B2B marketers here's how to reap the benefits of social media

From betting high on LinkedIn to strategically using Twitter and Facebook, there are several ways in which B2B marketers can leverage the power of social

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Updated: Aug 12, 2013 8:22 AM
B2B marketers here's how to reap the benefits of social media

From sharing successful brand stories, customer voices to using new integration ideas, advertising offerings, and metrics-based enhancements – B2B marketers have been using social media in interesting ways. However, B2B marketers still have some way to go in understanding and promoting themselves on social media platforms.

exchange4media pens down few tips on how B2B companies can benefit from social media...

Bet high on LinkedIn
LinkedIn marketing continues to gather steam as more and more businesses, particularly B2B businesses, realise the importance and value of creating a comprehensive strategy for the medium.

Company pages are fine, but LinkedIn groups are the best places to get leads because one can create groups by topic or vertical and engage people. Monitoring activity allows one to see how interested people are in the company and its products and services. Content is another great way to market for leads. There are a number of things that increase sharing among content and engage those who may end up being leads.

LinkedIn advertising is still an evolving concept and is mostly used by B2B companies, targeting job titles, companies, industries and LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn advertising allows companies to narrow targets on a platform where many of the competitive prospects are spending time and keeping their profiles up-to-date.

Recently, LinkedIn launched a SlideShare Infographics Player, which is designed to optimise the viewing experience specifically for infographics. The new feature automatically detects an infographic upon upload, includes it in the infographic directory and displays it for best viewing, according to the LinkedIn blog. With infographics becoming a standard for visual storytelling, this feature can enable B2B marketers to leverage their own LinkedIn pages as sharing forums for optimal viewing.

Tweets away
Twitter is experimenting with its ad tool for users in many countries by displaying promoted content from brands and businesses that followers have shown interest in. Focussed on providing more targeted and focused ads, Twitter is allowing advertisers to share a scrambled, unreadable email address or browser-related information from cookie IDs.

Note that Twitter supports Do Not Track (DNT), so it will not receive browser-related information from ad partners from tailoring ads if users have enabled DNT in their browsers, according to the Twitter blog.

Don’t force fit content on Facebook
According to Social Marketing Forum, 93 per cent of all business buyers believe that social media presence is important and necessary, while 85 per cent believe interaction and engagement is important.

Facebook has way more users and people spend much more time on Facebook than on LinkedIn. However, 41 per cent of all companies that used Facebook for B2B marketing acquired new customers via the LinkedIn network as it reaches a more professional audience by definition and is built for business networking.

Also, it can be noted that the B2B buying process is a group process, so even if the final decision maker is not on Facebook, those that influence him might be. B2B marketers who turn to Facebook as a social media tool need to heavily engage in targetting organisational groups and pages. One interesting way to get it right is to request to connect on Facebook only if the buyer already knows the company from a blog, Twitter, LinkedIn or in real life.

With the market becoming more mature and B2B marketers getting more aware about using the social media platforms, we will soon see some engaging campaigns from this side of the business as well.

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