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Updated: Nov 11, 2019 4:02 PM
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2nd Nov - Deviled Egg Day

Deviled Egg, is a side dish, also served as a starter.

Your content pool may be large. What will you choose to project as a starter? To whet the users’ appetite. So that they seek you out. What will you choose to project as a side dish? To accompany whatever else your users are consuming.

Video pre-rolls work as great hooks to make the viewers want to know more about you. You are taking up precious time in some other video they want to watch by showing your video as an ad.

You’ve got to be what’s called “unskippable”. Learn more from the collection of best examples:

  1. 11 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos That You Won’t Skip: http://bit.ly/337IX4l
  2. 13 Amazing YouTube Pre-Roll Ads That Last Just Six Seconds: http://bit.ly/2NaNlu6

Now, what would you offer as a side dish? Depends on what you’ve been doing so far. If you’ve been doing a blog, a podcast is a good deviled egg. And vice versa. Examples:

  1. HubSpot has a blog (https://blog.hubspot.com) & a podcast (https://www.hubspot.com/podcasts).
  2. Neil Patel has a blog (https://neilpatel.com/blog/) & a podcast (https://marketingschool.io). 

Both ways – starter & sidedish – you become a part of what your users want.

Housewife’s Day - 3 November

Today is the day to appreciate and be grateful to these 'Wonder Women' in your lives. And if you yourself are a housewife, it’s time to take a day off and pamper yourself. Want to learn management – be it time or resources? Start by observing a housewife around you.

Stay-at-home moms (and increasingly, dads too) strive to support their family financially. Fortunately, this digital age provides enormous work from home opportunities. To help someone you know, forward "9 Highest Paying Work from Home for Housewives": http://bit.ly/2WCqnih

Content planning, creation & distribution requires a lot of juggling. Know about "6 Social Media Calendars, Tools, & Templates to Plan Your Content": http://bit.ly/2qYsX6z

4th November - Use Your Common Sense Day

Common sense is not commonly found, said Will Rogers. And Bud Bilanich started the 'Use Your Common Sense Day' to commemorate his birthday.

Common sense is pure wisdom.

But Master Shifu says in Kung Fu Panda 3, “There’s so much wisdom in here I can’t find anything!” So, you do need someone to talk to, someone who can help you in your struggle. No, it’s not necessarily an ad agency!

An agency will make ads for you. Consultants can tell you if your ads are worth it at all. Look at our recent blogs which deal with the pain of why businesses don’t get the ROI they can. Most of these touch upon very commonsensical stuff:

  1. How to Pick the Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business: http://bit.ly/2WBmnPc
  2. How to Get a Digital Marketing Agency That Understands Your Needs: http://bit.ly/2Nfbgsf
  3. What Brand Custodians Ought to Know about Digital Marketing Agencies: http://bit.ly/2BXGKwl
  4. 7 Reasons Why Ad Agencies Will Disappear Fast: http://bit.ly/2WIPRe0
  5. What Is Brand Audit and Why Do You Need One? http://bit.ly/34pkyHP

Tell us what other questions you have about business growth & profitability so that we can address your questions in our upcoming content.

5th Nov – Love Your Red Hair Day

Being a redhead is rare & has conventionally invited a lot of racism, or prejudice to say the least.

Red invokes fire, anger & it’s now that people are taking another opportunity to see it as a marketing niche in itself. https://howtobearedhead.com (whose founders started this day) offer great beauty & hair products to red-haired women because they struggled to find the right ones for themselves. They are an inspiration to everyone: why not take something that’s despised & turn it on its head. Great business ideas while making an effort to challenge stereotypes.

Red also reminds us of the power of colour. From background to CTA buttons, red stands out in different ways. Read 2 pieces on colour psychology & review the visual aspect of all your content:

  1. Colour Psychology in marketing: http://bit.ly/2Cf2NPy
  2. The colour rules of UI: http://bit.ly/34wzeFi

6th Nov – Stress Awareness Day

Around 50% of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers leave jobs for reasons related to mental health, says a recent study by Mind Share Partners, Qualtrics & SAP. WHO has classified stress as a health epidemic of the 21st century! There’s the usual advice: deep breathing, cardio. You can read more here: http://bit.ly/2NkqzQx

And then there’s the tech twist. Apple & Google’s Fitbit have smartwatches which help you track your fitness levels and motivate you so you don’t skip a workout! Read: http://bit.ly/32kv4yt

There’s always an app for everything, isn’t it? Check out these: http://bit.ly/2CeZIie

The point is that as times change, solutions to eternal problems are invented in new formats.

Where do you see contributing to the ecosystem? In other words, do you have an app or some other form of tech for an eternal problem?

7th Nov – International Project Management Day

How do you do digital? Different teams working on different things: videos, SEO, landing pages, content. Meetings after meetings & yet, no solid results! Painful, right?

The thing is these are tasks for different teams but they constitute ONE project. Yours. Let’s look at what can help you manage a project better. 20 Project Management tools: http://bit.ly/2WM876r 

Read about the 6 AI technologies that will reshape enterprise project management: https://tek.io/34H4YaR

There’s emotional intelligence along with technology. You’re dealing with humans after all. Read: http://bit.ly/34yxds0

Tell us how you manage projects in your organization. Or do you have the tools but are looking for passion?

Do share & like the post to help spread the thought. There’s always someone looking for simpler ways to understand digital! To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days 

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