Cadbury Dairy Milk never made the brand a hero: Deepak Iyer

The President of Mondelez International, India, delivered an insightful keynote address on ‘The Cadbury Dairy Milk Journey’ at e4m Pitch CMO Summit 2022

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Published: Mar 28, 2022 8:20 AM  | 3 min read
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Trust in any relationship is a consistent and reliable connection, which is normally built over time, said Deepak Iyer, President, Mondelez International, India, while delivering the keynote address on “The Cadbury Dairy Milk Journey - Building one of India’s Most Trusted Brands” at the e4m Pitch CMO Summit 2022 on Friday.

Iyer said Cadbury Dairy Milk or CDM was noted as the most trusted brand across all categories in India by a renowned publication in 2020. Explaining how CDM built trust over the years, he mentioned four important points. The first point, according to him, is meaningful connection with consumers. CDM built that connection with their catchy line - ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’. The Hindi line embodies Indianness and most importantly resonates with Indians who would say ‘What is the point in living in India if you cannot say kuch meetha ho jaye.’

“CDM never chose to compete with Indian sweets, it rather chose to blend with them. Think about chocolate modak- which we always relish. Another very important point in making a connection is how many consumers are you talking to, and on how many occasions. By showing someone dancing out of a cricket stadium to the field, CDM made a connection with the adults,” he said.

Iyer pointed out CDM never made the brand a hero. He said, “For us, it’s always ‘kuch khaas hei hum sabhi mein’ and not Cadbury mein. This how we very humbly connected with the consumers and now CDM represents the taste of chocolate.”

The second point in creating brand trust, according to Iyer, is quality and consistency. CDM’s product recipe has remained the same over the years despite living in an inflationary environment in India. “Productivity is important for business but we don’t fiddle with the quality of the product. Today, when any Indian consumer picks up a bar of CDM s/he can be assured of the same old taste that s/he found while growing up. When s/he sees a CDM ad, s/he can feel the same joy, the same spirit of giving and the same tagline that s/he is used to. This is what we call consistency,” he added.

The third important point in building trust is to always be there for consumers and have a point of view on what is happening around. “Being present in the new mediums and the touchpoints of consumers is important. Being present on digital and social media and speaking the language of Gen Z consumers is just as important as it is to be aspirational and relevant to a rural household,” he further said.

The fourth point is ‘story doing’ and not just ‘storytelling’. According to him, trust is built when consumers realise that a brand exists not just for themselves and their profits, but for making a difference in society. “It is a very deeply rooted value in CDM. Generosity is a value that Cadbury family has kept with it ever since the company was set up, and now it has become a brand purpose. In India, we call it ‘kuch acha ho jaaye’. Over the years we have built on it and have done work. The way how the brand highlights challenges around us and how the brand and the consumers come together to solve it, have really stood out,” he further said.

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