SABMiller India urges to blow the whistle for road safety

SABMiller India's 'Respect the Road - Don't drink and drive' campaign launched 'Blow The Whistle' initiative on digital. A brewer addressing the cause of driving safely is commendable

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Updated: Nov 13, 2013 8:55 AM
SABMiller India urges to blow the whistle for road safety

For responsible behaviour on roads, SABMiller India’s ‘Respect the Road – Don’t drink and drive’ campaign, launched ‘Blow The Whistle’ initiative on digital media to promote the message of responsible drinking and overall road safety.

As part of this initiative, people will be given whistles to blow against all kinds of road and traffic offenders e.g. signal jumpers, rash drivers, people indulging in drinking and driving, etc.

Going beyond highlighting the perils of drunk driving, the Facebook page of the campaign will also highlights dangerous and risky road behaviour leading to road accidents and fatalities. The page showcases whistle creative and images of people blowing whistles at traffic offenders. The objective is to involve people and encourage them to participate in this campaign to address the issue of road safety. People can post pictures of road offenders, share their experiences and testimonials of blowing whistles at offenders and send in pictures and videos of what / who would they blow the whistle against. The campaign also urges people to help the victims in a road mishap and respond when they hear a whistle on the street.

Meenakshi Sharma, Vice President, Sustainability and Communications, SABMiller India said, “Promoting responsible drinking is one of the core sustainable priorities for SABMiller worldwide. Through ‘Respect the Road – Don’t drink and drive’ campaign, we promote responsible drinking, encouraging people to use alternatives to drinking and driving such as calling a cab, hiring a chauffeur or designating a buddy to drive. ‘Blow The Whistle’ initiative is an extension of our campaign and goes a step further to involve people, giving them the responsibility to take action and spread the word about road safety. We are confident that people will step out of their comfort zones and blow the whistle against road offenders.”

Elaborating on the idea, Mayank Agarwal, CEO, Geek Creative said, “‘Blow The Whistle’ was conceptualised as an initiative to involve people on ground and encourage them to take up the issue of road safety. Through social media, we will engage with people through pictorial representations, participation through quizzes, contests and encourage people to use a whistle against traffic and road offenders. Our strategy involves a 360-degree integration of the top digital platforms to connect with our audience and spread awareness about road safety.”

The campaign will also be taken on ground during the festive season this year where people can come and share their thoughts on making the roads safer. Whistles will be distributed to people to blow it against the road offenders and rule breakers. Other engaging activities like quizzes, street plays will be organised to create awareness about the campaign and the issue of road safety.

The campaign has also partnered with Home Safe, Delhi NCR’s chauffeur service, popular radio taxi provider Mega Cabs and the radio station Radio City 91.1 FM. It launched in Gurgaon in 2011 and has been instrumental in spreading and promoting the message of responsible drinking.

The campaign has put up hoardings and branding with the message of responsible drinking at popular intersections, petrol pumps, pubs and bars in Gurgaon. The campaign has staged interactive street plays on responsible drinking, tied up with radio station urging listeners to pledge for responsible drinking and associated with cab services to spread the message of responsible drinking and road safety.

The Facebook page of the campaign is interactive with more than 30,000 followers. Recently a safety ‘shayari’ contest was organised where twitteratis tweeted road safety slogans in form of ‘shayari’ along with the hashtag #Blow the Whistle. Within hours both ‘Blow the Whistle’ and ‘Safety Shayari’ hashtags were trending all over India and the campaign reached to over one lakh people.

A leading brewer in the country addressing the cause of driving safely on roads is commendable. The slogans raised by the brand are powerful. However, such an important cause should have attracted more fans on Facebook. But the brand’s effort to raise a voice against unruly citizens on roads is much appreciated.

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