NewsX weekend shows to feature Subramanian Swamy, Manish Tewari

Issues related to Kashmir Valley, role of Congress as opposition party among the topics to be discussed

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Published: Aug 3, 2019 4:00 PM  | 2 min read

This weekend on NewsX-The Sunday Guardian-The Roundtable, there will be an interesting faceoff between Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, and Hasnain Masoodi, National Conference leader and Member of Parliament, on the issues related to Kashmir Valley including additional troops in the valley and implementation of Articles 370 and 35 A.  
In this week’s Cover Story there will be an exclusive interview with Manish Tewari, Member of Parliament. During the discussion, Tewari discussed about the role of Congress as opposition party along with this he also spoke about the future of the party. 
In another show Policy & Politics, there will be Skand Ranjan Tayal, Former Indian Ambassador to South Korea and Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Indian ambassador to Kazakhstan. The former ambassadors discussed upon the defense relations between India, Russia and USA. 

Priya Sahgal, Senior Executive Editor, NewsX in conversation with Subramanian Swamy, Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha and Mr. Hasnain Masoodi, National Conference leader and Member of Parliament. 
Topic of discussion:  Issues related to Kashmir Valley     
Episode Time: Saturday, 3rd August @ 9:30 am & 7:30 pm; Sunday, 4th August @ 8:30 pm 

Priya Sahgal, Senior Executive Editor, NewsX in conversation with Manish Tewari, Member of Parliament. 

Topic of Discussion: The Future of Congress Party        
Episode Time: Saturday, 3rd August @ 8:30 pm; Sunday, 4th August @ 6:30 pm         

Policy & Politics     
Tarun Nangia, Associate Editor, Special Projects, NewsX in conversation with Skand Ranjan Tayal, Former Indian Ambassador to South Korea and Mr. Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Indian ambassador to Kazakhstan. 

Topic of Discussion: Defense relations between India, Russia and USA. 
 Episode Time: Sunday, 4th August @ 10:30 am        

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Teads unveils key learnings on attention measurement across 500+ global campaigns

Teads Attention Program, approaching its one-year anniversary, fostered insights that spanned 20 countries, 120 advertisers and 2.5B+ impressions measured

By exchange4media Staff | May 25, 2023 1:09 PM   |   4 min read


Teads has released the findings of its recent attention meta-analysis, which has further proven the practicality of attention as a new measurement metric, and underscored actionable ways for companies to leverage attention for improved brand lift and campaign outcomes across the funnel.


Through this research, Teads was able to validate the four drivers of attention – Quality of Media, Ad Experience, Relevance, and Creative – identified through joint research with major holding companies, and provide key insights into each, as measured by Lumen and Adelaide.


Teads found that quality premium publishers, such as Condé Nast and news publishers, outperform on attention metrics, with quality Teads content driving attention levels at least three times higher than Facebook, according to multiple measurement sources. Additionally, Teads' premium ad formats deliver attention comparable to YouTube, with a 15% higher APM (attentive seconds per 1,000 impressions) target compared to Lumen's December 2022 benchmark, while also being better perceived and more efficient.


Moreover, Teads extended outside of digital media by measuring CTV within an omnichannel campaign across its digital and CTV inventory. Teads identified +21% lift in omnichannel attention compared to the digital-only benchmark, according to Adelaide. In one campaign, by optimizing with high attention media across all channels, a brand drove 42% stronger lifts against Teads’ in store-visitation benchmarks.


Teads' research revealed that the four drivers of attention have a validated relationship between in-market attention measures and campaign outcomes – across different measurement partners, different verticals, and that maximizing attention can result in greater brand lift.


Jean-Paul Edwards, Managing Director, Product, OMD Worldwide said: “Attention has always been core to effective communication. At OMG, we have focused for several years on how we can effectively manage optimal delivery of the required attention for any given brief. Building on numerous attention testing programs, we have created a framework of attention parameters bespoke to each brief with tools to optimize decisions across planning, placement and creative execution. Our deep involvement with the Teads Attention Program supports that understanding, generating uplifts in attention to delivering stronger brand metrics and sales performance.”


Lastly, there is significant room for optimization on media and creative to increase attentive reach and dwell time, indicating that the adaptation of the creative to the platform and the relevance of the placement and context further enhance attention levels, with early studies showing a 20% uplift in attention across the flight of a campaign.


Srijoni Dutta Gupta, Consumer Marketing Manager, Estee Lauder EMEA said: “With the help of Teads’ team of experts, our Spring ’23 Supreme moisturizer campaign was a successful approach to strategically optimizing existing campaign assets while expressing our new consumer insights-driven storytelling in a much more impactful, measurable way. Teads understood our needs, providing valuable consumer testing data and fine-tuning turnkey deliverables for our markets.”


With increased focus on action driven by Attention Measurement, Teads is keenly focused on developing insight in three core areas: CTV and how to maximize attention on the TV screen, the intersection of context and attention as a component of measurement and planning in a cookieless world, and activation opportunities, particularly around product development to ensure highly attentive, efficient campaigns that deliver on outcomes across channels.


Liset Otten, Global Digital Activation Manager, JDE said: “The findings from our initial attention pilots with Teads conducted in the UK and Germany have inspired further roll out of attention measurement product to 10+ markets. We see significant opportunity to reduce wastage in digital buying and ensure that we are reaching people and not just devices. While we continue to move through the stages of our phased approach to testing and evaluating the attention metric, we strongly encourage markets to consider participating, as feasible.”


Caroline Hugonenc, Senior Vice President, Research & Insights, Teads adds: “What is truly unique with Teads Attention Program is that we are enabling clients to test, learn and measure outcomes related to attention on live campaigns. From these findings, we have seen clients embrace attention and build a competitive advantage as the industry aligns on a standard definition of attention as a metric. To support them in their journey, we will keep on innovating on the measurement solutions that we are proposing but also on the integration of attention metrics in the activation and planning stage."


To learn more, download the full report.


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Cipla introduces ‘Tuffies’ to promote better respiratory care in children

The campaign has been supported by Sonali Bendre

By exchange4media Staff | May 24, 2023 12:15 PM   |   4 min read

Sonali Bendre

This World Asthma Awareness month, Cipla launched its general patient & public awareness initiative – ‘Tuffies’ – directing more targeted awareness on improving respiratory care amongst children, especially those living with asthma. Overcoming myths and stigma associated with chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and its treatment, the Tuffies campaign is targeted at engaging children between the ages 5 through 10 yrs of age and their caregivers. Sonali Bendre launched the campaign by unveiling the Tuffies Comic Book and introducing the Tuffies Team, a group of relatable, young, adventurous characters.

A widespread non-communicable disease, asthma is the most common chronic condition among children affecting nearly 7.9% of Indian children, with about 80% of asthmatics experiencing symptoms during the first 6 years of their life. Insufficient awareness about the disease, misconceptions and perceived myths associated with its cornerstone treatment i.e. inhalation therapy, have resulted in many cases of asthma going undiagnosed and even untreated. All this ultimately results in poor control of asthma, leading to a significantly impacted quality of life that includes frequent hospitalizations and missed school days.

The Tuffies Comic Book features - Vicky, an aspiring detective who lives with asthma but does not let it hold him back, along with his sister Mini, best friend Gullu and Vicky’s trusted companion Mr. Puffy. These characters will remain central to the Tuffies campaign. The comic book will showcase the Tuffies team as they tackle challenging situations and solve mysteries in their hometown with Mr. Puffy providing guidance and motivation through his mantra ‘Breathe in and count to ten, breathe out and let go of doubt’. Through their adventures, the campaign aims to spread the message that asthma should not limit a child's potential, as long as they take the right treatment and adhere to it. While the campaign launches with the comic book, an animated video series is to follow.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Dr. Vikas Gupta, India Rx Head, Cipla Ltd. said, “Patients are at the heart of everything we do at Cipla, and this ethos is reflected in the efforts we have made to transform the lives of those living with asthma. Through our public awareness campaigns, we have made significant strides in raising awareness about the condition and trying to set the record straight on one of its recommended treatments i.e. inhalation therapy. Broadening our focus and for the effective management of this condition in the country, we’re excited to launch the ‘Tuffies’ campaign. With this campaign we aim to inspire children to overcome limitations and help create more open channels of communication for caregivers to make informed decisions in consultation with their child’s physician. This further deepens our efforts to bring about a positive change in people’s perception towards asthma and its treatment”.

Adding her thoughts actor Sonali Bendre said, “Cipla’s work in the asthma awareness space has over the years sparked a social movement that has served as inspiration for asthmatics across the country. And now, with the Tuffies campaign, the company extends its focus toward helping children with asthma and their parents by; combating misinformation related to the condition, enabling informed decision-making, and encouraging children to overcome their limitations. Launching the campaign with a comic book, which can entertain and inform is truly a smart way of spreading awareness about a health condition, especially amongst little ones. And as a mother, it gives me immense delight to be able to lend my voice and platform to a campaign, that has such a strong message and cause.”

Prasad Ajgaonkar, CEO of animation studio iRealities who along with his team conceptualised the Tuffies campaign characters and storyline said, “We’re happy to have been able to contribute to Cipla's efforts to promote better respiratory care in the country. Our expertise in children's animation and engaging storytelling has allowed us to spread a message of positivity and hope to children living with asthma, through this campaign. Tuffies is a great example of how creative storytelling can be used to effectively reach out and connect to an audience.”

Over the years Cipla has championed awareness around asthma through its #BerokZindagi campaign, using a multitude of creative formats and platforms to spark social conversation, engage the public and inspire change for asthmatics across the country. With the Tuffies campaign, Cipla dives deeper into specific patient cohorts urging children with asthma to unlock their true potential and empowering their parents to help them do so.


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CSK-GT match viewership touches 2.5 crore: JioCinema

According to JioCinema, this is the highest ever, with the previous record being 2.4 crore, registered during the CSK versus RCB match on April 17

By exchange4media Staff | May 24, 2023 10:04 AM   |   1 min read


The Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans match on Tuesday has clocked the highest ever concurrent viewership on JioCinema, the network has said.

The final overs of the second innings of the match saw the concurrent viewership on JioCinema touching 2.5 crore. CSK made its way to finals by winning the playoff match by 16 runs. 

The previous viewership record on JioCinema is 2.4 crore, registered during the CSK versus RCB match on April 17. 

JioCinema has been free streaming IPL matches for all viewers. 

“In terms of engagement, JioCinema continues to set new benchmarks every day. The total video views on the platform have already crossed over 1300 crore video views, setting a world record. The streaming app has been adding millions of new viewers for IPL on a daily basis. The average streaming time per match per viewer has already zoomed past 60 minutes,” said JioCinema in a release.

In terms of sponsorships and advertisers, JioCinema has roped in 26 marquee sponsors.

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Buffering targets 200 plus campaigns for movies, OTT shows & music album launches in 2023

Buffering is a data led media tech platform that is revolutionising the Media Tech industry

By exchange4media Staff | May 24, 2023 12:59 AM   |   3 min read


Amit B Wadhwani's Buffering Mediatech has been successfully amplifying over 200 movies within ground-breaking time.

It’s been a highflying last financial year for Buffering with quite some of the top Bollywood releases being amplified by Buffering Mediatech. With Ram Setu - Akshay Kumar, Mili - Jahnvi Kapoor, Phone Bhoot - Katrina Kaif, Cirkus, PS2, Chatrapathi, Bholla, Drishyam 2, Zara Hatke Zara Bach Ke to name a few. Buffering adds to the fast growing list of latest releases amplified as Buffering as Media-Tech partners.

‘’My goal has always been very singular; give people what they want! Our services have always been tailor-made to appeal to them. But, the most important part is to convince the consumer. Make the consumers feel that they're making an absolutely right choice with the offered strategy.’’ as quoted by Founder & Director Amit B. Wadhwani.

Meanwhile, Darshini Khatri, one of the co-founders says, “When availing services or procuring solutions, every brand wants to feel confident that they made the right choice. For some purchases, that means getting the best possible value. For others, it means getting a specific set of features. Brands put a lot of energy into making sure that buyer's remorse doesn't haunt them after making a decision. At Buffering, we ensure our partners get the best of both worlds.”

Buffering is a data led media tech platform that is revolutionising the Media Tech industry. With a humongous reach of 400 Mn prospective consumers on a pan India basis, Buffering provides the perfect blend of online and offline media with digital technology. As a brand, Buffering has been able to acquire users across the country through extensive ATL/BTL activities along with digital and social media activation campaigns.

‘’Cinema dynamics coupled with data & technology is an unexplored industry which has a huge revenue potential & is an extremely profitable business. The Buffering has become a commendable model which will redefine amplification of content in the media & entertainment industry in India. I loved the focus on detailing in spite of keeping scale in mind' states young Krishiv L. Tekchandani - Co-Founder, Buffering.

With a whopping 100% YOY growth in terms of the number of amplification campaigns, Buffering targets more than 200 campaigns for movies, OTT shows, web series, music album launches and others in the current year. The last quarter has already seen Buffering increase its footprint in the sports and entertainment industry with exclusive campaigns for the Women's Premier League 2023. Forecasting a comfortable turnover of 100 Crores in the current financial year confidently. 

Buffering’s presence in the outdoor marketing space is unparalleled. It provides access to more than 19,500 active outdoor hoarding sites across premium locations of the country including presence in metros, Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities, state and national highways that helps in establishing the presence of your brand. Not just hoardings,it can also provide high visibility options across airport terminals, autorickshaws, and other such unconventional options. Unlike other players, it co-invests in the facelift of brands through outdoor and digital media in marketing campaigns. This helps the brand provide clients with up to around 40 - 50% discount on the outdoor marketing cost as compared to any other player in the market. 


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Times Now Navbharat clocks 355 million views on YouTube

The channel registered a 422% cumulative growth

By exchange4media Staff | May 23, 2023 12:50 PM   |   1 min read

times now

Times Now Navbharat has risen among the top 3 Hindi news channels on YouTube, clocking an impressive 355 million views in April and registering a phenomenal 422% cumulative growth.

Times Now Navbharat offers innovative content formats to viewers across platforms. On the back of the fastest news, exclusive news breaks and most viewed prime-time shows - News Ki Pathshala and Sawal Public Ka, the channel has built a strong resonance with the viewers, driving high-decibel engagement across platforms.

With a series of digital exclusives that integrates the channel’s broadcast and digital content, Times Now Navbharat has been offering well-rounded insights on every major news story, combined with comprehensive coverage of key events such as the Atique Ahmad murder and ground-breaking original reportage like Operation Sheesh Mahal expose.

Rohit Chadda, President & COO – Digital Business, Times Network said, “This is a remarkable feat for a new entrant in the Hindi News category. With its unparalleled news content and interactive show formats, Times Now Navbharat has consolidated its position as the preferred destination for Hindi news on YouTube. This milestone reinforces our commitment in building new levers of digital engagement with our viewers and we are confident to continue to achieve new milestones."

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IPL on digital has delighted advertisers: JioCinema

JioCinema has claimed that it has received 1300 Cr. video views in the first five weeks of the tournament, and more than 60 minutes average user time spent per match

By exchange4media Staff | May 22, 2023 7:35 PM   |   3 min read


JioCinema, the official digital streaming partner of TATA IPL 2023, has claimed that it has received 1300 Cr. video views in the first five weeks of the tournament, and more than 60 minutes average user time spent per match.

“The blockbuster performance of IPL on Digital has delighted viewers and advertisers alike. This season, the number of sponsors during IPL's digital streaming reached 26, the highest ever for any sporting tournament. With a real-time number tracking system that enables advertisers evaluate their reach on Digital, the advertiser response has reached an overwhelming number, which is in the range of 400 this season,” read a press release.

Speaking on the value of IPL advertising on digital, Jaya Jamrani, CMO, Castrol India, said “Our segments are very varied but IPL on digital has allowed me to be able to focus and drive the right content to the right audience through targeted marketing. The level of personalization and the targeting that you can achieve is amazing.”

“It’s great consumer experience that's adding a lot more numbers. Forget Hindi and English, which is quite common, but there's Bhojpuri and even Punjabi, which are actually giving a lot more numbers. From a language perspective, it's great immersive stuff for marketers,” said Vishal Chinchankar, CEO, Madison Digital.

Sudhir Shukla, COO - Hypermarkets, More Retail added, “The ability to personalize the campaign at scale is what is phenomenal about IPL on digital. Of course, there are great numbers, but the quality of the impact is absolutely fantastic. On digital we've seen the concurrency numbers, now concurrency numbers go up when a certain batsman comes in to bat, match after match. And the ability to make the most of such a moment is phenomenal.”

Speaking on interest from a variety of brands to advertise on digital this season, Amardeep Singh, CEO, Interactive Avenues said, “IPL on Digital has democratized TV for the advertisers. Earlier, to advertise on TV, you needed huge budgets. Now you don't need huge budgets to advertise on TV.”

According to the recent TAM report, CTV ad spots have shown a 20% growth, indicating the growing trend of viewers preferring the convenience and flexibility offered by CTV platforms, with premium Digital offerings of TATA IPL including 4K, multi-cam, 360-degree viewing, at an unprecedented scale, at no cost.

Speaking on CTV advertising, Singh added, “We're looking at anywhere between 25 million to 40 million CTV households being reached. And what we've seen in the end metric, CTV advertising performs better as compared to a regular ad on the mobile”

Speaking on advertisers’ gain with the surge in digital viewership of TATA IPL, Anil Jayaraj, CEO, Viacom18 Sports said, “Advertisers are the big winners this season and that’s the way it should be. Through JioCinema, advertisers are reaching the right audiences at the right price. JioCinema has opened doors for a lot of advertisers, smaller brands and companies to join the bandwagon, what use to be the exclusive preserve of top 100 advertisers.”

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Atlas Media unveils Politicians Vs Cinestars League- PCL

The PCL events will be held in different locations across India

By exchange4media Staff | May 20, 2023 12:41 PM   |   3 min read

Atlas Media

Atlas Media, a prominent media company founded in November 2022 by media industry veterans Moses Chinappa and Amar Dixit, is making waves with its latest venture, the "Politician Vs Cinestars League." This exciting intellectual property will be a game changer in the sports cum entertainment vertical. The company Atlas Media involves verticals, including content syndication, film division, advertising sales, distribution mapping and marketing in both homegrown as well as global business sector

The Managing Director of Atlas Media, Moses Chinappa, expressed great enthusiasm about the "Politician Vs Cinestars League." He stated that the company's dedicated team had invested extensive research and hard work into fostering this IP, which promises to be an intriguing and exciting model.

Amar Dixit, the CEO of Atlas Media, revealed that the league will be organized across multiple locations in India, featuring Politicians and Cine stars from all states. This ambitious endeavor aims to bring together renowned figures from both the political sphere and the film industry into the single most popular sports platform which is Cricket.

Pankaj Kesari, a well-known film star from the Telugu film industry and the Head of Atlas Media Film Division, provided further insights into the league. He shared that the league is scheduled to kick off from upcoming winter season, promising an exhilarating experience for participants and viewers alike, The league will be broadcasted on Television channels also it will be streamed on the Digital platforms.

The "Politician Vs Cinestars League" is expected to create a unique fusion of entertainment and sportsmanship. These events will be held in different locations across India, adding an element of diversity and regional representation to the league.

By bringing together politicians and cinestars, the "Politician Vs Cinestars League" provides a unique opportunity for these influential figures to interact, collaborate, and engage with the public on the most popular sports platform. This cross-pollination of talent and ideas has the potential to foster understanding, bridge divide and create a dialogue between these two significant spheres of society.

The league's launch is expected to generate considerable excitement among fans, media outlets and industry professionals. With the involvement of renowned personalities from both politics and the film industry, the "Politician Vs Cinestars League" is poised to captivate audiences nationwide.

In conclusion, Atlas Media's introduction of the "Politician Vs Cinestars League" represents a significant leap in the sports cum entertainment industry. This revolutionary IP aims to create a dynamic and thrilling fusion of politics and cinema, showcasing the talents of politicians and cine stars while providing a platform for cross-cultural exchange and engagement with audiences. The league's upcoming launch is eagerly awaited, and it has the potential to redefine the boundaries of entertainment and inspire a new era of collaborative and thought-provoking content.

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