Digital marketing is over-abused and under-leveraged: Shoumyan Biswas, Flipkart

Shoumyan Biswas, Chief Marketing Officer, Flipkart decoded the art of marketing in the new age at the exchange4media TechManch Digital Conference 2018

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Jun 28, 2018 8:54 AM

Modern marketing is much more than just a brand or a killer slogan. Technology has enabled marketers to influence the entire customer experience. So how do we stay on the top of our game in this new era of marketing? At the TechManch Digital Conference 2018 by exchange4media, Shoumyan Biswas, Chief Marketing Officer, Flipkart decoded this.

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"It is also okay if you don't have a differentiated product or pricing. But if you don’t have a distinct consumer experience across touch-points, you won’t survive," he continued. He spoke about the importance of exercising both artificial intelligence and human insights. "Data must power decisions. So must intuitions," opined Biswas.

He also highlighted that mobile is an opportunity which can be smartly leveraged by marketers. "Today the touch-points have become 100x where the dominant touch-point is mobile. When we put our 90% moneys in mobile, we saw 30% increase in efficiency," he cited an example of Flipkart.

"Every creative you do must load as a GIF. There is no such thing as static creatives," he advised marketers. Biswas said that since the millennial today is not watching television much, marketers have to create engaging communication for the mobile device. He also spoke about the importance of delivering personalised experiences. "The advent of the device has created a larger spirit of individualisation. This is an opportunity for marketers to personalise and create a one-to-one communication with the consumer," said Biswas.

The CMO also spoke about the importance of keeping customer privacy in mind while taking up on personalization."It’s very important that we find ways of doing business ethically. It’s also important that you have the right signals before you start scaling up," he suggested. He also said that marketers must aid the user in their buying journey. "If you just keep buying reach and frequency, you won’t be efficient," he opined.

Speaking about digital marketing he said,"Digital marketing is over-abused and under-leveraged." Biswas shared that as we work on good mobile content, a strong content-marketing strategy is of essence. "You need a content marketing strategy which is not just a beautiful creative but which also drives commerce," he said.

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