Most ad and media buying agencies don't understand the mobile space: Sandeep Goyal

Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Mogae Media talks about capturing the mobile monetisation space with their recent JV with Zeotap, Mobocracy and other offerings from Mogae Media

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Published: Sep 1, 2015 9:40 AM  | 6 min read
Most ad and media buying agencies don't understand the mobile space: Sandeep Goyal

Mogae Media, launched in 2012, is today a market-leader in the mobile monetisation space. By being a partner with Airtel (which is the company’s anchor customer) Mogae Media monetizes their 220 million customers, analyses the data procured from them, makes it friendly for the understanding and usage of third party brands. Mogae, owned by Sandeep & Tanya Goyal, erstwhile India JV partners of Dentsu Inc. of Japan, raised Rs. 100 crore last year from Renuka Ramnath’s Multiples PE.

The company announced the launch of Tango Media a few months back, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mogae Media that will lead the way in ‘performance advertising’ on mobile. Tango is a breakthrough solution which will give brands the opportunity to measure direct and attributable ROI and is not dependent on availability of the internet. Tango's new B2B2C offering will enable brands to connect their (TV) Advertising with customers through a convenient/memorable ‘call-to-action’ both from feature or smartphones.

Talking about Tango Media and their recent offerings, Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Mogae Media, says, “After so many years of being in advertising, I figured one thing, that you advertise worth crores and crores but when the client or the customer has to call you, he doesn’t remember your number. Tango Media has come up with a proprietary technology which is currently getting live at all operators, where you can call the number of the service you seek like a cab or a pizza delivery, we are creating a way by which you can very easily remember whoever you want to call, it is a call-to-action business.”

In case of Zeotap, the JV will bring to India the world's most trusted platform for highly enriched, profiled and targeted mobile advertising. The new company will see an equal participation by both Mogae and Zeotap. “Zeotap has a supply side platform, a demand side platform and an ad-exchange in the middle. And it is sitting on top of Mogae’s DMP (Data Management Platform) which in turn is sitting on top of the Airtel database. Mobocracy, India’s first full-service mobile advertising agency, is our demand side platform but because it reaches out to clients, it also provides them all the services that they would require in the mobile space,” adds Goyal.

Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Mogae Media shares his views on the mobile landscape in India, how they aim to capture that from the demand as well as the supply side of the business.

With the recent tie-up with Zeotap, how do you aim to get programmatic advertising on smartphones in India?

The kind of work that Zeotap is doing is quite new to the entire world and not just to India, they are a very smart start-up out of Germany, and what they specialise is in creating encrypted ids first and foremost on the mobile phone but these are ids of enriched profiles of consumers. So they know exactly if this is a worthwhile customer to go after or not; whether to go after them when bidding, to get that customer on mobile and where the customer is actually headed to in terms of the publisher. They are doing some very smart work. We narrowed down on them and today we have a JV which is going to be up in the next few weeks. It is very interesting work that India has not seen so far.

What are the plans with Mobocracy, your full service mobile advertising agency?

Mobocracy was set up for a very simple reason that we believe most ad agencies, most media buying agencies don’t understand much of the mobile space. We at Mogae Media have been doing some breathtakingly wonderful work in the space of mobile and all that experience put under Mobocracy. It is the one window shop for clients to use whether it is on text, voice, data or physicals, whether it is using analytics, in a very different and meaningful way. Plus all the work that we are going to do on the Zeotap front, the buying part of it, the demand side of it, is what Mobocracy will be all about.

How do you see the advent of 4G panning out for marketers/advertisers and media?

4G is a great opportunity; it will change the landscape quite dramatically. Data is the new future. Today more people and more of what you do on the phone is actually through your mail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And all of these are being propelled by one simple thing called data. 4G is all about data. Data is going to be all pervasive.

What are some challenges you see in the adoption of 4G technology in India?

Price; in our country everything is about price. But here also price may not be that much an issue; in fact for the operators it is the price which is going to kill you. Everybody is going to be cut-throat on price, and that is going to create the same problems for the operators that we saw on 3G or 2G which means that they can’t afford to run the services on those kind of data points or prices.

In a way we are all sensible, we should pay a little more and ask for great value for great money as compared to only value for money which basically means cheap. This is because the telecom operator cannot invest at these kinds of prices. The problem is there are only a few people who would want to pay more and the biggest challenge for 4G is going to be that. Everything else can be taken care of. The challenge with 4G is that if you want great quality, great product, it will come at price.

What are the challenges that mobile faces as an advertising medium and platform?

The biggest challenge is that decision makers at clients and ad agencies are too old, they don’t understand the medium. And it is nothing new. I saw that at the beginning of my career when television came in and there was this whole generation of people both at the client and the agency end who didn’t understand this monster called television, they were born and brought up in a generation called print. So that whole generation died. If clients and agencies don’t smarten up their act, the medium will kill them. The medium doesn’t wait for anybody.

Watch the video of Sandeep Goyal talking about the JV with Zeotap and plans with Mobocracy, their full service mobile advertising agency –

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