Top 5 digital brand campaigns of 2011

Zafar Rais, Founder & CEO, MindShift Interactive, lists the top five digital brand campaigns that made a mark in 2011

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Updated: Jan 6, 2012 9:26 AM
Top 5 digital brand campaigns of 2011

Zafar Rais, Founder & CEO, MindShift Interactive, lists the top five digital brand campaigns that made a mark in 2011.

Books Go Digital - FlipKart
Website URL:
Agency: Unknown
Strategy: FlipKart, the largest online bookstore in India, aims at offering an easier conversation and interaction channel for users through Facebook ( and Twitter (@Flipkart)
• Execution: With just simple messages, the brand promotes its newly launched products, television commercials, and authors’ interviews amongst other things on Facebook and Twitter. It sparks a conversation by sharing products, solving their queries, involving in a discussion or a contests, etc. Interestingly, Flipkart has been very active on Twitter, wherein it addresses users’ grievances and gives them an immediate solution. By being visible to a wider audience and using social media as a tool for promotion, the brand has extensively benefited in the business
Desired Outcome: With a whooping fan base of 8, 85, 700 on Facebook and over 14, 000 followers on Twitter, the brand has managed to capture its target audience in an interesting, clever and interactive manner

Road Rage/Z00ming Ahead

Campaign: Mahindra XUV Launch
Brand: Mahindra & Mahindra
Website URL:
Agency: Hungama Digital Entertainment Media Pvt. Ltd
Strategy: It started with suspense! The aim was to build inquisitiveness about the new product. This was to generate interest and also to channelize the existing online chatter to one location. Social media (Facebook and Twitter) were used to multiply and add to the ever-growing speculation and gossip. Contest and updates on social media platforms made sure that the consumers were engaged!
Execution: The Campaign was divided into four activities, each of them integrated with Facebook. The first one was the ‘Name Reveal Campaign’. A microsite page was created which would flash attributes of the car like c00l, dr00l, z00m (all with 00). On rollover, it revealed the name of Mahindra’s next global SUV. The second campaign was ‘Guess the price contest’, wherein users were asked to guess the price of the vehicle. Users could participate in the contest through any one of the social media platform. Thus making sure that the campaign went viral. Different angles of the XUV500 were unlocked when the pre-determined numbers of likes were achieved. Another activity included the user ‘Revealing the XUV500’ virtually. This was a big hit and the promotion of the same was done through posts, contests, polls etc.

Desired Result: Total number of entries for ‘Guess the Price’ contest gained over 1.15 lakh views in 10 days. Over 4.5 lakh LIKES were received when the angles of the car was unlocked. There were about 12,000 test drive requests even before the launch of the vehicle. The website witnessed over 1.9 lakh visitors within the first 6 days after the teaser website went live. 56,000 users converted into fans between the span of 20 days. There were over a lakh video views on the site and 1.5 lakh views on the webcast views. Moreover, Mahindra XUV500 was mentioned in more 5, 00,000 destinations during the campaign.

Campaign: Hum Mein Hai Hero
Website URL:
Brand: Hero MotoCorp
Agency: Law & Kenneth
Execution: ‘There’s a HERO within us’ was the main theme of the campaign was created by Law & Kenneth. Supported heavily by traditional medium, this campaign created a huge buzz on the Internet as well. As part of the digital promotion, the brand created a website that showcased their new identity and its range of products. Email Marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube took the brand to an all-new different level. Rich media banners (like page takeover, floating banner, etc) were part of the digital promotion that helped to communicate the new positioning effectively.
• Desired Outcome: The signature song of the commercial which was composed and sung by A R Rahman, became an anthem amongst the youth. The campaign was heavily supported by the media. With over 2 million visits within a month of its launch, the campaign created a huge buzz. The fanpage witnessed a staggering number of 1, 10,215 within weeks. The Heroes Song was an instant hit on YouTube with 2,30,000 views within a few weeks. 

• Campaign:
Brand: Kingfisher Beer
Strategy: Introduce the hashtag “#Kfbeerup”, followers tweet and tag friends to attend, registrations, leading to a viral impact. First 50 – 80 tweeps who registered, attend the Kingfisher Meet Up
Execution: Having FREE Beer on a weekend! Sounds like a perfect plan to us. An offline integration where brand is at the centre surrounded by digital crowd and fun activities. The concept merged with the location and timing of the #KFBeerUp.
Desired Result:
a. Brand remained the centre of attraction at any given point
b. Twitterazi turned into brand evangelists
c. Kingfisher, perceived as a techno-savvy and youthful brand for the concept
d. Conducted successful #KFBeerUp at Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore with the next #KFBeerUp at Kolkata

Kolaveri Di
• Campaign:
Kolaveri Di
Brand: Dhanush – Upcoming Tamil Movie 3/ Sony Music
• Execution: Broken lines, playful lyrics, cathcy tune, realistic situation, actor’s enthusciams –made it an instant hit. The song was sung by Tamil actor ‘Dhanush’ in the presence of Aishwarya (Rajnikanth’s daughter) and Shruti Hassan (Kamal Hassan’s daughter) in the same frame, backed up by Sony Music with its digital support. A good mix of content and quality of the video proved it a large way that that music transcends language
• Desired Result: The video won a YouTube Gold Award for getting the most number of daily hits. It managed to score more than 20 million views and managed to be the trending topic for more than a week in India and other countries. The regional and remix versions of video reflects on the success factor of the song.

Anna Hazare

• Social Media Causes
• Campaign:
India against Corruption
• Brand: Anna Hazare/Lokpal Bill
Execution: The campaign attracted a lot of attention offline, leading to queries and discussions from Anna’s followers and the media. Followed by which the IAC team created official properties and streamlined their activities on social media. With over 5 lakh fans and an engagement ratio of over 10% on the official page and over 1, 80,000 followers on Twitter, the support was immense. The team shared news, updates on the Lokpal Bill, news from the Government and the latest happenings during the fast and the ongoing activities conducted by IAC
• Desired Result: Anna Hazare helped commence a revolution against corruption, and the most overwhelming aspect of the campaign is how the Indian masses came together. Facebook Pic Badges were created via which users showed support and increased the reach of the campaign.


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