Formative Digitalization: CIOs to share insights on digital customer servicing experience

In the roundtable session to be held on 17th March 2021, CIOs will delve into discussions on modernizing the digital customer servicing experience from within an organization

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Published: Mar 17, 2021 8:24 AM  | 5 min read

Digitalization is the topmost priority of any organization and as the CIO, you are often entrusted to drive this aspect which is at the core of digital servicing today. Most of the time as the CIO, it becomes your responsibility to help an organization create a customer servicing experience that will ensure value creation as a whole.

The 75-minute virtual session will help every CIO delve into three fundamental questions:

  1. Is your digital ambition to optimize or transform?
  2. What are the key stages and activities you would like to impact?
  3. Which leads and teams will be involved in this?

The answers would come from an insightful and by-invitation discussion on Formative Digitalization: CIO Dialogues on Digital Customer Servicing Experience on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 from 4:00 pm onwards.

The prominent members on the panel are Ashish Gupta, CTO, Max Bupa Health Insurance; Dr Uday Sawant, Principal Director, Projects—Digital Engineering, L&T Infotech; Sudip Mazumder, Global Chief Digital & Information Officer, Piramal Glass; Vyshak Vengopalan, Head-Solutions Consulting, Adobe India; and Ankur Mittal, MD & Co-Founder, Argil DX.

Digital transformation has become a favourite concept of all organizations for quite a while now. But then the realms of digital transformation journeys often include multiple connotations and ramifications. Digitalization would be perhaps the most critical engine driving this journey and as the CIO is tasked with creating business value through technology and optimization, digitalization can be a fundamental tool-kit for achieving the CIO’s KPIs.

Ankur Mittal, MD & Co-Founder, Argil DX claims that digital is no longer an isolated arm of the business restricted to a specific business function like marketing, but it is rather the primary driver now. “Digitalization can provide limitless opportunities and open newer avenues of business growth in hitherto uncharted areas,” adds Ankur.

The CIOs are perfectly aware of the ramifications of digitalization. Ashish Gupta, CTO, Max Bupa Health Insurance concurs with Ankur’s view on digitalization. “Digitalization is no longer the most efficient way to do business. It is today the only way to do business,” says Ashish. Note the emphasis on the word ‘only’ and it precisely re-emphasizes the shifting focus of the CIOs towards digital.

With more profitable products and services being sustained through digital as a channel, it is high time we think of modernization, advises Vyshak Venugopalan, Head of Solutions Consulting, Adobe India. “The digital onboarding and servicing experiences can no longer be an afterthought in the overall experience we deliver to our employees, customers and partners,” he adds.

According to Ankur, CIOs need to advocate the journey within the organization to support the digital transformation on the outside.

While the importance of digitalization is universally acknowledged, CIOs are today increasingly focusing on modernizing the digital customer servicing experience from within and outside the organization. “Digital encompasses upstream and downstream of the organization along with the other entities in the ecosystem to collaborate with. With information flow being a prerequisite for information flow, the intelligent digital workflow could be foundational to digitalization within the company and transformation of the entire ecosystem,” explains Sudip Mazumder, Global Chief Digital & Information Officer, Piramal Glass.

Dr Uday Sawant, Principal Director, Projects—Digital Engineering, L&T Infotech goes one step further saying, “Customers are today looking for rapid responses in every business. As a result, the business requirements are changing very fast leading to a growing demand for CIOs to respond even faster to enhance the customer experience.

Sudip adds another perspective telling us that digital workflow is essential for the post-COVID touchless world and making it intelligent to draw attention and action will help running the process in a boundaryless organization.

In the ultimate analysis, the focus falls on harnessing the power of data and intelligent workflows to optimize operations across the entire organization. This could reduce errors, save time and in turn improve post-acquisition and after-sales customer acquisition. However, as the CIO that still leaves you with a few fundamental questions to be answered. The first and foremost would be whether optimizing or transforming would be the pinnacle of your digital ambition, what are the key activities you would like to impact and who will be teams to get involved.

Experts like Vyshak and Ankur would explain the available solutions and the approaches the CIOs should adopt. CIOs like Ashish, Sudip, and Uday would emphasize the approaches they have adopted and guide the other CIOs on the best practices they should follow in their digitalization journey.

As Vyshak puts it succinctly, the digital enrolment and servicing challenges must be solved right now as we think of formative digitization. This is what precisely the CIO Dialogues on March 17th proposes to achieve.

“A great start of formative digitization can be with every piece of paper in our organization and every drop of ink on that paper. Win now to reap now,” Vyshak sounds out the clarion call for all the CIOs.

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