#BreakSomeHearts is meant to strengthen brand love: Vinay Subramanyam, Britannia

Vinay Subramanyam, Head-Marketing, Britannia Industries, shares more on the Little Hearts campaign featuring rapper Kaam Bhaari and actress & influencer Ahsaas Channa

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Updated: Feb 17, 2020 2:09 PM

“Little Hearts has always been a digital brand as we understand that’s where our target audience resides and through this campaign, we hope to continue leveraging that connection with our target audience that may result in the brand gaining more salience,” says Vinay Subramanyam, Head-Marketing, Britannia Industries.

Vinay Subramanyam

Britannia Little Hearts has taken pride in staying attuned to the vibes of the youth. On this year’s Valentine’s Day, Britannia has introduced the #BreakSomeHearts Song, Valentine’s Day 2020 edition. The song features rapper Kaam Bhaari along with actress and influencer, Ahsaas Channa.

Subramanyam spoke to exchange4media about the campaign, brand positioning, and growth plans for 2020.

“Britannia Little Hearts has created its brand value on its attributes - ‘heart-shaped, sugar-glazed, and poppable’. The brand has been showered with tremendous amount of love from consumers who have grown up eating it and have a strong nostalgic connection with Little Hearts. But to be relevant and drive further growth, Britannia Little Hearts had to connect with our core audience – millennials and Gen Z.”

He continued, “Our new positioning ‘Break some Hearts’ emerged from the realization that while the world was being inundated with clichés of love through rom coms, novels and pop music, the dynamics of love and relationships in the actual lives of the youth is very different. Serial dating and heart-breaks have become commonplace for teenagers. They like to keep it light and fun and don’t take everything seriously.”

“Even though teenagers are dating and breaking up a lot more frequently, it isn’t always easy to let someone down, and to do it as frequently as they do, is a lot harder. So, to create a new identity for our brand we decided to focus on the nuances of new age love - new age heartbreaks, to be precise. Britannia Little Hearts tells the youth that it is ok to ward off unwanted attention and to do it unabashedly. Also, we have always used light-hearted humour where we bring out the point of view and resonate with our target audience. The positioning is also unique for the brand as it also helps accentuate the product story where we use the physical product to convey the breaking of hearts,” Subramanyam added.

On Kaam Bhari and Ahsas Channa executing the rap and qawwali fusion, he said: “The Indian rap scene especially post the release of Gully Boy has seen a huge boom and has reached a height of popularity amongst the youth.”

“When we decided to go ahead with a song, rap became the ideal fit for us to leverage its growing popularity and gain favour amongst our young audience. The fusion with qawwali adds an interesting edge to the music. Being one of the oldest forms of music, it replicates the cheesy romantic side well and conveys the message effectively.”

“While choosing the two celebrities, an important criterion was that they had to be relatable and familiar with our target audience. The protagonist had to be not only relatable but also convincingly play the role of a heart breaker. Ahsaas Channa as the person dealing with unwanted attention all around her was the perfect cast. Kaam Bhaari has recently released a spate of hits and is very popular amongst young people. This is a never-before-seen duo and the pair adds freshness and an element of intrigue, making them the perfect fit for the campaign,” he added.

Subramanyam further elaborated on the objectives of the campaign. “Britannia Little Hearts is a brand of the young, by the young and for the young. The brand’s mission is to stay steeped in the youth culture surrounding love and heartbreak to continue to be relevant to this tech-addicted, attention deficit audience. The modern millennial is no longer enamored by the “mushy” and “soppy” and heartbreaks are a big part of their lives. Therefore, we decided to take an edgy view of heartbreaks, by urging consumers to “Break Some Hearts” – both figuratively and literally.”

“Our primary objective is to be consistently relevant for today’s millennials and Gen Z’s. At the same time, it is also important for the message to be strongly rooted in the product and its consumption so that not only does the brand resonate with the consumer, but a packet of Little Hearts also becomes a part of their snacking habits, amidst the plethora of options available.”

Assessing the performance of the product, he said, “For Britannia Little Hearts our strategy to measure the performance includes three key elements. Our primary objective for this campaign is to initiate more organic conversations amongst our consumers and increase engagement with these millennials and Gen Z’ers.”

Commenting on the overall growth plans for 2020, Subramanyam said: “Our focus will be on growing all our brands, strengthening brand love amongst relevant target audiences and continuing investing in category innovations.”

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