'It’s a constant struggle with pain, self-doubt to be a successful content creator on web'

Today, we feature digital content creator Kusha Kapila in e4m's Influencer series where she shares her struggles, achievements and journey so far

e4m by Mansi Sharma
Updated: Nov 29, 2021 8:47 AM
Kusha Kapila

With 2.1 million followers on Instagram, Kusha Kapila is amongst the most popular content creators and influencers in the country right now. However, she feels that more than a celebrity people, especially women, recognise her as one of their own, a part of their clan, and someone with whom they can share the sorrows and joys of their lives without abandon. And all of this has come her way in less than three years, such as the power of the digital world.

Speaking about her journey, Kapila says, “I think I lucked out by being at the right place at the right time and had so many privileges that I had. I mean, I know so many people who are crazy talented, probably more than I am, but I am here today because of the kind of people I met on my journey and the sort of mentors I had. I was a very privileged person right from going to premier institutes for education and working at the best places.”

A NIFT graduate, Kapila was working with Times Internet’s iDiva when she got a shot with destiny and started into the world of content creation. She began as a writer and artist for iDiva’s social media pages, at a time when video content creation was just booming in the country and went viral with her popular sketches along with her counterparts, primarily ‘South Delhi Girls’.

“I cherish every single experience that I have had on this journey. I feel grateful for getting opportunities in my late twenties after having a flourishing career in creating fashion content for several years. And I feel more & more people should have this experience of working in the field, chasing deadlines, or getting yelled at by bosses (to appreciate the opportunities that they get), And never say no to an opportunity thinking what will people say. That’s the biggest mistake anyone could make,” Kapila quips.

On being asked how she figured what kind of content works for her audience, as she was amongst the early starters of digital content creators in the country, Kapila said, “Pain, suffering, self-doubt, vyatha (suffering) and much more (laughs). I mean, yes, it was a cycle of all of these and a lot of hard work and persistence. We have earned what we have today by going through all of these challenges. But the most important thing I learned is that you have to listen to your audience. To give an example, when I put the first ‘Monday Aunty’ video out, I was not even sure if the people would like it because it was a very negative character per se. But people loved it and I continued doing it. These feedbacks led to my work being more and more qualitative.”

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With all the persistence and hard work, Kapila has since worked with a number of brands including Netflix, Tinder, Olay, LG, Amazon Fashion, Lakme, Casio, and many more. She has also appeared in a number of digital reality shows including Amazon Prime’s LOL Hasse toh Phasse, Voot’s Go Fun Yourself, and most recently Myntra’s Fashion Superstar as a judge. She said, “We are not only creating content for brands to promote their products but are, in fact, working on creating IPs for them. I am working with Tinder on ‘Swipe Ride’ then there was Voot’s ‘Go Fun Yourself’; and this shows how important influencers have become in the brand world.” 

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Responding to how she picks and chooses brands to work with, Kapila shared, “I am in a more secured position now as a creator and that’s why I have this privilege of picking and choosing brands. I realise that is a big privilege too. So, I have made conscious efforts in not picking any brand deals that might do a disservice to my audience. There have been cases of several skincare products not sitting well with me after I used them. So I never promoted them. Any brand that uses cryptic terminology in terms of its ingredients and impact, I do not promote. Here too, I take the feedback from my audience very seriously. For example, I once partnered with a gambling website and my audience said it was the wrong thing to do. So I stopped.”

She continued, “As a creator, as a professional, and as a person, we all are bound to make mistakes. So, first of all, it is very important to acknowledge that you have made some mistakes and do something to rectify them. Nextly, only work with brands that you believe in, like I promote crypto because I personally invest in it.”

Kapila, who has also worked as an actor in ‘Ghost Stories’ and the upcoming ‘Plan A Plan B’ further wants to take acting more seriously. “I am very grateful for what I have got till now. I feel that I have just started reaping the benefits of all the hard work that I have put in over the past three years. But I think I will have to take a small break from all that I am doing to focus on my looks, my body, and my skin as I want to play different types of roles and characters. I am very excited to work on this aspect of my profession as well.” she concluded.

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