‘TV is a highly effective & efficient medium for brands aiming for mass reach’

Ritu Mittal, Head – Marketing and Digital, Bayer Consumer Health India, talks about Bayer Health’s journey over the years, and more

Published: Apr 13, 2023 9:19 AM  | 7 min read | Advertorial
ritu mittal

Ritu Mittal, Head – Marketing and Digital, Bayer Consumer Health India talks about Bayer Health’s journey over the years, its innovative marketing strategies for reaching out to the masses and the media mix used to increase the brand’s visibility.


Can you shed some light on your brand journey and how it has shaped over the years? Also, what innovative marketing strategies do you use to reach out to the masses?

In May 2021, Bayer launched its consumer health division with the aim of democratizing access to healthcare for 1.4 billion Indian consumers. The division began by restaging flagship brands Saridon and Supradyn, making them more relevant to young Indians through contemporary packaging and insight-led campaigns. Using a digital-first approach to marketing, we leveraged cohort-based targeting and AI-based gamified solutions to drive brand awareness and trial. This has resulted in numerous awards and positive consumer feedback. The restaging of Saridon with the campaign 'Sar Dard Chupao Nahi, Mitao’ has led to consistent brand growth for almost two years. The brand's first-ever line extension, Saridon Advance, launched almost a year ago, has also shown promising results.

A 2021 Nutrition Survey commissioned by Bayer revealed that daily diets can only provide up to 70% of key nutrients. In response, we encouraged consumers to complement their diets with Supradyn Daily. This led to consistent share growth for us. We also received feedback from our consumers that they want Supradyn with natural ingredients. And so, we developed a unique nature + science proposition and launched Supradyn Immuno+ containing Tulsi + Haldi to give 100% immunity confidence.

A 2022 skin survey commissioned by Bayer showed that 50% of young women suffering from skin fungal infections still chose to use ineffective solutions like talcum powder. In response, we relaunched the world's number one antifungal brand, Canesten, in India with a fresh, quirky campaign targeting young Indian women and encouraging them to use the right solution for treating rashes instead of using talcum powder. The brand's encouraging start last summer is poised to continue into the upcoming summer season.

Across all campaigns, our approach has been to use innovative ways to connect with consumers. These include, AI-based smile detection, gamification for Saridon, and partnership with Terribly Tiny Tales for connecting via storytelling formats with young Indians suffering from stress and pain. We also ran weather-based targeting for Canesten, and influencer-led campaigns for Supradyn.


Which mediums do you use to increase your brand visibility and why? Can you elaborate on how you allocate your marketing budget across various platforms?

At Bayer Health, we have a digital-first mind-set which recognises the importance of using digital channels to reach and engage with our consumers. By adopting an omnichannel approach, we are able to provide a seamless experience for our consumers across all touchpoints, whether online or offline. While traditional channels like TV enable mass reach, digital channels have provided us with more targeted and efficient ways to engage with our consumers. By leveraging data analytics we have been able to tailor our messaging and sampling to specific audiences, driving greater engagement and conversion rates as a result. Talking of social media in particular, it was proven to be a powerful tool in driving engagement and business for us. We created compelling content to engage with our consumers directly, which has kind of fostered deeper connections with our audience. It has also helped us in building a community around our brands.

In addition to creating a seamless customer experience with a mix of TV, digital and other mediums, it's very important to also recognize the importance of physical stores as a key touch point for consumers. To this end, we have transformed the way our brands are presented in stores, ensuring that they are prominently displayed and easy to find.


TV news is a very popular medium of communication due to its reach and loyal viewers. Do you think brands should advertise more on TV as compared to other media platforms?

Despite the progression of digital media channels, television remains a highly effective and efficient medium for brands to reach their target consumers, especially when aiming for a large-scale audience. With its wide availability and popularity, television advertising can provide significant mass reach, enabling brands to connect with a diverse range of viewers across various demographics and geographic locations.

I think brands do not have a choice to isolate themselves. And it's not a very simple answer because there is no one universal solution. The media choices that a brand makes will depend on the objective and the kind of consumer, which is different for each brand. Hence, there is no single, universal response for brands. We have a highly effective mechanism in place for everything related to TV and it is designed to ensure efficient reach and engagement with target consumers. As far as news channels are concerned, they are an important component of our strategy at Bayer. However, a specific mix of channels will obviously vary over time, based on a variety of factors including external events like elections, etc. We continuously strive to optimize our strategy to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The idea is to keep optimising our reach and effectiveness as a brand. And by remaining flexible in our approach to news and other channels, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve.


What is the marketing mix of your brand campaigns? Do you think that post the pandemic, brand messaging and propositions have changed in India?

The pandemic has forced many brands to rethink their messaging and proposition to better align with consumers' changing needs and priorities. By prioritizing health and safety, empathy, flexibility, and purpose-driven messaging, brands can build stronger connections with consumers in a post-pandemic world.

Our brand messaging and propositions were developed during the pandemic based on consumer learnings that are rooted in experiences and insights from their life. Most of these insights are as true today as they were during the pandemic. For instance, our campaign on Saridon ‘Sardard Chupao nahi mitao’ continues to be relevant. While the triggers for stress may change, the insight that resilient Indians hide headaches from their loved ones and the aspect that Saridon is the best go-to-solution for fast relief from a headache remains unchanged.

The nutrition category is one that saw the most ups and downs with Covid waves. Many consumers took to nutrition supplements for the first time in the last 2 years, as they realized the importance of complementing a healthy diet with good quality supplements. The demand for nutritionals that support the immune system and boost strength will stabilize and continue to grow further. We will continue to encourage our consumers to use good health supplements like Supradyn so that they can give their 100% every day. We will continue to stay closely connected with them so that our messaging stays relevant and meaningful to them.


Do you still advertise on news channels? Can you share some insights on how you market your brand on TV?

Yes, of course. We have a highly effective channel mix and strategy that are designed to efficiently reach and engage our target consumers. News channels are an important component of this strategy. While the specific mix of channels may vary over time based on a variety of factors, including external events, we are always focused on optimizing our reach and effectiveness.

Overall, our approach to channel mix is highly data-driven, allowing us to continuously evaluate and optimize our strategy to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By remaining flexible and adaptable in our approach to news and other channels, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and get the most value for our marketing investments.


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Driving Business Impact: 5 reasons why brands must not miss World Cup on television?

2023 broke all viewership records on TV delivering a tournament reach of over 500 million viewers and a 34% increase in TVR compared to 2022, as per BARC

By NATIVE CONTENT | Sep 12, 2023 6:45 PM   |   3 min read

Star Sports

The most awaited sporting event of the year is slated to be an advertising extravaganza on television this festive season. Here are 5 reasons why associating with the Cricket World Cup on television is an unmissable opportunity for advertisers.

The Towering Growth of Cricket Viewership and Ratings on Television
Cricket viewership on TV both in terms of reach and ratings has witnessed a meteoric rise in 2023. What makes it more compelling is that the viewership growth has been agnostic of formats whether it be T20, Tests or ODIs. IPL 2023 broke all viewership records on TV delivering a tournament reach of over 500 million viewers and a 34% increase in TVR compared to 2022, as per BARC. The World Test Championship Final recorded the highest ever reach for any test match drawing 124 million viewers, 32% higher compared to the previous final in 2021. In the year of the ODI World Cup, the format recorded a massive 63% increase in TVR, setting up for yet another record-breaking cricket megaevent on television.

Proven Might of Cricket World Cup on Star Sports

In the last edition of the ODI Cricket World Cup in 2019 when the overall TV and HD homes penetration was relatively less than what it stands it currently, a mammoth 552 million viewers were reached on television. Any India match during the World Cup delivers an incredible reach of 210+ million, which is more than the total number of online shoppers in India. With India set to play a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 11 matches this time, advertisers are in for a treat. Even Non-India matches are a media plan by itself having reached 380 million viewers in 2019, driving 3.5X higher reach than KBC and 3X higher reach than Bigg Boss.


Surging Superiority of HD in Capturing Affluent Viewers

HD continues to be the superlative platform to reach premium audiences with HD homes increasing by 30% (56 Million to 73 Million) and 2X growth in cricket viewers (46 MN to 109 MN) in the year 2023. As per industry sources, HD sponsorship is in high demand for the upcoming World Cup with multiple clients onboarded and closures expected from several more.


Power of Collective Viewing in Enhancing Advertiser Impact

Given the heightened level of passion for Cricket World Cups, viewers strongly prefer watching the event on television in the company of friends and family, driving the largest aggregation of collective viewing. Engagement and discussions for brands viewed during ads contribute to higher discoverability and brand recall for ads. As per a YouGov research, co-viewing on TV among friends and family leads to 2.2X higher brand recall among viewers. Additionally, 92% cricket viewers on TV discuss with family or friends before purchasing products. As Indian families often make collective purchase decisions to buy for the household, collective viewing on TV during live sports significantly enhances the impact of brand communications.


Differentiated Brand & Business Impact

World Cup on television has powered advertisers to supremacy both in terms of brand and business impact. As per brand lift studies conducted during the World Cup, advertisers have consistently seen an increase in awareness by 2x whereas consideration has gone up by 1.7X. Search interest for brands advertising on TV during the World Cup has seen an uplift to the tune of 2X. Digital first brands like PhonePe, Spotify, Policy Bazaar and MakeMyTrip have developed their respective categories and became market leaders on the back of associations with World Cup on TV.

As per recent media reports, the likes of Coca Cola, Mahindra Auto and HUL have announced their associations with Disney Star with the deals valued over Rs.150 Crore each. The stage is set, and the world is watching; it's a momentous occasion for advertisers to shine on the grandest stage of them all.

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Adscholars-iion enters into dynamic partnership to transform gaming in India

The alliance brings one-of-a-kind technology and programmatic-enabled gaming inventory solutions to the Indian market

By NATIVE CONTENT | Sep 11, 2023 10:51 AM   |   3 min read


The leading ad tech provider Adscholars has partnered with global gaming advertising leader iion which aims to transform the gaming advertising landscape in India amidst an industry boom.

The partnership brings one-of-a-kind technology and programmatic-enabled gaming inventory solutions to the Indian market. iion will scale immersive gaming solutions in this market, using Adscholars' programmatic expertise. It will offer multiple activation options and unique experiences to connect with consumers on their preferred platforms. 

This partnership enables iion to utilize Adscholars' market knowledge and brand collaborations, resulting in immersive and contextually fitting in-game advertising encounters. 

iion’s immersion is the first platform to connect game publishers and brands seamlessly across all digital worlds, providing a holistic targeting experience in-game, around the game, and beyond.

Levelling Up: The Online Gaming Boom Hits India

Statista reported India's online gaming industry was valued at around INR 135 billion in 2022, up from 101 billion rupees the previous year. Projections indicated it could surpass INR 231 billion by 2025, with a robust annual growth rate of 19%. With a substantial youth population, India is poised to become a prime gaming market. With a significant youth population, India is poised to become a prime gaming market. The country's market growth is propelled by the expansion of IT infrastructure, fueled by the increasing adoption of smartphones and high-speed internet.

Brands tap gaming's audience engagement potential. Gameloft finds in-game ads boost brand awareness and likability. Messages over 15 seconds yield +23% purchase intent, highlighting gaming's unique immersive impact.

The strategic partnership between Adscholars and iion places them at the forefront of innovative monetization and advertising ushering in a new era of industry growth amid the nation's burgeoning gaming landscape.
He further added, 

Srikanth Rayaprolu, CEO of Adscholars said, “We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with iion, a prominent advertising platform with a far-reaching presence in diverse gaming environments. As the gaming industry continues its rapid expansion within the Indian market, Ad Scholars, in partnership with iion Gaming, is primed to offer brands an exceptional opportunity to engage with gamers both within the gaming ecosystem and its surrounding landscape.

He further added, This partnership promises to open captivating creative avenues, actively connecting your brand with the vibrant gaming audience. Adscholars has been collaborating with brands and agencies in India. With this new partnership, we're excited to introduce innovative gaming inventory options for our clients.”

Yun Yip, iion’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “With AdScholars, we are poised to reshape the game advertising landscape in APAC. Our collaborative efforts and platform will empower brands and agencies to explore new ways of engaging with an ever-growing audience, whilst delivering superior marketing outcomes in-game advertising. A successful gaming strategy is a now possible, accessible, and measurable.”

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ShareChat & Moj in Kolkata to highlight power of language-first move this festive season

Powered by e4m, this initiative underscores the significance of regional languages in India's digital landscape

By NATIVE CONTENT | Aug 31, 2023 1:52 PM   |   2 min read


ShareChat and Moj is set to host its next City Connects event in Kolkata on September 13, filled with insightful discussions, engaging insights, and ample valuable networking opportunities.

Following the major successes of the City Connects events in Ahmedabad and Chennai, where participation and acclaim were at an all-time high, the upcoming event in Kolkata is anticipated to continue this trend and experience the buzz. Powered by e4m, this initiative underscores the significance of regional languages in India's digital landscape, especially as brands and agencies prepare for the festive season.

The festive season in India is synonymous with a surge in consumer engagement and spending. As brands vie for the attention of a diverse and expansive audience, the challenge lies in crafting messages that resonate with language-first audiences. Here's where the expertise of ShareChat and Moj shines as they lead brands in delivering impactful campaigns by harnessing the power of diverse and customisable ad solutions—a strategy that holds the potential to substantially accelerate brand growth.

With a strong user base of over 325Mn+, the majority of whom prefer native language interaction on social media, ShareChat and Moj have consistently highlighted the effectiveness of regional content, enabling brands in driving incremental reach.

The event will feature expert sessions and panel discussions with top industry voices, enabling attendees to gain insights into crafting compelling content and leveraging regional content creators and short-form videos for brand campaigns.

The Kolkata chapter will help marketers gain insights that will allow them to tailor their marketing initiatives to suit the unique needs and keeping in mind the cultural nuances of India’s diverse language-first audiences, a large untapped market. The perfectly timed session will allow brands and agencies to use these insights to curate strategies to make the most of the upcoming festive season.

Furthermore, the ShareChat and Moj City Connects event in Kolkata will put the spotlight on the evolving landscape of digital marketing, where content creators and diverse advertising solutions in regional languages are becoming increasingly pivotal.

As brands gear up to captivate audiences during the festive season, understanding the broader spectrum of tools and strategies in regional languages will be their key to success.

To register for ShareChat and Moj City Connects, Kolkata, click here.

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Maximizing cricket season: A complete guide to effective advertising on Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar has announced free viewing of the two tournaments for all mobile users, this will prove to be a game changer

By NATIVE CONTENT | Aug 14, 2023 3:00 PM   |   6 min read


As anticipation builds for the Asia Cup and the forthcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the clamour of brands capitalizing on these sporting spectacles' immense popularity is hitting an all-time high. Disney+ Hotstar, with its free viewing, innovative ad formats, and precise targeting options for the two tournaments, has made it into a formidable digital platform for brands to associate with.

Disney+ Hotstar has announced free viewing of the two tournaments for all mobile users, this will prove to be a game changer in making the games accessible to more than *540 million smartphone users across India (FICCI * EY report). Besides this, the leading OTT platform is set to revolutionise live cricket advertising with special pricing offers, sharp targeting capabilities and innovative ad formats.

However, achieving success requires more than enthusiasm. It demands insightful analysis of past campaigns, understanding their implications, and translating these learnings into powerful future advertising strategies.

To empower brands in maximizing this opportunity, Disney+ Hotstar has assembled a guide based on an analysis of close to 50 campaigns from the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022 campaigns. The gleaned insights, spanning across Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), serve as a valuable resource for brands seeking enhanced results from their associations with cricketing events.

The Power of Effective Media Planning:

A key takeaway from the brand lift study is the remarkable success rate of ad campaigns during the ICC T20 World Cup on Disney+ Hotstar. With a staggering success rate of 96%, these campaigns surpassed industry norms significantly. Such a number demonstrates the vital role effective media planning plays in crafting successful advertising strategies.

This success underscores the importance of Disney+ Hotstar as a platform for brands, especially during prominent sporting events like the upcoming cricket season. Its broad viewership, precise targeting options, and innovative ad formats make it a strategic platform to engage potential consumers effectively. Disney+ Hotstar is offering a range of cutting-edge ad formats which include 3D breakout ads on mobile, an integrated Whatsapp as a Call-to-Action for ads which will open a direct line of communication between brand and target audience.

With a commitment to deliver the most successful Asia Cup and ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, Disney+ Hotstar has brought in innovation to offer over 75 unique targeting options, creating a highly specific and tailored approach to reach their target audience. The targeting parameters provides immense flexibility of cross-tabbing, allowing brands to combine multiple parameters like location, demographics and many more to create a highly specific targeting approach. This allows advertisers to precisely reach their desired audience and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

The success of an ad campaign also hinges on the strategic utilization of multiple platforms and innovative ad formats.  Brands leveraging both mobile and Connected TV (CTV) platforms reported 2X brand favourability and 1.2Xpurchase intent, as compared to those that focused solely on mobile platforms. This demonstrates the potential of a multi-platform approach in deepening consumer engagement and broadening the brand's reach. In addition to platform diversity, the choice of ad formats significantly influences the campaign's success.
In essence, effective media planning on Disney+ Hotstar has the potential to turn the imminent cricket season into a rewarding advertising playground for brands.

Balancing Frequency and Budgets:

Data suggest a strong correlation between the duration of the campaign and its subsequent impact on key brand metrics such as brand awareness and purchase intent. Brands that maintained a continuous presence throughout the tournament reported a more significant impact on these metrics compared to those that were active for a shorter duration. Moreover, a higher level of financial investment also directly corresponds to brand uplift.

The study showed that larger investments led to a significant surge in brand awareness. Brands investing Rs 5 Crores or more realized a 1.9-fold uplift, whereas those investing Rs 2 Crores saw a 1.4-fold increase.

Ensuring the right balance allows brands to maintain their visibility, keep their message at the forefront of consumers' minds, and maximize their return on investment, ultimately enhancing results from their ad campaigns on Disney+ Hotstar during the cricket season. Sponsor brands experienced a greater uplift in comparison to inventory buyers, illustrating the advantage of varied ad formats in promoting brand recall and favourability. Moreover, campaigns that supplemented midrolls with other ad formats witnessed 2X impact on brand favourability and purchase intent. Disney+ Hotstar offers interactive ad formats suited to each advertiser’s requirement for example live video ads (midroll/pre-rolls), to display ads (L-bands/ billboards) with added options to contextualise their ads based on key moments during the live feed (such as 6s and 4s, fall of wickets, extras etc).

This finding underscores the importance of diversifying ad formats within a campaign, with a combination of midrolls and other formats leading to a more profound impact.


Creative Development Guidelines for Successful Advertising:

When crafting advertisements for this monumental cricket season, brands should not neglect the power of clear and strategic creative guidelines. The brand uplift study of past successful campaigns reveals some fundamental principles that significantly enhance brand recognition and message association.
Firstly, establishing a clear role of the brand is crucial. Campaigns that effectively convey the brand's identity and positioning have been observed to yield twice the success in terms of brand awareness and favourability. This makes it essential for brands to project a strong and distinctive brand role that resonates with the viewers.
The power of simplicity cannot be understated. Campaigns with a simple and direct message deliver 2.6 X success in establishing the brand message vs. the ones that don't. Complex messages can often be lost on viewers, particularly in the high-energy context of a cricket match.
Humanizing your brand is a key strategy. By showcasing human involvement and connection, brands build relevance and drive brand metrics across the marketing funnel. The presence of relatable figures or narratives within the advertisement can foster a sense of familiarity and affinity among viewers, enhancing their connection to the brand.
Finally, brands that engage in active dialogues with their audience have twice the impact on brand favourability. This could be through real-time interactions during live matches or via digital platforms, fostering a sense of community and involvement.

As brands navigate their creative strategy, these guidelines can serve as a robust roadmap for optimized performance.

In conclusion, by understanding and integrating these crucial learnings into their strategies, brands can optimize their advertising efforts on Disney+ Hotstar during the Asia Cup and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, thereby amplifying their return on investment.


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Regional influencers unveil the true potential of brands: Atul Pujar of ITC

During the Chennai chapter of City Connects hosted by ShareChat and Moj, industry leaders spoke on revolutionizing the digital landscape to empower brands in engaging India's language-first user base

By NATIVE CONTENT | Aug 14, 2023 11:34 AM   |   3 min read

City Connects

As digital marketing continues to evolve, regional languages have surged to the forefront of tailored messaging. This shift was prominently discussed during the recent Chennai chapter of City Connects hosted by ShareChat and Moj.

Top industry voices congregated at the event to deliberate on regional marketing strategies. Their aim was to harness the growing regional audience on social media, especially from the smaller Indian towns which are the emerging business centres of the country.

Setting the tone for the event, Gaurav Jain, the head of emerging business at ShareChat and Moj, noted, "The internet isn't just for English-speaking elites anymore. Much of today's content is consumed in diverse regional languages. It's crucial for brands to capture this diverse essence of 'Bharat' for optimal outreach." Jain further spotlighted impressive user engagement statistics for ShareChat and Moj, including their staggering monthly user base of 400 million.

The rise of regional marketing also intersects with an influx of new social media users hailing from India's smaller cities. Seema Walia, Director, scaled business at ShareChat, moderated a panel discussion called - Creator, Content and Campaigns: Embracing Cultural Diversity and Language First Approach to Drive Brand Strategies, emphasized on the unique character of India's tier 2 and tier 3 towns. "These towns resonate with representatives who grasp regional subtleties and cultural depth. A generic marketing strategy just won't cut it anymore," she stated.

Highlighting the role of local influencers in making a brand more relatable, Atul Pujar, marketing manager at ITC said, "India's consumption patterns have undergone a drastic transformation. The generic 'one size fits all' strategy is obsolete. Regional influencers, especially from smaller towns, unveil the true potential of brands in these markets," he asserted.

Establishing that the smaller towns will define the growth of a brand, Hari Hara Sridhar, Head of Marketing Communications at Nippon Paint said that platforms like ShareChat and Moj will play a crucial role in helping brands tap these markets. "ShareChat and Moj provide unparalleled access to tier 2 and tier 3 markets, which are pivotal for future business. Traditional mediums simply can't offer the same reach," he said.

The symposium also explored the ascending trend of short-form videos in regional languages through an engaging panel discussion-- Beyond translation: The roadmap to captivating Bharat and young India through culture, language and short form videos.

Arjun Dhananjayan, founder of 88GB, highlighted the discerning nature of young Indian consumers and how short form videos help brands reach them. "Traditional ads won't retain their attention. However, short-form videos in regional languages, particularly those featuring local influencers, can captivate them," he explained.

Highlighting that brands with a large consumer base like personal care items, food items, FMCG brands are all set to benefit from the language first approach, Neeraj Moorjani, founder of BLeap Strategy and marketing, said brands must explore the festive season to begin with. Sharing insights on seasonal advertising, Moorjani said "Festive seasons present a golden opportunity for brands to emotionally resonate with the consumers, especially in their regional context. Platforms like ShareChat and Moj are ideal for such endeavours due to their customizability for content creators and users," he elucidated.

In essence, the convergence underscored the imperative of a 'Language First' strategy to untap the potential of smaller towns of India. In this ever-changing digital environment, marked by a surge in regional content and evolving consumer tastes, it's paramount for brands to resonate with the multifaceted Indian consumer base in the language they speak.

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Disney+ Hotstar revolutionizes mobile advertising for Asia Cup & ICC Men's World Cup

The platform is offering free viewing, innovative formats & targeting options

By NATIVE CONTENT | Aug 3, 2023 1:08 PM   |   4 min read


With the Asia Cup and the ICC Men's World Cup around the corner, cricket's euphoria is set to sweep over India. To heighten the sports fervour, Disney+ Hotstar, a leading OTT platform, has announced that these major tournaments will be available as free-to-view for all mobile phone users, thus enabling more than 540 million (*FICCI E&Y report) smartphone users in the country to watch the matches for free, anytime, anywhere on their handsets.

The sheer scale will make Disney+ Hotstar one of the largest digital advertising destinations in the country. The timing of the cricketing calendar could not have been better this year. The most popular sport in the country coincides with the festive season, thereby heightening the sense of anticipation and excitement. This will not only take the reach of the matches to new heights, but has also created an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to encash on the cricketing euphoria ahead of the festive season.

The platform's advertising success stems from its extensive targeting capabilities, boasting over 75 unique options - the highest ever for live sports in India. This wide array of targeting options includes the usual demographic and geographic targeting, in addition to categories like New Consumer Classification System (NCCS), online transacting audience, first-party data, and multi-layer targeting. The precision targeting allows advertisers to reach their desired audience with optimized campaigns. By leveraging niche targeting, brands can tailor their messages to specific segments, enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. This allows for zero spillage and gives brands superior ROI for their campaigns and maximize impact.

Innovation is at the heart of Disney+ Hotstar's offering, with a range of cutting-edge ad formats. The platform has introduced industry-first 3D Breakout Ads on Mobile - Billboards, the first ad that users see when launching the app. Both Static and video 3D Billboard ads give advertisers an opportunity to showcase their products with multiple layers, outside the standard video player, offering a richer viewer experience. The OTT leader has also integrated WhatsApp as a Call-to-Action (CTA) for ads, another groundbreaking feature. Viewers clicking on the CTA are redirected to a WhatsApp chat, opening a direct line of communication between brands and their target audience. Brands can engage with potential customers, share offers, and more, creating a personalized interaction.

Additionally, Disney+ Hotstar allows advertisers to leverage its unique social feed, featuring branded moments, feed cards, and scorecard ads, providing a seamless blend of content and advertising. With so much on offer, Disney+ Hotstar is also setting a benchmark in advertising diversity, they are flipping the script, proving that it's not just a playground for behemoth advertisers. The flexibility of packages starts as low as Rs. 2 Lacs, making it an attractive entry point for smaller brands eager to connect with cricket fans. At the same time, brands with deeper pockets are not left out, as they can step up to a co-presenting sponsorship as well. This well-tailored strategy ensures that the platform is an accessible platform for advertisers of all scales, championing the notion that every brand, regardless of size, can truly make the most of the cricket season's excitement and reach millions of ardent fans.


 In an exhilarating alignment of events this year, the rhythm of cricket is set to match the beats of the vibrant festive season. The Asia Cup is scheduled to commence on the 30th of August, the same day as Raksha Bandhan. As we delve further into the cricketing spectacle, the mellifluous chants of Ganesh Chaturthi, occurring from the 19th to 29th of September, will coincide with the thrilling climax of the Asia Cup. And before the echoes of Ganesh Chaturthi's celebrations fade away, the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup takes the center stage on the 5th of October, adding to the growing anticipation of the festive season. Finally, as the country lights up with the joyous celebration of Diwali from the 10th to the 14th of November, the World Cup's nail-biting finale brings an added sparkle to the festivities.

 As India's economic environment starts to rebound, the anticipation for the upcoming festive season is palpable. The upcoming festive season is traditionally a high transaction time for sectors like automobiles, ecommerce, fashion & retail, consumer durables, and FMCG. With two major cricket tournaments coinciding with this festive period, Disney+ Hotstar's free access for mobile viewers turns it into a must-have platform for every brand looking to capitalize on this vibrant season.

In a country where cricket unites people, the stage is set for the most significant cricketing face-off. It offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences over the shared passion for cricket during the peak festive season. As the game progresses on the pitch, brands can hit the perfect advertising score with Disney+ Hotstar.

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DentsuX & Vserv AudiencePro collaborate for Dabur's Odonil in refreshing OTT campaign

Dabur Odonil and Vserv AudiencePro have joined forces to deliver an engaging OTT campaign, reaching niche audiences with remarkable results

By NATIVE CONTENT | Aug 3, 2023 11:22 AM   |   3 min read


Imagine the challenge of promoting your campaign for an air freshener across OTT platforms aiming to captivate the right audience. It's like trying to eliminate unwanted odours without the perfect air freshener. For Dabur, India's leading consumer goods company, this was the predicament they faced. However, they found a refreshing solution to their marketing puzzle for Odonil Air Fresheners with Vserv AudiencePro.

Odonil, renowned for their commitment to freshness, understood the importance of reaching relevant audiences for their Odonil Neem air freshener and sought a partner who could help them navigate OTT advertising and get incremental audiences while delivering remarkable results. Vserv AudiencePro - a consumer intelligence and activation platform that makes marketing efficient across any channel - collaborated with DentsuX and Dabur to run the campaign across OTT platforms.

Collaborating with Vserv AudiencePro, Odonil embarked on a journey to engage their target audience through an OTT campaign like never before. Vserv AudiencePro devised an integrated media activation plan that would resonate with viewers of popular platforms such as Disney Hotstar, Zee5, and Sony Liv. Vserv AudiencePro's identified audience segments like OTT subscribers, users transacting on offline products like Air Fresheners, Household Cleaning, Homecare; Online Grocery Transactors; Departmental and supermarket store visitors; Utility Bill Transactors and much more.

The campaign soared beyond expectations, leaving a captivating scent of success by surpassing the CTR by 2X of planned interaction with VTR rising to 92%. The campaign achieved a stunning reach of over 7 million.

Expressing delight in the campaign's success, Sanath R. Pulikkal, Head of Marketing, Home Care - Dabur India Limited, stated, “We are thrilled with the outcomes of our collaboration with Vserv AudiencePro. The high VTR and CTR reflect the resounding success of our Odonil Neem air freshener and its appeal to our target audience. This partnership has allowed us to connect with consumers in a captivating and effective manner.”

Rahul Chhetry - Partner, Client Leadership DentsuX, further solidified the campaign's impact, emphasizing the significance of Vserv AudiencePro's platform. He remarked, 'Vserv AudiencePro's platform was the perfect choice for a campaign of this scale and influence. Their ability to provide quality 2P segments across multiple channels enabled us to effectively reach our niche audience. We are delighted with the outcomes and look forward to future collaborations.'

Saurabh Khanna, Vice President, Agency Partnerships & Large Client Solutions, Vserv AudiencePro, highlighted the campaign's significance. “We are extremely pleased to have played a part in this highly successful campaign for Odonil. Our integrated media approach, combined with the power of deterministic audience segments, has proven to be a winning strategy in reaching the right audience and achieving unduplicated reach across multiple channels. This campaign exemplifies our commitment to empowering brands with targeted marketing solutions.”


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