Ashutosh Srivastava demystifies AI and ML for marketers

Chairman & CEO, AMEA, Russia, and CIS, Mindshare, delivered a masterclass on artificial intelligence, what it means, how it can be used and results verified to a packed audience

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Published: Nov 19, 2018 8:08 AM  | 2 min read
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Artificial Intelligence has been demonised by some as the technology that will take away human jobs and diminish the role of humans in many processes, including creative. But it is in fact a technology that will enable humans to do better.  Sharing this view, Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman & CEO, AMEA, Russia, and CIS, Mindshare, believes AI is a tool that will “amplify human intelligence.” 

Srivastava delivered a masterclass on artificial intelligence, what it means, how it can be used and its results to a packed audience at the exchange4media Conclave held in Mumbai on November 16. In his session, Srivastava focussed on explaining how to use AI to find the right people at the right time at the right platform and create engagement in a way that works for brands. 

Laying down the ground rules to create the best environment to harness AI, Srivastava said, “You need use your own data in your business, have the talent that understands marketing and tell the machine what to look for to make AI really work for you.”

One of the uses of AI that Srivastava highlighted was programmatic ad buying and digital ad insertions personalised at scale which cannot be done manually by humans. In fact Mindshare has used AI in the form of Anna which uses a bespoke AI to construct an integrated media and creative algorithm that powers the operations at the DSP and DCO platforms. The personalisation of the ad creative resulted in an 2.5X increase in CTR for the brand, enabling it to target consumers at 7,000 odd touch points. 

He further explained how a machine clusters touchpoints that are more favourable for advertisers and can automatically buy ads as per the millions of combinations of those touch points thereby reducing the cost cost per acquisition for a client. Srivastava then showed the audience how AI can help find the right target audience among a sea of audience. 

Srivastava also touched upon how AI can be used to make predictions of the next big moment for a brand to place ads.  

“This is just the beginning of how AI is changing deployment,” he said. He further added that as marketers begin to get familiar with AI they should start doing small pilot projects, capture those learnings and make them bigger. 

Watch the entire session here: 


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