How B2B brands are combining targeted messaging and content to drive ROI on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is helping brands leverage multiple ads and advanced targeting facets to create a great buyer experience and help prospects move more quickly through the buyer’s journey

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Updated: Sep 14, 2020 11:34 AM

Brands across sectors are taking to professional networking site LinkedIn to maximize marketing growth in India. Leveraging tools like website retargeting, sponsored posts and multiple ad formats, brands are being able to clock more organic followings, unique visitors and also reduce per lead cost.

For instance, recognizing the increased demand for online learning, higher education company upGrad launched a host of online programmes in new areas to attract a broader audience. As they furthered their proposition of 'lifelong learning,' they identified an opportunity with LinkedIn to build awareness about their new programme offerings and establish trust among working professionals.

Employing sophisticated targeting, organic content optimized messaging and sponsored post, upGrad saw 56% increase in unique visitors to upGrad's LinkedIn page and 87% increase in organic following in just 60 days. Their brand mentions went up by 2.3 times and they clocked a 2X improvement in the lead-to-enrolment numbers.

"We adopted a two-fold approach on LinkedIn - building the upGrad brand in the market and targeting the right audience in the right mindset. The strategy paid off and we saw a remarkable improvement in the quality of leads, resulting in cost optimization and better ROI for the business,” said Rahul Karthikeyan, Head - Digital Marketing at upGrad.

upGrad is not the isolated example of brands using LinkedIn in India to drive growth. Brands like L&T, Cisco, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Thermofishe, Freshworks and many more are using the professional social networking platform to push sales and build a strong brand image.

Recently LinkedIn surveyed close to 4,000 marketers across 9 industries and put together the brand and demand report that indicates the importance of investment in brand building and how it should form part of a wider adjustment for B2B marketing strategies. In fact, the research found that organisations that invest 50% of their budgets on brand marketing see better performance.

While the report says that Indian marketers are doing a good job of balancing their brand and demand budgets, they are not utilising their brand budgets in the right way to see long term impact.

Brand and Demand Report by LinkedIn

  • Indian marketers over-index on current customers - 75% of marketers feel that businesses grow best by increasing customer loyalty, not increasing customer acquisition. However, industry research shows that marketers need to invest in both to grow.
  • Indian marketers are not reaching everyone involved in decision-making through their brand campaigns – 55% of marketers in India do not believe that broad targeting is more effective for their campaigns than hyper-targeting. While Indian marketers are better off in their reach decision than most markets across the globe, there still exists significant scope to target future buyers, buying committees, and millennials.
  • Indian marketers are not running brand campaigns long enough or measuring impact over a longer period of time - 97% of marketers in India are measuring ROI on marketing investments within three months, when the average sales cycle is six months, and 79% of marketers in India are running their brand campaigns for 6 months or less. Marketers need to strive for awareness at scale, consistently.
  • Marketers in India are 3x more likely to produce rational ads than emotional ads – but emotional ads have proven to be more effective in brand marketing while rational ads work better for demand-generation.

In an attempt to provide a more growth driven platform for marketers in the country, LinkedIn is helping brands leveraging multiple ads and advanced targeting facets to create a great buyer experience and help prospects move more quickly through the buyer’s journey.

“To date, marketers have been investing more heavily in demand marketing regardless of their objective. Mainly because it is easier to measure the short-term impact of ‘generating more leads’ as compared to quantifying the long-term impact of ‘brand building’. But the current situation calls for marketers to be far-sighted and invest in creating brand value. High brand equity gives brands higher pricing power, lower acquisition costs and better fiscal health in the long run. Our latest retargeting capabilities enable marketers to synchronize their brand and demand efforts and engage audiences throughout their customer journey. We are also seeing brands combine various in-feed advertising formats with new forms of messaging such as conversation ads not only to engage but also convert their target audience.”- Sachin Sharma, Director of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, India.

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