‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’, &TV’s latest offering, to be telecast from Jan 21

Popular TV faces—Avinash Sachdev, Aditi Rawat, Anjali Priya and Deepshikha Nagpal—to be part of ensemble cast


Bringing forth an exceptional story loyalty and the strength of love, &TV is set to telecast a brand-new fiction offering ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’ from 21st January-every Monday to Friday at 9.30pm. 

Produced by Essel Vision Productions, ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’ is a romantic drama about true love that lives beyond eternity and transcends even death. It showcases the power and strength that an Ardhangini has for her husband, and how she shields him from all evil even after her death. 

The show brings together an ensemble cast with popular television faces like Avinash Sachdev, Aditi Rawat, Anjali Priya and Deepshikha Nagpal amongst others. To promote the show, the star cast were in Jaipur and urged their fans and the channel’s fierce loyalists to subscribe to &TV and the Zee bouquet as per the new government rule. 

‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’ is the journey of Chitra and Vaidehi as they both are singularly dedicated to protecting Madhav – the man they love. The story delves into the life of Madhav (Avinash Sachdev) and his childhood friend Vaidehi (Aditi Rawat). Her main motive is to bring back cheer, happiness and love in Madhav’s life after his wife Chitra’s (Anjali Priya) tragic death. Furthermore, depicting an invaluable bond of friendship and love, ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’ will give a glimpse of the selfless effort and unconditional love that Vaidehi (Aditi Rawat) showers on Madhav. 

The show will also bring out the eternal side of love and how the spirit of Madhav’s first wife will do everything to keep them together and shield them against any source of evil even after death. 

Speaking about the concept of the show, Vishnu Shankar, Head of &TV said, “We are excited to kickstart the year with the launch of ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’, an adaptation of the very popular Zee Tamil show ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’ which has been successfully retold in many other languages. This romantic drama explores a different perspective of love, commitment and true bond that a wife as an Ardhangini has for her husband. The saga, a complete package of emotions, brings alive on screen a warm narrative and relatable characters each trying to deal with life, loss and love.”
Talking about the show and its concept, Shariq Patel, CEO, Essel Vision Productions said, “Romance as a genre is an all-time favourite with viewers. With ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’, we wish to portray the emotion of love and bond of a husband and wife in a different way, encompassing virtues like selflessness, devotion, loyalty, protection and care. With our unique style of storytelling, we are sure that the essence of the subject will come through effectively and the audience will be intrigued to watch how both Vaidehi and Chitra shield Madhav from evil. The story brings forward a unique relationship that is interwoven in a thread of love which surpasses even death.” 

Actor Avinash Sachdev who plays Madhav said, “My character is an extremely righteous man who doesn’t carry any sort of malice in his heart. Shy and reserved, he is respectful of his elders, especially his mother Nilambari, even though she is his step-mother. Madhav is torn between the memories of his dead wife Chitra and the unconditional love received from his childhood friend Vaidehi. ‘Main Bhi Ardhangini’ is a beautifully written romantic tale and it gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this story.” 

He further said: “I also want to sincerely appeal to and urge all &TV loyalists, viewers and fans to subscribe to the Zee bouquet of channels, starting February 1, as per the new subscription scheme.” 

Playing the role of Madhav’s childhood friend Vaidehi, Aditi Rawat said, “Vaidehi is a young and naïve girl; yet an extremely grounded soul who believes that every person is good at heart. She is full of life and is adored by everyone. Her selfless love for Madhav and her dedicated efforts to bring back joy in his life again is inspiring and rare. She will play a pivotal part in his life and I am excited to essay this role. I am also doubly excited to shoot this show as we will be in Jaipur throughout. The colourful backdrop and vibrant culture of the city lends itself beautifully to the show and it will be a visual treat for the viewers. So, to keep watching &TV and its shows, do choose the attractively priced ZEE Family Pack and stay entertained.” 

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VOOT Original ‘Feet Up with the Stars’ returns with Season 2

The chat show is being presented by Nestlé KitKat and has been co-powered by OLX


Brace up for some quirky bedside conversations, saucy revelations and celebrities at their naughtiest best on Season 2 of the VOOT Original  ‘Feet Up with the stars’ Presented by Nestlé KitKat and co-powered by OLX . 

The chat show will be hosted by Fashion Director Vogue Anaita Shroff Adajania who will invite the stars to get all their sass, candour and designer pyjamas along. So get ready for some delicious secrets, provocative conversations and unending laughter between the sheets, streaming now on VOOT with a new episode every Sunday. 

Known for its intimate and personal conversations, the VOOT Original Feet Up with the Stars – Season 1 redefined the genre of chat shows. Gone was the red carpet look, the couch and the gossip, only to be replaced by celebs in nightwear, talking about themselves, their lives and their bedroom fetishes. 

Season 2 raises the bar even higher with the current hot favourite of Bollywood, Vicky Kaushal bringing his `josh’ in bed for the opening episode. From crunches to seducing in chaste Punjabi, Vicky is a revelation on the show. Taapsee Pannu shares her favourite fantasy and the newest kid on the block Siddhanth Chaturvedi a.k.a MC Sher sings an original composition only for Anaita and the fans of Feet Up with the Stars. 

All set to launch the second season, Monika Shergill, Head of Content at Viacom18 Digital Ventures (VOOT) said, “Voot is a young platform with a huge skew of younger audiences that are constantly craving for cool, trend setting original content. Feet UP with the Stars in its first season really cut through the clutter of chat shows due to its intimate atmosphere and for the first time very personal and cosy, in bed conversations with the Bollywood stars. Season 2 will take the sassiness of this VOOT Original to the next level with the superlative line up of new stars and their candid conversations.”   

Commenting on the comeback of the show, Anita Horam, Director of Video at Conde Nast India  said, "With Feet Up with the Stars, we have used our unique vantage point and access to Bollywood A-listers to create a never seen before chat show format that gives viewers a chance to get to know a whole new and naughtier side of their favorite bollywood A listers. Season 2 gets even bolder and better.”

Commenting on the association, Nikhil Chand, General Manager, Chocolate and Confectionery, Nestlé India, said “We are delighted to associate with ‘Feet up with the Stars’, a show that resonates with the KITKAT’s belief of taking a break from the grind. With an array of stars, we are confident that Season 2 of the show will be loved by all.”

Apoorv Pandey, Lead Digital Marketing and Customer Lifecycle Management at OLX said: “OLX's new brand logo and tagline - SET HAI is conceptualized to attract millennial population of India and therefore, VOOT becomes an ideal choice for its captivating content and growing viewership. 

“With this integration, we unravel some really interesting aspects of the lives of some of India's youth icons. Such integrations help us capture long lasting mind space of online video audiences. Original content in form of web-only series are extremely popular with the youth today and through this integration, we aim to seamlessly explain the concept of our new brand language effectively.”

Now streaming on VOOT, the second edition of ‘Nestlé KitKat Presents Feet Up with the Stars Co-Powered by OLX’, promises to be more spicy and chic with its fun , new line up of Bollywood stars.  

So get ready to catch these stars put their feet up, bring some oomph and indulge in unfiltered Bollywood drama in the latest VOOT Original ‘Nestlé KitKat Presents Feet Up with the Stars Co-Powered by OLX’.

HISTORY TV18 brings documentary ‘Dwarkadhish- Kingdom of Krishna’

The documentary, which brings to life the legends of Krishna, will premier on March 27 at 9 PM


In an ancient land where river meets sea, faith and fact converge. Where once stood a legendary kingdom lost to the waves now stands the temple of its great lord. Watch the story of Hinduism’s sacred site Dwarka, its presiding deity and the love of His people in ‘Dwarkadhish: Kingdom of Krishna’ premiering 27th March at 9 PM on HISTORY TV18.

The one-hour film brings to life the legends of Krishna, the stories of Dwarka, of Dwarkadhish temple and the devotion of the faithful. Renowned mythologist and author, Devdutt Pattanaik decodes the appeal of Krishna, beliefs, practices and ritual worship. The film also counts down to Dwarka’s biggest annual festival - Janamshtami, the celebration of Shri Krishna’s birth. Here we see Dwarka and its grand temple transformed, amidst special ceremonies, community prayers and grand celebrations. The excitement is palpable ascolour, light, pomp, symbolism and faith hold sway.

The characters in the film straddle tradition and modernity. Their lives revolve around the temple and its precise routine – a young dancer and tattoo artist, a girl from a Pujari family, a tailor, a priest and pilgrims. The film travels back and forth, through ancient past and modern day, between what history knows and faith believes.

Thus each year, Dwarka and its faithful renew their bonds with their patron deity. Each year, Dwarka much like the rest of India, moves forward another step into the future with its faith resolute and firmly rooted in the traditions of the past.

Avinash Kaul, MD A+E Networks | TV18 and COO Network18, says, "At HISTORY TV18 we've always put forth best-in-class content that’s riveting, contemporary and most of all relevant for our viewers. ‘Dwarkadhish- Kingdom of Krishna' is truly a one-of its kind documentary which celebrates the spirit of India with all its ancient splendor coexisting beautifully with youth and modernity.”

‘Insidious: The Last Key’ to be aired this Saturday only on &flix

‘Insidious: The Last Key’is part of the ongoing property Scary Mornings


&flix is all set to air ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ as a part of the ongoing property Scary Mornings. The film will be telecast on March 23 at 11am. 

It is a daunting story of parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier who visits home to perform an exorcism.  Elise was known for her work in the town, but little did anyone know about her past. When she got a call from a troubled person about evil spirits, Elise picked up her bag for a journey to cleanse the vicinity. To her dismay she must go back to her dreadful past, a place where it all began. As Elise moves to solve the mysteries of a demonic spirit, she comes across a secret doorway which is the root cause to all her problems. Is she ready to open the doors to her past and face the demons from beyond? Will she get it right?

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Epic-adventure film 'Alpha' to premiere on &flix, &Privé HD and Zee Café

The film will be telecast on &flix on Sunday, March 24 at 1 PM and 9 PM, on &PrivéHD on March 24, 3 PM and on Zee Café at 2 PM on the same day


Amidst the vast wilderness, the survival of the fittest truly determines life and death. But what happens when your fight for survival brings with it the dangers of the wild? Witness a young boy unleash his inner warrior and struggle as he travels through treacherous landscapes in the epic-adventure film Alpha.

For the first time on television, &flix, the destination for the biggest Hollywood hits, is set to premiere the adventure-drama film Alpha, this Sunday, March 24, at 1 PM and 9 PM. The film will also be telecast as a part of Club Privè, a property of &PrivéHD on March 24, 3 PM and on Zee Café at 2 PM on the same day.

Directed by the award-winning filmmaker Albert Hughes and supported by a powerful performance by Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee, the film gives you a chance to #LeapForth into a world where ‘life is earned and not given’. Join a young man’s unflinching determination to a journey back home.

Set against the backdrop of prehistoric Europe, Alpha traces the life of young Keda who is separated from his tribe during his first hunt ever. Naïve yet fearless, Keda takes it upon himself to find his way back home and unite with his family. Barely surviving alone, the poor chap encounters a life-defying attack from a pack of wolves with him barely making it through. Injured and lonely, he chances upon an abandoned and ailing wolf and reluctantly tends to him. Enemy-turned-ally, Keda soon befriends the wolf and together they meander through the caves and trek through a harsh and unforgiving landscape to make it home before winter. Will they succeed in this mission?

Witness the heart-warming bond between a man and wolf, as &flix is all set to air Alpha on Sunday, March 24 at 1 PM and 9 PM

Zee Telugu’s launches new fiction show 'Akka Chellellu'

The new show will be launched on March 25th, from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM, only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD.

Akka Chellellu

In tandem with Zee Telugu’s promise to encourage women to take a lead in their life, the channel is launching a new fiction show, Akka Chellellu, a story on two independent twins with contrasting personalities, and yet leading their lives together under the same roof. The fiction show is starring Chaitra Rai, who is known for her act in That is Mahalaxmi, as both the twins, Sravani and Dharani. The story beautifully captures the lives of two tenacious women in their journey of life. The new show will be launched on March 25th, from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM, only on Zee Telugu and Zee Telugu HD.

Sravani and Dharani, twin sisters hail from a lower middle-class family, where their father works several odd jobs to give them a better life. Sravani is a self-centred and ambitious girl who has no worries. While Dharani is considerate in nature as she recognizes the challenges and sacrifices made by their father to educate and raise them. Dharani forfeits her education and other comforts for Sravani to pursue her higher studies and lead a comfortable life, in order to lessen the burden of their father. Sravani grows up to achieve all her dreams and become a criminal lawyer.

Watch the story unfold as Sravani and Dharani are destined to live under the same roof even after their marriage.

Singing Stars on Colors Tamil to give augmented reality treat to viewers

Adjudged by music director Santhosh Narayanan and singers Ananthu and Shakthishree, ‘Singing Stars’ offers a platform to aspiring singers

Singing Stars

'Singing Stars' is all set for its next episode this weekend on Colors Tamil. The show that pits aspiring and talented pairs against each other showcases a unique but challenging concept, requiring the two singers to perform in unison. 

The pair, either family or friends, will be required to render hit numbers ranging from Rock to Kuthu, from Rap to Gaana from 8pm to 9.30pm on March 23 and 24. 

Adjudged by music director Santhosh Narayanan and singers Ananthu and Shakthishree, ‘Singing Stars’ offers a platform to aspiring singers to showcase their talent. Brought to television screens for the first time in India, the show also offers a visual extravaganza through augmented reality. 

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Navarasanayaka Jaggesh- starrer 8MM to premiere on Zee Kannada

8MM will premiere on Zee Kannada and Zee Kannada HD on March 24, at 3:00 PM


With the popular dialogue, “put kanglish version here”, the film 8MM showcases the versatility of Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh who is popular for his comedic roles, by presenting him in a never-seen-before avatar. Tune-in to watch this blockbuster film on the small screen for the very first time this Sunday on March 24, at 3:00 PM on Zee Kannada and Zee Kannada HD.

The film revolves around Karthik, a sincere and honest police sub-inspector, who faces an unusual challenge in life when his gun goes missing. How the gun falls into the hands of Murthy – a cold-blooded murderer, and the subsequent consequences, forms the crux of the story. Gaining wide appreciation from critics and the box office, the film is sure to satiate the entertainment needs of the Kannada audiences around the world.

Directed by Harikrishna, the film - 8MM is well-known for its excellent characterization and the thrill element. With Jaggesh in a character with a negative shade, Vasishta Simha as a police officer, Mayuri as a journalist, the film also presents Adi Lokesh and Rockline Venkatesh in pivotal roles. Don’t miss the World Television Premiere of 8MM on March 24, 2019, Sunday at 3.00 PM on Zee Kannada.

Times Music releases song ‘Fagunwa Mein Maro Pichkari’ for Holi

The video is an exclusive Times Music release and is available on Times Music YouTube Channel


Times Music has released ‘Fagunwa Mein Maro Pichkari’ for Holi. The song has been composed by Anupama Raag.  She is also the lyricist of this track with Shabbir Ahmed. 

The song has been sung by Anupama along with Amit Mishra and Payal Dev. The rap in the song is in the voices of Ritika and Shabbir Ahmed.
The video of the song features a young couple, celebrating Holi with a group of friends and dancing their hearts out. The colours, the closeness of the couple, the secret glances of adoration - creates a little bit of nostalgia, as confessing love during Holi is so quintessential to Holi music videos.
“This song is an ode to the colours of Holi and a celebration of love. The aim was to create a youthful song that people will remember for many Holis to come. Many extraordinary musicians came together to create this song. It was our way of wishing the country, a very happy and prosperous Holi,” said Anupama Raag. 
‘Fagunwa Mein Maro Pichkari’ is an exclusive Times Music release and is available to watch on Times Music YouTube Channel.

MY FM launches a new show CHEERS with Engineer Dev

The show featuring non-cliché on air friend ‘Dev’ will treat the listeners with helping people deal with challenges, insecurities & complex human relations & situations of life


To infuse fun and positivity in your evenings, radio station MY FM launches show ‘CHEERS’, a well segmented show with fine music, conversations and an interesting on-air friend.

The ‘Cheers’ show featuring non-cliché on air friend ‘Dev’ will treat the listeners with helping people deal with challenges, insecurities & complex human relations & situations thrown by life. Be it relationship conflicts, professional issues or personal problems, Dev will give a unique perspective on it all.  The double dose of entertainment will reflect in the way he speaks to the callers, shares anecdotes or the brief interactions with his secretary and secret admirer Rina.

Commenting on this Rahul Namjoshi, Business Head said, “At MY FM our endeavor is to create meaningful and unique content. The exclusive prime time show “Cheers with Engineer Dev” will be the voice of the millennial, he will bring alive that enigmatic nature of the city, engaging listeners which will uplift their mood, tickle and serenade them. We are sure that this show will redefine the evening prime time slot.”

Adding to that Vinay Manek, National Programming head, MY FM, said, “The exceptional mix of edgy wit, positivity, breaking the clutter, and a whole lot of ‘Cheers’ will make listeners forget about the worries & bring a smile on their face. MY FM hopes to keep its listeners entertained with more innovative ways that add to the glorious legacy of radio. We are excited to announce that there hasn't been an evening show like this across any media. Hosted by Engineer Dev, the character has gone through multiple life stages and is high on life. An eternal romantic, he is a music lover, story teller and a poet by heart.”

‘Cheers’ show will air from 9 pm onwards Monday to Friday.

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South meets North at LF 91, a Heritage Food Festival by Zee Live and Living Foodz

In its second edition, authentic dishes from the deep corners of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will make their way to the National Capital Region

LF 91

After the successful first edition in Mumbai, Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice Presents LF 91, a Heritage Food Festival by Zee Live and Living Foodz makes its way to the Delhi, NCR. The food festival will be held on March 23 and 24 at Leisure Valley Park, Gurugram. 

In its second edition, LF 91 brings the South of India to Gurugram. The festival is an endeavour to bring regional heritage food to the urban heartlands. Hundreds of authentic dishes from the deep corners of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will make their way to the National Capital Region. The festival will have food prepared by celebrity chefs like Kunal Kapoor and Pankaj Bhaduria, food prepared by outlets, street food specialists and generations of authentic South Indian destinations plated in 4 state zones at the Leisure Valley Park. 

While you get to choose from a multitude of lip-smacking choices in these 4 zones, Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice Presents LF 91 for the first time in a food festival will attempt a community long table for the Kerala Sadhya. One also gets to dip into soulful music all the way from the South of India.

India’s culinary culture is one of the oldest and richest in the world the eating habits of Indians differ from one another based on region, religion, state, language and caste making India the most cuisine diverse country in the world. When it comes to food nostalgia, geography can’t be ignored. A region and its culture spawn food traditions and leave indelible marks on our sub-conscious. 

After Delhi, the festival will culminate in Bengaluru where food prepared from the North of India will meet South of India. The two-day festival in each city will present heritage food which will be prepared by the best Khansamas, Maharaj’s and authentic regional cuisine outlets in the country.

The Royal Kerala Sadhya* (Limited Seats)
From God’s Own Country we bring you god’s crafted masterpiece! A feast straight out of Kerala, prepared by third generation chefs. Their culinary art has stood the test of time and lit a million palates. Indulge in the most celebrated meal in the South of India. After all, a family that eats together stays together!

Learn to cook lip smacking South Indian cuisines at a specially curated cooking masterclass with expert chefs.

To add to the evening, well-known home-grown bands from South of India will be performing while you enjoy your South Indian food.

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