Co-marketing campaigns are future of brand partnerships: Sameer Seth, Dolby Laboratories

Seth, Director, Marketing – India, Dolby Laboratories, explains why the growing demand among consumers for high-quality sounds and visual experiences delights him as a marketer

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Updated: Apr 13, 2021 4:17 PM
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With the pandemic driving consumers indoors, 2020 has seen a renewed interest in entertainment and quality content that can be enjoyed from home. Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing – India, Dolby Laboratories says he would not be surprised to see people consume only high-quality sounds and visual experiences in 2021. “The audiences have made it clear that they have a huge impact and make their experience more exciting,” he said. 

Armed with insights from three studies that pointed towards a growing demand for enhanced visual and audio experiences, the company launched its Dolby Everywhere campaign. Crafted with an aim to educate consumers about Dolby's different offerings, the campaign, says Seth, was received warmly by the audience. 

In a chat with exchange4media, Seth lets us in on what went into the campaign, its reach and reception, the company's media mix, game plan for 2021 and more. 


Tell us a little about your Dolby Everywhere campaign. Also, why now? Was this campaign demand-driven?

The Dolby Everywhere campaign aims to educate consumers about the Dolby difference available in the living room, at work, in the cinemas or on the go. This campaign creates awareness about lifelike experiences in Dolby, by connecting with consumers through their passion points like TV, Movies, Sports & Music. The creative direction of this campaign focuses on and explores the relationship and connection between the fan and the creator.

The campaign is based on insights from three consumer studies. Recently, we conducted a global survey with Wakefield Research that revealed that ‘Consumers are spending more on quality to better connect with content—and connect with each other’. A study by CMR on the ‘Importance of Audio among smartphone users in India’. And a third study by Kantar on music, ‘Understanding the Music listening behavior in India’. All three studies point to a strong consumer intent for an enhanced visual & audio experience across screen types – living room & mobile, as consumers spend more time on entertainment & music they love.

Drawing insights from these three consumer studies, the Dolby Everywhere campaign highlights the Dolby experiences that bring entertainment to life through consumer passion points like TV, movies, sports, and music.

You mentioned working with partners for the campaign. How do co-marketing campaigns revolutionise brand partnerships?

Co-marketing is a great way to co-create value. Partner brands that are aligned and chasing a common goal, can use this tool for effective storytelling and build value. It enables brands to broaden their audience, increase brand awareness, and engagement. It is beneficial as it allows the partners to capitalize on the strengths of each brand and use their collective might to amplify a common message. 

What have been the challenges in executing a co-marketing campaign with so many big brands?

There were no challenges whatsoever. We bring our innovations to people through collaborative partnerships that span artists, businesses, and consumers worldwide. The collaborations are aimed to co-create value with our partners for the end consumer. 

An integral aspect of any co-marketing campaign is to ensure that the partners are collaborating for a common goal. In the Dolby Everywhere campaign, the agenda was to strike a chord with aficionados from across genres of sports, movies, music, amongst others and educate them about the Dolby difference while consuming the content they love. All the partner brands collaborated to highlight the unforgettable experiences delivered on our partner enabled devices and services with Dolby technology. With all partner brands aligned on this common goal, the execution and amplification became seamless. 

Tell us about the media mix you used for the campaign and the reach of the campaign?

The media mix reflects the prevailing media consumption habits, with a lot of us still WFH or being sheltered. The campaign is being promoted with a digital-first approach for maximum impact. Through video-based content marketing, we aim to maximize our reach and engagement. We lead through our social media assets where we have a very engaged community, through our consumer-friendly and new-look website,, and through a Dolby Brand Store, we built on Amazon, to drive education & awareness.

In addition to this, most partner brands leveraged the film cutdowns snippets on their respective social media channels, thereby, amplifying the message and maximizing the impact.

We have shown a consumer enjoying Netflix show on his smartphone while on the go. In another setting, a family comes together to watch their favourite sport in Dolby, on their LG OLED TV, in their living room.

In one cutdown of the film, we show a consumer watching his favourite TV show in Dolby, on his Lenovo Yoga Laptop, while at work. There's also one where the protagonist is seen enjoying his favourite movie at PVR Cinemas in Dolby.

In our fifth edit, we show the protagonist enjoying his favourite music in Dolby Atmos on the Hungama Music app while he’s on the go.

Additionally, we have also reached out to several influencers for their view and to help us reach out to a vast audience. We have also created a filter on Instagram and Facebook that will transport you right into the moment, in Dolby (yes literally). The filter will give the Dolby fan, three passion points to relive -  Music in Dolby, Movies in Dolby and Sports in Dolby. 

How well have people received the campaign? In a campaign with so many names, does the messaging get lost somewhere?

The films have received a great response from the audience. Our intent was to strike a deeper connection with them by highlighting their passion points and we believe it has hit the right chord with enthusiasts from across genres like sports, movies, music, amongst others. In addition to this, each partner brand leveraged the film cutdowns on their respective social media channels, thereby, ensuring increased visibility and maximum impressions. The campaign videos on Dolby’s YouTube channel alone have collectively delivered over 5.5 million+ Video Views (~25% of which are 100% Views).

At Dolby, we are always passionate and committed to engaging with our users, partners, stakeholders. With that goal in mind, we have on myriad occasions launched and executed unique consumer-centric campaigns in India. The Dolby Everywhere campaign takes this a step further as we engaged with multiple partner brands to leverage a single film creatively in multiple ways.

As a marketer how do you see 2021 working out for the brand? What are the big plans for the new fiscal?

In the year 2020, we have seen that people love entertainment and there is an exponential rise in demand for quality content that can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home. The shift towards digital has been happening for a while but the events of the last year have only served to accelerate it. In the year 2021, I would not be surprised to see people consume only high-quality sound and visual experiences as they have made it clear, that it has a huge impact and makes their experience more exciting. This is a marketer’s delight. 

We have done multiple video-led content marketing initiatives like – the series called Behind The Mix (story of the creatives), Dolby Atmos Music Artist Spotlight etc. Apart from this, we undertook multiple co-marketing education led campaigns to highlight the fact that for a spectacular experience one needs content + service + device, all three in Dolby.

In one of our recent initiatives, we collaborated with Hungama Music, wherein Hungama Music users with compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled mobile devices will be able to enjoy a growing library of music in Dolby Atmos from leading Hindi and regional labels, as well as local artists. We also collaborated with Amazon India to create a brand store that displays a complete range of Dolby enabled products - televisions, audio devices like soundbars & home theatres, smartphones and laptops.

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