Are homegrown brands forcing MNCs to embrace Indian-ness?

One of the key factors driving the natural, herbal and ayurvedic trend in India has been the massive consumer awareness campaigns carried out by players such as Himalaya, Patanjali and Dabur in the last few years

Ruhail Amin 09-January-2018

For long, Indian companies have taken inspiration from their western counterparts in product design and manufacturing. However, this long-dominated trend has been disrupted in the last few years and surprisingly the disruptors are not some Harvard returned or Wharton educated executives, but self-taught, small town men and women, who are making big brands rediscover Indian-ness to stay relevant.

Rise of Naturals

Though brands like Dabur, Vicco, Himalaya, Hamdard, Emami and Ayur, etc. have been the prominent ‘naturals’ brands in India, however, it was only with the coming of Patanjali that naturals became a highly profitable bet for FMCG manufacturers too.

Just to share an example of the immense clout that Patanjali has managed to create in the FMCG sector, the Brand Trust Report India Study 2017 ranked Patanjali as India's most trusted Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Brand. Positioned as an Ayurvedic brand which has the goodness of natural ingredients, Patanjali prides itself on being a home-grown brand that offers its products at a differentiated cost while sharing its profits into nation-building activities such as education and supporting farmers.

“At Patanjali, we sell products and not dreams or fears. We are glad that the Indian youth has started taking pride in Indian products after Patanjali products were introduced in India. Soon, ‘Made in India’ will become a matter of pride globally,” says Acharya Balkrishna, CEO of Patanjali Ayurved.

Some of the Patanjali Ayurved’s brands have eaten into the market share of established firms for Dant Kanti, Atta noodles and Kesh Kanti. On the other hand, companies like Dabur and Himalaya have taken an aggressive stance to boost the sales of the ‘naturals’ category by launching a slew of new products.

Colgate-Palmolive which derives nearly 75 per cent of its India revenues from toothpaste has gone on record to state that its market share in India dropped from 57.4 per cent in 2015 to 55.6 per cent in 2016 owing to the rise in the popularity of Ayurvedic products.

Response by MNC’s

According to analysts, there are myriad reasons for this new-found interest in ‘natural’ and ‘Ayurvedic.’ They say that one of the key factors driving the natural/herbal and Ayurvedic trend in India has been the massive consumer awareness campaigns carried out by players such as Himalaya, Patanjali and Dabur in the last few years.

In response to this aggressive stance taken by the herbal and Ayurvedic companies, MNCs of all sizes are racing to keep pace with the fascination of ‘herbals and naturals.’ For example, Colgate has launched products like Colgate Herbal, Active Salt, Active Salt Neem, Cibaca Vedshakti and Sensitive Clove, to counter the onslaught of the home grown Ayurvedic brands.

On the other hand, Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has launched around 20 products including toothpastes, shampoos and skin creams under its relaunched brand Lever Ayush to counter the ‘naturals’ onslaught. In February 2017, it relaunched Lever Ayush in five south Indian states. It is also betting big on the acquisition of Indulekha and convert it into a top selling naturals brand.

It is important to note that India’s branded FMCG segment is estimated to be more than $65 billion at present. According to a study by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Boston Consulting Group, it is expected to grow to $220 billion-$240 billion by 2025. With natural products becoming the new drivers of this growth there is little doubt in saying that the homegrown brands have forced MNCs to rediscover Indian-ness to stay relevant. The recent example of Colgate distributing free Panchag (Hindu calendar) with its packs, shows the extent to which MNCs have been forced to change to stay relevant.

Commenting on the immense impact which home grown Ayurvedic and herbal brands have managed to create in the FMCG sector, Harish Bijoor, Founder Harish Bijoor Consults says, “Patanjali Ayurved in particular has emerged to be the new pole-star to follow, particularly in terms of going desi in marketing context, content, tone, tenor and decibel. Patanjali has re-taught marketing to Indian companies even.”

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Indian Women's Press Corps issues a joint statement on MJ Akbar

In a Press statement issued by Press Club of India on behalf of journalist organisations, the Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar, has been asked to step down and face the probe

exchange4media News Service 2 hours ago

Me too

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and raising deep concerns over the overwhelming complaints of sexual harassment in the media industry, Indian journalist organisations have demanded an impartial investigation into such issues. In a Press statement issued by Press Club of India on behalf of journalist organisations have asked the Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar, to step down and face the probe.

Akbar, a former newspaper editor, has been accused by more than a dozen women journalists of sexual harassment. He issued a stern defence of himself through a statement and called them “false, baseless and wild allegations”. He went a step further, and filed a defamation case against Priya Ramani, the first journalist to have spoken up against him. The minister's lawyers mentioned that the posts of Ramani were written with a 'sole ulterior motive of maligning the reputation and political standing of the Complainant, in furtherance of her own vested interests and underlying agenda'.

Many victims and activists expressed shock and disappointment at Akbar’s actions, while multiple journalist organisations issued a statement against the minister’s comments.

Here is the full text of the statement issued by the Press Club of India:

We the undersigned journalist organisations have been deeply concerned over the overwhelming complaints of sexual harassment in the media. We recognize that sexual harassment at the workplace is a worrisome reality and that media organisations and managements have been unable to put the systems in place which would have ordinarily addressed complaints of sexual harassment.

We are also deeply disappointed at the statement issued by Mr M J Akbar, Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs. Wherein he has threatened legal action against all those who have alleged they were harassed by him. Mr. Akbar is a senior functionary of the government and his response should reflect the responsibility that is thus bestowed on him. There can be no dispute about the need for an impartial probe into all the complaints without fear of threat or intimidation to the complainants - and this acquires particular significance if one of the accused is an influential minister in the government. In the interests of a fair probe, moral and public propriety, it would only be appropriate that the minister step down from his post till such time as the inquiry is completed. We are disappointed that Mr. Akbar did not choose to take this step instead of threatening the complainants with legal action.

An impartial probe should be conducted into all the complaints without fear of threat or intimidation to the complainants more so as the accused party is an influential minister in the present government. We also feel that in the interests of a fair probe, moral and public propriety, it is only proper and appropriate that the minister step down from his post till as such time the probe is completed.

Sexual harassment at the workplace is a pervasive phenomenon. It has continued with impunity despite the enactment of a tough law to prevent, prohibit and redress it, the inability of women to speak out about such harassment needs serious introspection and redress. We hope that employers in media organisations and the government will look into this with the seriousness it deserves and not treat the incidents as motivated complaints.   

- Indian Women's Press Corps, South Asian Women in Media, Press Association, Press Club of India

In a recent development, Bodhisatwa Dasgupta, Creative Head, Happy mcgarrybowen is now facing allegations of sexual harassment during his stint at JWT. A statement released by Dentsu Aegis Network said -

"Over the weekend, certain incidents have been brought to our notice involving an employee of Happy, which alleged to have occurred during his tenure with his previous employer. We have already initiated an enquiry to verify the same with his previous employer.

Dentsu Aegis Network does not and WILL NOT accept anything but professional behaviour at our workplaces and follows a Code of Conduct that sets a high standard of behaviour we expect of our people. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment at our workplaces and any such incidents that are brought to our attention will be investigated and necessary action will be taken in line with our company policy."

Following the investigation, Dasgupta posted on his Twitter handle:


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IKEA unveils a series of films to mark its presence in India

Every film has one main hero – an IKEA product itself, and well it is this hero that does all the talking

exchange4media News Service 15 hours ago


The IKEA store launch in Hitec City, Hyderabad, has been one of the most talked about launches in recent times. A much-anticipated event, the store launch was preceded by the brand’s first ever communication for the Indian market, created by Dentsu Impact – the creative agency from the Dentsu Aegis Network.

The launch also saw some interesting on-ground activations that got people talking. One may think that such a high impact launch would be followed by a period of quiet from the brand. But not so in the case of IKEA. The brand has now released a series of new films on TV and digital to bring to life some hero products from the brand.

Every film has one main hero – an IKEA product itself, and well it is this hero that does all the talking. The treatment is a completely fresh one and the films are nothing like a typical product-centric ad you may imagine. The films are all a part of a series and the team promises we will see something fresh in every film, with a different product playing a different character.

Speaking about the films, Ulf Smedberg, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA India said, “We at IKEA saw the need early on to find an emotional connection with consumers and their future relationship with our range. In order to de-dramatize and make parts of our range more attractive, inspiring yet even human, we created our new communication campaign which we internally call “Talking products”. In this series of short films, we let some iconic products speak and express their personality, in a fun and engaging way. The reaction has so far been very positive, with people finding them to be surprising yet distinctively IKEA.”

Megha Jain Sadhwani, Senior Vice President, Dentsu Impact adds, “The reason why IKEA is the world’s most loved Swedish home furnishing brand is its products, they are the heroes that make this brand what it is. The intent behind this series of films is to introduce these heroes to the Indian audience in a typical IKEA style - simple & playful, and what better way to do this than to let the products do the talking themselves, literally!”

Amish Sabharwal, Creative Head, Dentsu Impact Bangalore spoke about the creative concept behind these films and said, "IKEA is known for great creative formats across the globe. This is our India attempt to add to that stellar reservoir. The products of IKEA are so intuitive, practical and magical that they deserve to be stars of every commercial, who needs celebrities?! That's what we did. Each object has their own character, their own quirk, their own voice and they are unlike any other object you get in the market. The idea is to get the audience to enjoy the storytelling and the magic of each product."

Krittika Chakraborty, Planning Head, Dentsu Impact Bangalore explained the strategic intent behind the films. “These films exemplify the IKEA brand tonality which is so well-recognized and loved the world over. And the slight edge and playfulness of their execution ensure their suitability to the digital medium, making them the kind of content people want to engage with.” The films have been released on TV in Hyderabad and are available on the IKEA Facebook page.

See the videos here:

Drawer -

Book Shelf -

Tertial Lamp -

Chair -

Bedsheet -


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Milind Soman joins Team Oakley

As part of the partnership, Soman will join Team Oakley and wear the brand’s eyewear.

exchange4media News Service 16 hours ago


Oakley® on Monday announced a partnership with Milind Soman. As part of the partnership, Soman will join Team Oakley and wear the brand’s eyewear.


Talking about the association, Rajan Handa, Brand Business Manager, Oakley India, said, “Milind Soman, an inspiration for many, embodies passion, progression and performance - values that are deeply espoused by Oakley, making this partnership a natural fit. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”


Soman will wear Oakley sunglasses equipped with Oakley Prizm™.  Prizm is engineered to enhance detail and help improve performance by providing ultra-precise colour tuning for specific environments, including road, the company said in a statement. Prizm Road, designed for the road running environment, brightens and enhances select colours so runners can see subtle changes in road texture for a confident performance experience.


Soman said, “I am honoured to be associated with Oakley, a brand known for its innovative lens technologies and unparalleled optical clarity, helping athletes push the boundaries of performance,” said Soman.


“Running has changed my life and I firmly believe that pursuing an obsession isn’t unique to professional athletes alone, but it binds everyone who shares a driving passion to turn their dreams into reality," he added.


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We have very aggressive expansion plans: Ulf Smedberg, IKEA

Ulf Smedberg, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA India, speaks about their festive season plans, #Swedeshi movement and expansion strategy.

Neethu Mohan 1 day ago


Ikea, the Sweden-based home furnishing company, opened its first store in Hyderabad in August this year. Now they have rolled out their first advertising campaign and the #Swedeshi movement is winning hearts. With big expansion plans in India, the ground-breaking ceremony of IKEA Bengaluru took place on October 11.

In a quick chat with exchange4media, Ulf Smedberg, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA India, spoke about their festive season plans, #Swedeshi movement and expansion strategy. Excerpts:


Your launch campaign was different –it integrated tech and offline platforms and created a lot of buzz. With the festive season opening up, what are your plans in terms of reaching out to the Indian audience?

The most important media for IKEA is digital. Lot of communications, engagements and interactions will be predominantly done through mobile. Later on, this year, we will show how you can change your home or make it more appealing to your needs, and that will be broadcast on mobile. We will focus on other medias like Print, TV, OOH, but majority of the communication will be done through digital. We will have digital, TV and OOH campaigns during the festive season.  

The ongoing sale by two big e-commerce giants seems to create a lot of unrest with smaller retailers. How does a store like IKEA, a Swedish brand, make a more Indian sales pitch?

We think it is important to combine the typical IKEA and the strength of India. We are focusing on love that the Indians have for their homes and how IKEA can help them with that. Another factor is food, which is an important connecting point. We are also looking forward to engaging more people through food. We will have more offerings that is appealing to a broader audience.

Currently, IKEA has a 4 lakh sq feet store in Hyderabad and Mumbai and Bengaluru will have stores soon. Are there more stores in the North and West in the offing?

We have an expansion plan that is quite aggressive, and we call it ‘go big India’. We will open more offline as well as online stores in India. Bengaluru store’s construction work has begun, and after that, we will have a store in Delhi. In another 10 years, IKEA will have presence across India.


IKEA’s India strategy is summed up in one word #swedeshi. Can you elaborate more on #swedeshi?

It’s very important for us to spread IKEA. We have strong culture in Sweden, we celebrate different traditions. We would like to be known more in the Indian market. When people come to know about Sweden, the more they will understand IKEA as a brand and vice versa. We would like to have that connection.

What were your key learning from the launch of Hyderabad store? 

We should talk about what the store experience will be about. In Hyderabad, a lot of visitors were confused. They thought that IKEA would be an open shopping mall. But our culture is quite different. That's the one big learning, we need to communicate what to expect.

What will be the marketing and advertising strategy followed by IKEA India in the coming days?

We are focused on how to utilise the marketing budget and maximise the reach, so that our messages reach our consumers. In Hyderabad, we went with billboards and that was a huge success. In Mumbai, we took the television space. So that depends on the city we are moving into. Bengaluru we will have high awareness campaigns.

What is IKEA’s promise to India?

Big promises! Our biggest aim will be to provide affordable and smart furniture for Indian homes.

Senior Reporter, exchange4media, Bangalore Neethu reports on media, marketing and advertising industry. In the past she has reported on start-ups, education and health sector for over 6 years.


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GST & demonetisation benefited us in a big way: Sandeep Kulhalli, Tanishq, Titan Ltd

Sr. VP - Retail & Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Ltd says entry of organised jewellery retailers is changing the dynamics of the industry and Tanishq is playing a leadership role in this shift

Ruhail Amin 2 hours ago


Traditional jewellery market in India has been dominated by unorganised players for long. Now the scales are tilting with the entry of organised jewellery retail chains and among them, Titan is leading this shift with its disruptive market strategy.

Sandeep Kulhalli, Senior Vice President - Retail & Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Ltd, explains how Titan through its jewellery vertical Tanishq has ushered in a new era in this billion dollar marketplace. “One of the building blocks of Tanishq has been the craftsmanship behind the product. We have never taken the route of savings, investments or pricing, instead, we have built the brand on adornment, aspiration and design. We want to keep alive the pride of the craftsmanship in jewellery and we are doing it by bringing to fore the story behind these adornments. The jewellery designs of India have a rich historical story and it needs to be preserved and institutionalised and we are already working towards it.”

Kulhalli also believes that despite the growing competition in the segment, there is a lot of headroom for growth, especially after the implementation of new tax reforms in the form of GST. He said, “Reforms like GST and demonetisation benefited us in a big way. Demonetisation has put a lot of pressure on consumers not to use black money for buying jewellery and GST has forced the business community to get more organised. In this new environment, consumers have started accepting Tanishq as a dependable place to buy jewellery because our processes are transparent and compliant.”

It must be mentioned that the jewellery business in India is primarily driven by the wedding season and the case for Tanishq is no different. Despite the brand attempting to push sales beyond just occasions, 70 per cent of jewellery sales still remain wedding purchase driven.

“Weddings are the biggest drivers for this industry. Almost 60 to 70 per cent of jewellery sales are driven by weddings. In the last two to three years we have increased our focus on the wedding category through our brand Rivaah. Also, we have seen customers taking Tanishq as a serious brand for weddings. Though we are still a very small player in the market, still in single digits as far as our market share is concerned, but these are all signs that we are on the right track,” said Kulhalli.

Talking about how Tanishq plans to take on the traditionally established players and offer more value to customers, Kulhalli added, “Traditional players have not got their act together about what they stand for in the jewellery category. They are just me-too players. Second, is that they don't have the bandwidth of management that we have and the kind of choice that we offer puts us in a unique position to deliver more value to our customers.” 


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#MeToo: MJ Akbar threatens legal action; Vinod Dua faces allegations

Happy mcgarrybowen CEO, Kartik Iyer, and the agency’s CCO PM Praveen Das and iProspect CCO Dinesh Swamy put on administrative leave pending investigation into allegations against all three of them

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago

Me Too

The past week has been a grim one in spite of the festive mood in the air. Allegations of grave sexual misconduct ranging from sexist remarks, body-shaming to physical and sexual assaults – the second wave of the #MeToo movement born in the United States last year - against as many as six senior advertising industry executives and ad agency founders, besides well-known actors, film-makers and editors, made headlines and created an upheaval on social media. 

In a recent development, Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar, has denied all allegations levelled against him calling them “false and fabricated, spiced up by innuendo and malice.” Akbar has been accused of being a sexual predator by at least 14 women who have worked with him at various newspapers and publications. 

He released a statement on Sunday upon his return from an official tour of Nigeria. Akbar said in the statement that he will now decide the “future course of legal action” after looking into “these wild and baseless allegations” along with his lawyers. 

Akbar said in the statement, “accusation without evidence has become a viral fever among some sections.” He went on to question why these allegations are being brought up before the upcoming general elections. “Why has this storm risen a few months before a general election? Is there an agenda? You be the judge,” he said. 

Yet another senior journalist’s name emerged in the #MeToo movement on Sunday. Filmmaker Nishtha Jain has accused Vinod Dua, Consulting Editor, The Wire, of demeaning her during an interview, stalking her and “slobbering” all over her face.

In a statement posted to Twitter, The Wire said that Dua denies the charges. The statement also said that the ICC of The Wire has taken note of Jain’s allegation and that the website’s founding editors will “await the outcome of their deliberations on the matter.” The Internal Complaints Committee at The Wire is headed by Monobina Gupta, Managing Editor, The Wire.

On Saturday, Times of India’s Hyderabad Editor, KR Sreenivas, who was facing allegations of sexual misconduct, resigned from his post. He was put on administrative leave pending investigation into the allegations against him earlier in the week. 

According to media reports, Sreenivas has reportedly stated in his resignation letter that he is quitting because he is being “targetted.” Sreenivas’ resignation is the second resignation in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Last week Hindustan Times’ Prashant Jha stepped down from his post as the Chief of Bureau following allegations of sexual misconduct by a former HT employee.

The world of advertising has also come under scrutiny following multiple allegation against senior industry leaders. Highly placed sources have confirmed that three employees of the Dentsu Aegis Network who were facing allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment have been put on administrative leave. Happy mcgarrybowen CEO, Kartik Iyer, and the agency’s CCO PM Praveen Das and iProspect CCO Dinesh Swamy are all expected to be on leave for at least another two weeks while DAN’s ICC conducts its investigation into the matter. 

With more and more allegations cropping up every day, the question being asked is – have organizations been doing enough to address sexual harassment at the workplace? We reached out to some of the prominent media organisations, creative and media agencies to understand the steps they are taking internally to provide a safer environment for their employees. 

Dentsu Aegis Network had enforced a Women’s Council at DAN India in 2016, led by Rajni Menon, CEO, Carat India and other senior women leaders. Speaking about the steps that the network takes, Sunil Seth, Head HR Business Partner, Dentsu Aegis Network South Asia says, “We have an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per the ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’ guidelines of setting up one ICC per location per legal entity. This was further strengthened by enforcing a Women’s Council at DAN India. DAN was one of the first organizations to take such an initiative. Members of the committee are senior members of the organization with equal representation to avoid any gender bias and supported by an external legal counsel, a subject matter expert in the field of handling harassment issues at the workplace.” 

Seth further states that the members of the committee are also provided training to be able to conduct investigation holistically within the framework of the Act. He says, “Employees are made aware during induction of new joinees, through online training modules mandatory for all employees to go through once a year, as well as through display of posters and other communication materials in the office from time to time. We carry out a complete campaign encouraging people to complete the online course which details out the elements of behaviour which can constitute harassment and to re-emphasize, it is coupled with a situational quiz at the end of every module.”

For many, having an open and free environment where employees are encouraged to talk about any kind of issues they are facing is important. Anita Nayyar, CEO - India & South Asia, Havas Media Group and CEO, Havas Group, North India, says, “We have taken a lot of measures internally to ensure the safety of our women staff. For example, while travelling back late from office, they are escorted home in an office car. There are also open house forums for them to discuss issues, if any. HR is constantly talking to women employees for continuous feedback to take corrective actions, if required. We also have a sexual harassment committee mandatory for all organizations. I am personally accessible all the time.”

Speaking about the policies against sexual harassment at Sony Pictures Networks India, NP Singh, MD & CEO of SPN India says, “At SPN India, we have a robust anti-sexual harassment policy in place that ensures zero tolerance against any form of sexual harassment. We have an Internal Complaints Committee headed by a senior woman executive with a majority of women members. Sensitizing employees on what constitutes sexual harassment, ways to deal with it and the redressal mechanism in place, is a continuous exercise, deployed effectively throughout the organization by the ICC and women champions.”

While most large organisations have committees in place to deal with sexual misconduct at the workplace, they also invest in sensitizing programmes and training sessions, to keep the conversation going. Prabal Pratap Singh, Managing Editor, News18 India says, “We have a committee that looks into these matters. Our staff is sensitized about the law as we have a continuous training programme. All the juniors and seniors are part of this programme. In the last two years, I have attended three such programmes, some of my team members have even attended six. In light of the #MeToo campaign, I am personally interacting with my colleagues and asking them to be very careful about what they say, how they behave and how they conduct themselves.”

Inputs by Samarpita Banerjee and Neeta Nair


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Asian Paints and music band Lakkhichara collaborate for Asian Paints Sharad Shamman 2018

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, #DurgaPujoRocks aims to connect the Bengali youth to the vibrant traditions surrounding Durga Puja

exchange4media News Service 2 days ago


Way back in 1985, Asian Paints started supporting Durga Puja in Kolkata as it gave them an opportunity to connect with the audience of Kolkata at an emotional level. It was done under the banner of ‘Asian Paints Sharad Shamman’, which has grown in terms of its stature and scale.

Over the years, while felicitating 3 best pujas of the year, they now also felicitate one pandal each for Discovery of the Year (Bauchorer Bismoy), Innovative Excellence (Nobo Nakshi), and Best Idol Maker (Best Pratima Shilpi). Today, it is the most coveted award that Durga Puja clubs and committees vie for in Kolkata that brings in glory for their neighbourhood and a sense of pride by this felicitation. While over a period of time, Asian Paints Sharad Shamman has been connecting with the people in Kolkata through the on-ground activity and media support, the challenge now is different. How do we connect with the Bengali youth, who are spread far and wide, make the importance of Durga Puja relevant to them?

Hence, a way had to be found to talk to them that would provide the necessary information, without being preachy. Ogilvy conceptualised a campaign for this: #DurgaPujoRocks. A digital campaign that comes alive through the fusion of various art forms to create unique pieces of content, visually and aurally, telling stories of the mythology of Durga Puja in a way that is both engaging and informative to the youth. This campaign brought in one of the most popular Bengali music bands, Lakkhichhara, to create a song that would capture the entire mythology and celebration of Durga Puja in their own unique style.

To enrich this content piece further, many more art forms like Baul singing, Pattachitra, etc. were brought together to create an output that is both very captivating to listen to and watch. Thus, truly making Durga Puja rocking for the youth. This main music video launch has been supported by a set of pre-launch and post-launch videos that have kept the conversation rolling daily, and simultaneously, heightened the audience’s interest level high.

Speaking about the campaign, Jaideep Kanse, General Manager – Brands, Asian Paints Limited, said,  “Asian Paints has always believed in celebrating creativity and art. It was with this intent that Asian Paints Sharad Shamman was initiated and now over 34 years of this we feel the love and respect of the people every time we are in Kolkata during Pujo. We are extremely proud to associate with Lakkhichara and bring out a fusion song that mixes traditional art forms like Pattachitra and Baul along with regional rock, truly #DurgaPujoRocks”

George Kovoor, Group Creative Head, Ogilvy Mumbai said, "#DurgaPujoRocks is a unique form of storytelling, combining traditional performing arts with modern rock music to create a piece of content that engages a generation of youth who are getting detached from the traditions and rituals of Durga Pujo. They are going to see Pujo in a way they have never seen before."




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SBI Life Insurance launches #MainSeHum with Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi

The campaign urges consumers to take the #MainSeHum step and protect their family

exchange4media News Service 3 days ago


SBI Life Insurance, one of the leading players in the insurance space and WATConsult, the digital and social media agency from Dentsu Aegis Network India, takes ahead the brands recently launched, #MainSeHum ka kadam to the digital space.

They have launched a new digital video commercial featuring the soon-to-be parents, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi sharing their #MainSeHum journey. The story revolves around the transition from being a single individual to a responsible family member.

The campaign urges consumers to take the #MainSeHum ka step and protect their family.




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Dish TV appoints Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador ahead of festive season

The partnership with Ranveer Singh signals a new brand proposition ‘Dish Nahi Dishkiyaon hai ye’

exchange4media News Service 3 days ago


Dish TV India Limited, the world’s largest single-country DTH Company, has announced the launch of its new campaign for DishTV brand with Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador.

The campaign has been designed to showcase the brand in a completely new, bold avatar – signalling a new phase in the brand’s life cycle. Ranveer Singh is an accomplished and leading film actor who will lend weight with his edgy and youthful attitude to DishTV’s new brand campaign ‘Dish Nahi Dishkiyaon’.

The brand's TVC featuring Ranveer Singh, shows him in different situations with DishTV playing on his mind. To break from the monotony, he presses an imaginary remote and breaks into a dance frenzy. The film concludes with him celebrating amongst people, dancing to the entertaining tunes of the all-new ‘Dishkiyaon’ DishTV.

The product window talks of its upcoming SMRT Stick for streaming online videos, 5X HD Clarity and unlimited entertainment packs, suggesting how DishTV is adding fun and entertaining moments to the lives of its customers through innovative new products and services.

Talking about the partnership, Anil Dua, Group CEO – Dish TV India Limited said, “As a pioneer of the category, DishTV has always believed in ‘doing the new’ and adding firsts to its credit. This festive season, the brand will enter a new phase. With growth momentum on our side arising out of our existing initiatives and upcoming offerings, our new campaign will firmly position DishTV as the preferred entertainment brand in the country. In the same spirit, we are delighted to have Ranveer Singh as the face of the brand DishTV. Ranveer’s vivacious and energetic personality resonates well with our new brand positioning. We are glad to have him onboard and are confident that, his infectious energy will energize our audiences and invigorate our brand.”

Commenting on the association with Dish TV India Ltd., Ranveer Singh said, “I’m extremely happy to be a part of DishTV, a pioneer brand that’s as passionate about entertainment as I am. My experience shooting for this campaign is pretty much summarized by their tagline - Dish Nahi Dishkiyaon Hai Ye – fun, cool and entertaining. I’m excited and looking forward to everyone watching the TVC.”

Speaking on the new campaign, Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head - Marketing, Dish TV India Limited, said, “Our new ad campaign is here to woo the younger generation with the choice of our new brand ambassador and quirky campaign tagline - ‘Dish Nahi Dishkiyaon’. As the tagline implies, DishTV is everything fun, cool and entertaining. With a slew of new products on the anvil coupled with irresistible packs and offers, our customers are sure to look at DishTV in a new light. This latest campaign which has been conceptualised by Enormous Brands, is soon going live and will be running on air across GEC, Movies and popular regional TV channels. It will be a 360-degree campaign that will also go live on all the key platforms - digital, print, radio, OOH and city activations this festive season. The campaign will also showcase a few of the innovative products and packages lined up for launch during the upcoming festive season and beyond.



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Our strategy is to start appealing to young customers: Vivek B Srivatsa, Tata Motors

Srivatsa, Head- Marketing, Passenger Business Unit, Tata Motors, says that smaller towns are very important to their business strategy

Dolly Mahayan 4 days ago


Tata Motors is expecting the current festive season to bring cheer to the brand. They are gearing up and have launched new products in the market. Last month, the brand re-launched two cars Nexon Kraz and Tiago NRG. As part of its turnaround strategy, the brand on Wednesday launched the newest addition to the compact sedan segment Tigor.

Talking about the growth expectations, especially during the festival time, Vivek B Srivatsa, Head- Marketing, Passenger Business Unit, Tata Motors, said, “We are expecting that this festive season we will perform well. For the last 20 months, we have been growing faster than the industry. Last quarter, we were the only manufacturers to have grown. We are very positive in terms of growth and it will continue in the festive season. We are growing at 31% and we expect to continue at the same level.”

For the first time, the brand has given a celebrity face to Tigor and has associated with Hrithik Roshan. They have launched a commercial, which is already running on television. Srivatsa told exchange4media, “We have launched the car at the right time. We will obviously ride on the festival demand, and we also have a strong marketing campaign planned for the promotion. Thus, our association with Hrithik will help us to popularise the car.”

When asked, if it was really important to give a celebrity face to the brand, considering other products don’t have brand ambassadors, Srivatsa shared, “Celebrities are known faces and it helps increase the awareness of the brand. But beyond that, how celebrities are used matters the most. You can’t just put any celebrity and hope that it will work. A lot of thought is required in terms of matching celebrity to the brand.”

He also emphasised, “Smaller towns are very important in our business strategy. In the entry-level sedan segment, more than 50% sale comes from smaller towns.”  

The brand is opting for a 360-degree marketing campaign and is riding high on the digital medium. He said, “For an automotive brand, digital medium is crucial, because more than 90% of customers research online, and if you’re able to present your brand at the right time in the right way to the digital customers, the chances are that you will be able to successfully sell your product. Both as a source of information and also as an advertising medium, digital is very important.”

However, he mentioned an essential point with regards to the OOH medium, saying that OOH lacks organisation. "OOH is also important, but the problem is that the medium continues to be unorganised. On one side you have the digital media, which is extremely number-driven and precise, whereas OOH, as an industry, remains grey. My personal grouses are that there has to be some organisation and more reliable parameters for the medium," he added.

Speaking about the budget, Srivatsa said, “We are not among the biggest spenders in the industry, but we believe in doing smart campaigns. Nearly 10% of our sales happen through digital. Our entire strategy is to start appealing to young customers and present the brand in a right way.”

When asked that Tigor hasn’t been too successful in terms of sales earlier, what are the plans to improve the figures now, he said, “That's why we have launched the new Tigor. I won't say the segment is not at all successful. It is not as successful possibly because it is the only product that has been selling purely to personal customers. If you see, a lot of our competitors have immediately started selling compact sedans to the commercial taxi fleet markets. Tigor is the only product in the entire industry which doesn't go to the commercial taxi fleet industry and this is something we have strongly maintained. When we launched the car about a year and a half ago, the entry-level sedan market was going down, but today it is on the way up. It is growing. So, the all-new Tigor has been launched with a lot of momentum in the segment.”


Correspondent A post-graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dolly reports on advertising, marketing as well as the digital domain. In her free time, she loves travelling and reading.


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