Digital to explode in the next 2-3 years in India: Nasreen Madhany, Global CEO, Neo@Ogilvy

Nasreen Madhany, Global CEO, Neo@Ogilvy, is quite upbeat about the India market and plans to devote maximum focus and attention on the country. In conversation with exchange4media, Madhany shares her vision for the India market and the digital focus and challenges here.

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Updated: Sep 9, 2010 7:50 AM
Digital to explode in the next 2-3 years in India: Nasreen Madhany, Global CEO, Neo@Ogilvy

It’s been five years since the inception of Neo@Ogilvy, and these five years have been the most hectic, fast-paced and exciting time for Nasreen Madhany, Global CEO, Neo@Ogilvy. She said, “I have been with Ogilvy for the last 35 years. However, as CEO of Neo@Ogilvy, which is just five years old, I would say that given the length of time that I have been in Ogilvy, it feels more like a year than five years.”

Currently visiting India, Madhany is no stranger to the market here and plans to devote maximum focus and attention on India, along with other markets like China, Russia and Brazil. She explained, “These markets will form the base of a lot of focus and attention. As CEO, most of my focus and attention has been devoted to the developing markets. And now, for the next 2-3 years, I plan to focus my attention on markets like India, Russia, China and Brazil.”

Commenting on the future of digital in India, Madhany said, “Digital has landed in India relatively recently as compared to some other markets like the US. At this time, we feel digital will explode and hence, we are putting a lot of focus and attention on those markets where digital will grow, and India is one those markets. But when we compare Internet penetration, the time spent on Internet is lesser in India. However, India has a high mobile penetration. So, we believe that in the next 2-3 years, digital is going to be very important in India.”

One of the major challenges that Madhany foresees for India in the digital space is hiring the right kind of talent. As CEO of Neo@Ogilvy, her top priority for India is to get the right people.

During her current visit, Madhany has been meeting some of her clients in India like IBM and Cisco. She observed, “I find that Indian advertisers are less cautious today when it comes to embracing digital here than I found the clients in developed countries five years ago. Today, the Indian clients are much more aggressive and adventurous when it comes to accepting digital in advertising.”

Speaking on the challenging year gone by, Madhany admitted that their growth had slowed down relative to the past four years. She said, “It is definitely disappointing, but keeping the optimism high, the growth rate for 2009 continued to be in double digits.” While speaking about the current year, she affirmed, “It is looking a lot better for 2010.”

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