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Updated: Jan 2, 2020 4:03 PM
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Flashlight Day - 22nd December

 Winter solstice, the longest night of the year, calls for flashlights to guide you through the pitch darkness. Here are the 5 most innovative flashlight innovations of 2019: http://bit.ly/2PKgbCI

 Digital Darkness is what affects us the most today when the internet has become a part of our lives. Time of India says, India has the highest number of internet shutdowns in the world in 2019 – 95 & counting till December 19th.

 If you too are affected by the same in recent times, these 4 applications/tools will help you to remain connected with your friends and family even without internet: http://bit.ly/2rhaLWv

 Stay Cautious. Stay Safe.

23rd December- Roots Day

Do you know where your ancestors came from?  If not, today on Roots Day, spend some time with your family & find out.

 Roots = foundation or fundamentals. They say, "The deeper the foundation, the stronger the future." In the world of digital marketing, the better you diagnose your brand & communication, the faster you adapt to the digital ecosystem.

 If you’re new to the system & want to figure out why your brand's digital communication is not working like it should even after spending so much, go back to the fundamentals. Read why you need a digital brand audit. Read: http://bit.ly/2JVQBar

24th December- Eggnog Day

 The holiday season is here. And so is the eggnog drink.

 While you sip on this special time with friends & family, think of how you can make it special for everyone else too.

 So, bring out your milk, whipped cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, egg yolks - stuff that you can never go wrong with - and create something to indulge everyone.

 We ourselves will be out with 2 e-Books out of some of our past content soon.

Until then, and always, Cheers!

25th December- Christmas Day


 Gifts, family, celebration. Reflecting on the year that’s gone. And counting days to the new year.

 Merry Christmas!

 Lots of love to all the love you’ve shown us. And lots of warm wishes for your own projects.

 Happy Holidays!

 Let’s continue to be together and inspire each other.

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