you will not be able to complete the whole experience for them. In three years time, consumer experience is going to be more important than even your pricing.”

The second one is optimising individual touchpoints to a hygiene level, thirdly, quantify and define a clear customer experience aspiration and common purpose, and lastly, redesign the business from the customer back but know your brand strengths.

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