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Updated: Oct 30, 2019 3:31 PM

October 21: Apple Day

Apple is a symbol of our ecological diversity. Apple Day uses it to celebrate & raise awareness about orchards & food traceability.

In the digital context, the word ‘apple’ stands for the giant brand Apple. The word is the first one children get to know when they learn ‘a for apple’. They just don’t learn about the fruit. They get primed for the brand in a way.

October 22: Caps Lock Day


Writing in all CAPS is like screaming! No, it’s not design or style. It’s drawing attention to yourself when you know you haven’t much to deserve it. All caps spoil the grace of lettering – they don’t allow the room for ups & downs so important for legibility & aesthetic appeal to the eye.

Caps Lock Day is a day to remind people to stop being ridiculous. The advice for celebrating it is: either don’t use it at all or use it so much that others know how awful it is!

October 23: iPod Day

Kane Kramer invented IXI, the world's first digital audio player in 1979.  IXI was followed by many other mp3 player devices from South Korea & North America, but these were either too small on memory or power or not handy & offered bad user experiences. The entry of the iPod in 2001 revolutionized the digital mp3 market with its sleek size & shape with 1000 songs in your pocket.

From phonographs to radio to the Walkman to the iPod, we have seen the music industry disrupt for the betterment of common people. Now music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music are redefining the music listening experience.

October 24: United Nations Day

On 24th October 1945, 51 countries came together to create the United Nations. It was formed to promote peace & cooperation around the world. Additionally, now their mandate is to organize & push for initiatives in the technological sphere.

The serious push from the international fraternity leads to serious efforts taking hold everywhere. The UN has been working towards showing the potential of digital transformation in areas as fundamental as agriculture. Digital transformation is not a small thing with implications just on your business or your industry. It’s something being discussed & implemented everywhere. How far behind or ahead are you?


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