What do millennial women want to watch?

Hint: Not only the first three things that pop into your head

e4m by Meghana Bhat
Published: Mar 5, 2019 8:38 AM  | 4 min read

About a year ago, ScoopWhoop launched a channel called OKTested based on the simple premise that people want to see others try new experiences & take on interesting challenges. After a 100mn views, over 300k subscribers (across platforms) and content from general knowledge quizzes to eating contests to bungee jumping, we’ve discovered something quite cool. 

More women watch OKTested than men


We didn’t start out trying to create a channel ‘for women’ and yet somehow we’ve ended up here with fiercely loyal women fans who care deeply about the content and are fully invested in it. 

GASP! Who would’ve thought it?  Women are interested in more than just beauty, fashion, parenting, cooking!  Yes, the occasional fashion video does do very well, but content like ‘Can you pass sixth class again? is even more popular. 

Not just on ScoopWhoop, but across different platforms, millennial women have shown us that they are interested in stories beyond the obvious stereotypical choices available. Here’s what women are saying to marketers through their content choices. 

“We want to see gender issues represented in a relatable way” 

While the interest in gender issues cuts across demographics, different kinds of women obviously are interested in different facets of it. Issues and their handling need to be relatable to their specific situations and what they go through. On ScoopWhoop Hindi, which reaches women across the Hindi belt, the demand is clearly for content that’s reflective of their reality and inspiring rather than pushy content. Whereas in urban India, women are more ready to speak out and act out against regressive traditions and ideas. The idea of the ‘Unsanskaari woman’ has clearly taken root amongst women in the cities with cheeky defiance being both an entertaining and empowering way to send out the message. 

“We want to watch what we’re passionate about” 

Of course, we’re passionate about fashion, beauty, cooking, home, parenting. 
But also… 
•    66% of female YouTube gamers watch gaming on YT. (source: Ipsos Google Study, 2017) 
•    From our experience with OKTested, General Knowledge has emerged as a big passion point amongst women 
•    There’s enough data to show how much women love the IPL and cricket (18% jump in viewership last year) 
•    Success of shows like Trip, 4MoreShots and movies like Veere di Wedding clearly demonstrate our excitement around female friendships 

“We want to see women asserting their sexual freedom” 
There’s ‘that’ statistic - 128% jump in women watching porn (30% of Indian viewers on PornHub are women). And apparently more Indian women bought sex toys immediately after the release of Lust Stories and Veere Di Wedding. (as confirmed by Aleena from ThatsPersonal.com, an online sex store, in an article published on Homegrown.co.in). Vagabomb – one of our sub-brands that’s read by 90% women - regularly creates content on sex covering everything from education to fantasy. We’ve seen women talking openly about condoms, porn and sex stories and being very interested in learning more. Even on the regional site, sex ed is a big topic of interest. 

“We want to learn from women like us, not just experts or celebrities” 
Women use the internet widely to learn more around their passions. But bloggers in the how-to space are themselves experts and recreating the same at home isn’t as easy. Parenting groups are so popular because it’s a collection of ‘women like me’ going through the same struggles and women learning from each other. Similarly, we’re seeing a lot of interest in Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty ‘IRL’ (in real life). Women appreciate seeing the practical realities of creating a beauty trend while being entertained. This idea of a ‘relatable sisterhood’ helping each other out is a powerful one that can truly resonate. 

Women are clearly seeking out what they love and telling us what truly excites them through their content choices. It’s time that we ditch the cliched thinking and instead - listen and learn. 

Check out the YouTube and Facebook pages of OKTested channel here:  



Meghana Bhat is the Chief Strategy Officer of ScoopWhoop 

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