Screenage: Great stories can’t be made by repurposing desktop creatives: Vishal Rupani

Vishal Rupani, Co-Founder and COO of mCanvas, says people hate mobile banner ads

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Published: Nov 2, 2018 8:34 AM  | 2 min read

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers today is how to stand out in the cluttered mobile marketing space and create ‘wow’ moments every day in a rather dull mobile ad space. Vishal Rupani- Co-Founder and COO of mCanvas, took to the stage at Screenage Mobile Marketing Conference held in Mumbai on Wednesday to help marketers solve this puzzle.


Watch the session here and scroll down to read:

Rupani started off by sharing the journey of mCanvas and what inspires them to do what they do.


“Though I have been in the digital advertising space now for over a decade, I came across this truth in 2015-- People hate mobile banner ads. So we started digging deeper. We asked a whole lot of brand marketers what they really want from their mobile advertising campaigns and we got unanimous answer.”  

“Back in 2015, marketers kept chasing and focusing on high CDRs as that determined the success or failure of their campaigns. They did not care about engaging with users and creating something that users would like to interact with,” he said.


Speaking about the four fundamental problems of mobile advertising. Rupani shared, “One is banner blindness, which is at a staggering 86 per cent, viewability is under 27 per cent today and 60 per cent of all ad clicks on mobile are accidental. So imagine what is happening with your budget if you are a brand with all these accidental clicks. Fourth and most importantly, storytelling is non-existent on mobile. No wonder users hate banner ads. You cannot have a great story by simply repurposing print, TV and desktop creatives for mobiles.”


Mobile as a medium is lot more powerful than traditional media. “You have to make something which is in sync with the user behaviour on mobile and that's what inspired us to create mCanvas,” he shared.  


He further said that mCanvas’ mobile ads and content market solutions blend creativity with technology. They have reinvented ad formats and provide a marketplace to run these experiences at a scale. “In the process, we solve the four problems of banner blindness, viewability, accidental clicks and lack of storytelling,” he concluded.

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