Five ways to get your blog commercial visibility

Extensive research, relevance, readers’ profiling, strategising sellable content & going niche can go a long way in helping brands leverage blogs

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Updated: Feb 12, 2013 8:40 PM
Five ways to get your blog commercial visibility

Blogging, until recently, was categorised as just an online platform that can be used as a personal digital dairy by internet users. With growing popularity, the approach of users to tap blogs has changed. Many online studies suggest that blogging in India could become the ‘new fourth estate’ as many users believe that blogging content is trustworthy as against other media.

With the increase in acceptance of blogging as a serious business, many brands have leveraged this platform for various communication purposes. Few years ago, one could find a blog that didn’t have any type of advertising on it. But these days, bloggers are polishing their marketing skills to commercialise them. Taking the popularity of blogging into consideration, exchange4media puts down five ways in which a blog can become attractive for brands for their marketing initiatives...

Get your objective crystal clear
Golden rule of any marketing initiative is to get the objective clear. Bloggers working towards attracting brands to advertise on their platform should get it clear that they can have only one focus. A focus which is well defined and has a long-term goal and one that is aimed to be different.

Strategise sellable content
Bloggers looking to improve their sites should a take note that aesthetics plays a huge role in attracting and retaining audiences. A good blog should be updated regularly and be well-written, with eye-catching pictures. No one would want to read what is already on different other platforms. Insights are what blogs are referred for. A brand manager will click on a blog only if it is relevant for his or her product. He or she will prefer the blog platform that bring out the best and is relevant to the audiences.

Map your readers’ move
It is very essential to understand the readers’ profile even on a blog. A well defined content strategy can help bring readers on the blog. Bloggers constantly need to be on their toe to understand what their readers are looking for, which thereby will help them enhance their outlook. A brand will be attracted to a blog that knows who its readers are, their likes, dislikes and, most importantly, what keeps the reader engaged to the blog.

Niche is in
With increase in competition in the Indian blogosphere, the scope of going niche is definitely becoming difficult but it also giving a cutting-edge opportunity to bloggers who want to make good money. The key is to find a niche idea. A brand would want to be associated with a platform that is targeted at its ideal set of audiences.

Be responsive
According to the marketing golden rules, responding to consumer queries and grievances should be a brand's primary agenda. The brand that shies away from doing this will lose the trust of the consumer. Bloggers who respond to readers' comments will always be respected by brand managers. A serious blog that attracts brands is the one that not only has good traffic but also quality readership. Brands look for platforms in blogosphere where bloggers are both, responsive and responsible.

(The story is complied with inputs from Prasant Naidu, Founder, Lighthouse Insights and Ankita Gaba, Co-Founder, Social Samosa)

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