Zee Keralam curates three brand films for Women’s Day

The films show how little changes need to begin within our homes in order to change mindsets towards women

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Updated: Mar 9, 2020 4:53 PM
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On the occasion of Women’s Day, Zee Keralam has released three insightful brand films.

With the tagline of ‘Neramaayi, Chila Nalla Maatangalkku’ (It’s time for some good changes) ZEE Keralam delves deep and places a new lens into the pre-existing mindsets of our society. While everyone believes that transformation is possible only when it takes place in society, ZEE Keralam’s brand films show that the most impactful changes are the ones that often go unnoticed. The films go on to show that these little changes need to begin within and inside our homes, in order to make the transformation of mindsets steady and permanent.


The first brand film shows a mother and two children finishing dinner at the dining table. The son casually gets up to wash his hands after eating. When the daughter does the same, the mother signals her to pick up the empty plates left of the table. As she dutifully picks up her plate as well as her brother’s, the son comes back, gently takes the plates from her hands with a smile, and proceeds to wash them himself as the mother and daughter watch in happy wonder.

The second film features a couple washing clothes together. The husband is seen wringing water off the washed clothes while the wife is hanging them to dry on a rope. The mother in law enters the scene with a slight frown visible. Her son observes her for a second, smiles and continues to wring the wet clothes. The daughter-in-law observes her mother-in-law in anticipation. The mother-in-law's face then breaks into a resigned yet happy smile as the daughter resumes her work with a satisfied smile.

The final film features a schoolgirl calling out for her mother to help her tie her hair as she gets ready for school. The mother calls out that she will be there shortly. As the girl impatiently waits, we see a pair of strong hands softly tying her hair together. When the little girl looks up, she sees her father tying her hair with a smile. She smiles happily and hands over her rubber band to her father as her mother walks in and observes the scene with a wondrous smile.

All three films feature the simplest situations in any Malayali home, seen through a new lens. They go on to convey that, these smallest changes that need to start from within us, will go a long way in making a long-lasting impact that will ultimately lead to a progressive transformation in pre-existing habits, pre-set roles and conditioned mindsets.

In all the films, the featured men are happy to perform the tasks that are traditionally a woman’s and they do so with a smile, signifying that they find happiness in sharing responsibilities. Without making any loud statements, ZEE Keralam has subtly managed to convey exactly where the transformation of mindsets needs to begin - our homes.

ZEE Keralam as a channel has held a progressive brand positioning in all its shows with strong female leads who have progressive mindsets and are willing to take the necessary steps to weave the destiny of their dreams. All the central characters in ZEE Keralam’s top storylines are bold middle class women who aspire to rise and better the lifestyles of their families in the process. They aim to mirror the true new Malayali woman and represent the smallest nuances of God’s own people.

While characters like Kalyani from Chembarathi, Samyuktha from Pookkalam Varavayi and Kabani from Kabani have manged to carve a place in hearts of the audience through their graceful yet confident characterizations, characters like Sathya from Sathya Enna Penkutty and Swathi from Swathi Nakshatram Chothi have garnered a loyal audience following owing to their bold, uninhibited nature. The latest female lead Sreelakshmy from Neeyum Njanum, is not afraid to go after love, no matter how far-fetched it might seem. Each character has her own value system that is parallelly progressive and rooted in culture.

ZEE Keralam also has a strong non-fiction line-up with SaReGaMaPa Keralam topping the list in terms of popularity. The show has garnered a loyal audience base and the top 10 contestants have managed to debut as playback singers in various films while still on the show. ZEE Keralam’s upcoming Non – Fiction venture ‘Funny Nights with Pearle Maaney’ is set to premiere on March 14 at 9pm, marking the return of Kerala’s very own Pearle Maaney to the small screen. Interestingly, Pearle’s husband Srinish Aravind also plays the male lead in one of ZEE Keralam’s fictions – Sathya Enna Penkutty.

With a strong fiction line up and popular non-fiction programmes, ZEE Keralam’s blockbuster films complete the entertainment package offered by the channel. Blockbuster films like Madhuraraja, Kalki and commercial hits like Prathi Poovan Kozhi are some of the popular films in ZEE Keralam’s kitty.

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