DAN-e4m Digital Advertising Conference 2019: Mastering marketing in a post-digital world

At the DAN-e4m Digital Advertising Conference 2019, marketers discuss trends they are bullish on in digital marketing and understanding the pay-to-play game among others

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Published: Jan 17, 2019 9:04 AM  | 3 min read

The DAN-e4m Digital Advertising Conference 2019 concluded with an interesting panel discussion on marketing in a post-digital world. Moderated by Virginia Sharma, Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, the panel had Gauravjeet Singh, General Manager - Media (South Asia), Unilever, Tarun Garg, Executive Director, Marketing, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, and Anuradha Aggarwal, former CMO, Marico.

Sharma started off by asking marketers about the trends they are bullish about. Garg stated that voice being the obvious next big thing with 30 per cent of the searches in this format. This will be increased to 50 per cent by 2020. He added, “It will make it literacy agnostic. It will help us overcome the language barrier and reach a broader audience.”

Aggarwal spoke about being bullish about video advertising as it brings back the basics of advertising i.e. interrupt the consumer, tell a quick story in 6-10 seconds, send its brand message and ensure it reaches maximum consumers.

Speaking of trends turning into fads Aggarwal confessed about marketers getting excited on branded content “I don’t think we know how to entertain in long format and tell stories that will bring back consumers to watch the story and not the brand. We should stick to what we know the best i.e. selling our product.”

There has been a constant reliance on organic reach but Sharma has learnt that people don’t believe in organic reach anymore and that everything is pay to play. This led her to ask, “Is there an opportunity for brands to do organic well on their own or is it really a pay to play world?”

Singh answered “It lies in the cost to do that versus the return you get. At any day for the kind of brand reach that you need any platform invariably will lock it behind a paywall. We have tested it platform after platform organic reach is just 1or 2 per cent of what you get. On your own content platform, it’s very hard. Also, it’s supremely costly.”

Garg still believes that at the end of the day it’s all about content (irrespective of platform). “If the content is good, engaging and keeping the customer in mind, anything would work. To get into the mind of consumers you actually need to know what they want. That’s the crux,” he said.

The discussion ended with Sharma summing it up with a few key takeaways which reiterated the basic points that voice, vernacular and video are on the radar of the biggest digital advertisers in FMCG and automotive. Voice brings in a new audience but a lot more work has to be done to create the right kind of content, something ‘that’s not just a straight translate.’

Sharma added, “Digital marketers still have a vital job in our rather nascent digital ecosystem. There’s a huge value of agencies on creating quality branded content for brands while the latter go back to the basics of the consumer value proposition of listening to the customer and understanding his/her sentiment. Finally, there’s a huge amount of accountability by marketers about earning the attention of the consumer and recognising that even three seconds of their time is valuable.”

Watch the full DAN-e4m Digital Advertising Conference and launch of the Digital Advertising Report 2019: 



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