3 ways to win the client's trust in a short time: Deeptanshu Bansal, The Brand Bee

Guest Column: Deeptanshu Bansal, Founder & CEO of The Brand Bee tells us how to win over the client's trust in a short time despite many competitors in the industry

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Updated: Feb 13, 2019 8:41 AM
Deeptanshu Bansal The Brand Bee

Jack of all trades can be a master of many. With us, it wasn’t like this since the very inception though. We started more like a boutique brand consulting agency that focused and specialized only in providing services on brand development and Corporate Rebranding. However, over a period of time, our hunger to learn got the better of us and we started behaving like the brand we always wanted to be- an integrated marketing solutions agency, and eventually became one too (master of tons of services like Creative Design Solutions, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning, Website, and App Development, PR Services & Brand Activations). At the risk of sounding like an Oscar speech let me insist that this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering trust of our clients. But trust, as they say, is a two-way street. They need to trust you implicitly and you need to consistently remind them of the reason why they trusted you in the first place. “Consistency” is the operative word here.

In any relationship, the romantic promise of ‘forever’ also comes with the flip side of painful separation. Your association with clients albeit the best intentions of “forever love”, relies precariously on hard-to-achieve trust and the elusive ‘consistency’. The honeymoon period is usually a cakewalk with every client. Every concept is path-breaking and every design is tear-jerkingly good. Everything is hearts, roses, and slow-mo-good. The question is how do you make that feeling last? How do you make the client fall in love with you over and over again? Any expert would place all his bets on being honest and I agree.

Rule number one: Be honest, come what may. Honesty is something we swear by, not only with the clients but with one another in the team too. We are a bunch of hard-working individuals who stay honest, humble, ask the right questions, do what’s right and make sure the work works and we play this song on loop every single day. This kind of culture reflects not only in our work but help us be consistent in building the forever-kind-of-love and trust with our clients too.

Rule number two: Be always patient. Mistakes happen, tempers fly but that isn’t the reason for world war the third. The team may or may not be zen-like with each other and I feel it’s important to sometimes let-off the steam, fight for your ideas so that the best work is churned out from the everyday hustle but this is only ghar ki baat (a domestic scene). While dealing with clients, our CS team can put any monk to shame. There are times when clients behave unreasonably and that’s mostly because they are coming from a place of ignorance. That’s when one needs to remember why they came to you, bring the monk face on, smile patiently, listen to every word they say and offer solutions that justly satisfies their concerns.

Rule number three: Be involved with every client. This one is mainly for me. Even as the founder of The Brand Bee, I have never shied away from being involved with every client, but just the healthy amount. I am all for decentralization of power and have put-together a great client servicing team who rock at what they do but have been equally involved to send the right message to the clients that they are important to us. This kind of accessibility has helped us build unmoving trust with them, where they feel they have looked after. So as long as you are adding value to your services, competition is nothing but an inspiration to challenge the status quo and keep changing the game for yourself and your clients.


(The author, Deeptanshu Bansal is Founder and CEO of The Brand Bee)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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