OTT, a game changer for entertainment industry: Pratik Gandhi

Gandhi won critical acclaim for his role as Harshad Mehta in web series Scam 92: The Harshad Mehta Story. He recently spoke to Kailashnath Adhikari, MD, Governance Now

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Updated: Jan 4, 2021 9:49 AM
Pratik Gandhi

Pratik Gandhi, who has won critical acclaim for his role as the main  protagonist, Harshad Mehta (the Indian stockbroker whose involvement in 1992 securities scam made him infamous as a market manipulator) in web series, Scam 92:The Harshad Mehta Story in a webinar has said that time and again OTT platform has proved to be a game changer. Content is king and the script and story are the tools of an actor.

“OTT is a game changer. Time and again it has proved that content is king and an actor’s tools are the script and the story and not vice versa. It’s the best time for actors” said Gandhi while speaking to Kailashnath Adhikari, MD, Governance Now, during the Visionary Talk series held by the public policy and governance analysis platform.      

While giving his views on how OTT, the new entrant in entertainment space has provided new  freedom, Gandhi said OTT is an actor’s playground  where there are no  formulas, no set rules or regulations where length of an episode can vary from 5mins to 55 mins and where each episode can be a film.

“This freedom is very important for any piece of art to create and for that reason you see makers experimenting with content and their story telling style and even actors. OTT has put an entire world at your fingertips. Having said that, it has also put a pressure and given freedom to Indian filmmakers who are now open to new ideas, as old and tried formulas of feeding melodrama, comedy or songs to the audience have failed for OTT audience. The audience now want to connect with the real character. This I feel is the purest forms of storytelling  which connects with the audience. Audience is smart to feel any over the top disconnect. Audience is very ruthless. OTT has proved that it is not about the money you spend, it is about the time” said Gandhi as he added that the success of a show is also measured on the basis of how much time the viewer has spent on that show. “It is about grabbing the audience attention and time’ said the famed actor.

Gandhi also said that that as against a film where the first three days decide the fate of the film, OTT has no such pressures and can pick up steam in later days.

“OTT has opened a whole new world for the same Indian audience who watch and have access to the best of international series. Their acceptance and expectation is different and language too is not a barrier because any piece of art or a film has no language, as irrespective of language you will get a feel of the art” he added.

The actor also said that the ‘Scam 92’ web series has  been a mile stone of his career so far and changed his life with taken a different turn. He added that that acting in the web series has  strengthened his understanding and thought process to a great extent and filming for it  has been a spiritual process. He further said that each and every person working on the series excelled in the efforts … 550 pages of script, three years of research and writing, entire cast, costume, set design was a huge collaborative process.

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