OOH industry needs better measurement tools to stay relevant, say experts

The biggest concern facing marketers when it comes to OOH is the lack of a standard metric in an era where everything is data led and measured

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Jan 23, 2019 8:32 AM

The Out Of Home (OOH) industry has been grappling to come to terms with the digital onslaught for some time now. While the OOH players are trying to do a catch-up act, the medium has largely become an area of lesser play for marketers.

The biggest concern facing marketers when it comes to OOH is the lack of a standard metric, in an era where everything is led by data and also measured.

While OOH players are trying to bridge the gap by integrating Digital in OOH (DOOH), DOOH use is still in its nascent phase.

We asked some brand experts to share their views about the measurement crisis and the way forward for OOH players, and here is what they had to say:

“Better measurement tools can get OOH a better place in the plans; also innovation only can drive pricing or else it will remain an announcement platform while other media tools take the centre stage,” said Mehraj Dube, Vice President Programming, Zee Media Corporation Ltd.

According to Mohit Joshi, MD, Havas Media Group, measurement is critical for the OOH industry in order to stay relevant. “In my view some form of measurement matrix is definitely required for the OOH industry. We also need some first-party research as the medium is very fragmented,” he said. 

Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea says the demand for a standard  metric in  OOH has been imperative for a while now, given the advent of digital marketing. Basis the ROI, better and informed decisions can be taken for the future campaigns. “In today’s marketing era, unless a metric system for OOH is created by their market players, they can woo prospective clients with previous scenarios wherein brands have specifically targeted their markets via the OOH medium only or majorly, and that it has worked for them. This will help in bringing perspective towards the impact of such a marketing campaign,” Shah said. 

“Another idea can be that of installing an eyeball calculation meter which is digitally recorded and stored as a dashboard or creating a city-wise survey with respect to footfall patterns in different sectors and regions, so that some kind of behavioural consensus can be finalised upon, with regards to traction and impact of OOH Marketing,” Shah added. 

According to Rajiee M Shinde, President - Epic Television Networks Pvt Ltd, the outdoor industry needs to position it better amongst other advertising media and make investment in a third-party measurement system to address the issue of marketer’s growing disinterest. 

“The OOH industry is faced with the issue of ROI measurements. The industry needs to position it better amongst other advertising media. It needs to make a joint investment in third-party measurement system. The new third-party measurement must have participation from all stakeholders of the industry to be accepted by all. The stakeholders also need to make a case for the same and pursue it to raise awareness among advertisers and push the selection of media basis numbers and market share,” Shinde added.


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