'Almost 85% of all media consumption on the internet happening on mobile'

A panel comprising Kosal Malladi, Ajay Dhyani, Siddharth Dabhade, Prajwalita Borah, Juhi Singh and Kirtiman Kohli discussed the next wave of mobile growth

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Published: Oct 28, 2021 1:32 PM  | 5 min read

At e4m’s Screenage 2021 held on October 22, a stellar line-up of industry experts shared their astute insights on the significance of practising advanced metrics in mobile marketing. The theme of the conference was “The Next Wave of Mobile Growth” where the experts shared their perspectives on how Mobile marketing has grown phenomenally over the years and how this pandemic has given it a new push. The thought leaders also discussed the new innovations happening in the mobile marketing space and shed a light on how marketers can benefit from it.

Among the many interesting sessions at the conference was the panel discussion on the topic “Advanced metrics in mobile marketing, the right way to practice it.” It was moderated by Kosal Malladi, Vice President, Madison World and the panellists were Ajay Dhyani, Head- Marketing & E-commerce, Timex Group; Siddharth Dabhade, Managing Director of MiQ India & SAARC, MiQ Digital Commercial Pvt Ltd; Prajwalita Borah, Head Marketing, 91Mobiles; Juhi Singh, Head of Digital Center of Excellence - India & International, Marico; and KirtimanKohli, Digital Marketing & CRM Lead, Reckitt Benckiser.  The panel shared their astute views on Building an effective dashboard to understand metrics that matter as well as the Dynamics at play for the next phase of mobile marketing metrics. 

Opening the discussion, Malladi asked the panellists to define mobile marketing and share their perspectives on analysing data and the various dynamics of privacy today. Kirtiman Kohlis said, “Almost 85% of all media consumption on the internet is happening on mobile. Digital marketing right now is mobile marketing or mobile-first marketing, which triggers us, marketers, to think in that direction. There is a bit of a paradigm shift for us as well. Because earlier, we used to look at our screens and our tech stocks as assets. We need to ensure that each asset that needs communication fits well in a six-inch screen or not. Does it farewell? Does the consumer get the message in a six-inch screen or not? This is something which is paramount as a marketer.”

Prajwalita Borah shared her views on adopting mobile marketing, “In the smartphone space, marketing is essentially mobile today. We have to adopt a mobile-first outlet. Whether it's the ad creative, the length of your ad film or your brand film, the format, the sound, etc. we have to make sure that they're optimized for mobile. Adopting scientific marketing data is something that we follow closely. In mobile marketing, they are looking for immediacy. And if you don't deliver it in an easy to consume format, they'll just walk away. Therefore, as marketers, we have to make sure that we are delivering content and getting to the key value proposition immediately. There's a whole proliferation of channels today. And it's very important to pick the right channels based on your campaign objective, etc. because you're leveraging influencers, in order to maintain brand consistency. Hence, it's very important to figure where your consumers are spending the most time learning and discovering about new brands and making sure you're available in those platforms in the best possible. These are a few highlights about how we adopt mobile marketing.”

Attribution is always a big challenge faced in mobile marketing. Juhi Singh shared her perspective on tackling challenges and also the use of data in order to drive more sales.“At Marico, we try and gather everyday sales data for all our brands and then, and we get all the digital marketing data. We run a multi-channel attribution model, which actually helps us to derive ROI for each of the platforms at a brand level. The model predicts the expected mass or optimum sale as well. Attribution is made as per model, and we keep tracking and improving the model as well. And one number that we track very actively for the senior leadership, and at each brand level is reverse, which is essentially the opposite of a cause. We have arrived at a certain benchmark at each of these levels, and we keep evaluating our performance and then keep improving henceforth.”

Ajay Dhyani discussed the E-commerce journey versus the CPG journey. He added, “We have seen unprecedented growth in our economies especially on the digital platform. During the last lockdown, our physical stores were not operational. But even after that, the kind of growth and response we have seen on digital platforms has been phenomenal. We have taken significant initiatives to grow throughout this journey. And those initiatives are backed by data. The performance of the brand website also started growing significantly, just after the lockdown period. The significant factor in the growth of our ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart would be data.  Working closely with ecommerce platforms, getting valuable product data and insights really helped us improve our performance. We try to analyse this data closely in order to try and optimize. Throughout the ecommerce journey growth has been phenomenal during the past couple of years and the data played a crucial role in helping us optimize and achieve our goals.”

SaurabhDabhade shared his insights around privacy and the future of programmatic advertising. He added, “We are going through a journey in India. What we also see in this decade is TV is probably going to change. Traditional TV is going to morph into OTT and connected TV and so on. The digitalization of TV will take place. As we go more and more into this decade, we will see that all the news is consumed on digital. 5G can also bring in lots of other factors in an advanced way in terms of targeting the consumers. Data privacy is an important factor and consumer privacy is also something which is very crucial.”

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