e4mChillout: Tarun Katial's weekends are a spa-radise of food, family and fun

Tarun Katial, CEO, Big FM loves to spend his weekends bonding with family, recharging at the spa or partying the night away

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Aug 8, 2017 2:07 PM

The way you spend your time outside of work—what you do with your evenings, weekends and vacations—can have a big impact on your career trajectory. Accomplished people know that they can’t do everything, be everywhere and help everyone in one day or one lifetime. Tarun Katial, CEO, Big FM knows a thing or two about the importance of creating a moment of peace in the midst of constant pressure and deadlines.

What does the man with two decades in the Indian media industry do to replenish his energy? As we sit together at his quirky office to chat about this, he smiles and says that no two weekends are the same for him.

Katial expounds on his weekend rituals by saying, “I spend a lot of time with my kids as weekdays are early and out. Weekends are all about doing a physical activity together like swimming, board games, iPad games or Ludo.” He also likes to catch up with close friends and host people at home. Katial loves thought-provoking conversations that happen over these get-togethers.

He confesses to binging on a lot of good international shows. When you ask him which ones he is currently hooked on to, he declares Narcos and House of Cards as his favourites. “Saturday is part work and part relaxation as it includes a lot of creative brainstorming with the team,” he says.

Katial loves the rejuvenation that follows on Sunday and tells us what an ideal weekend would look like. “The weekend expectation is to cut off and completely unwind on Sundays and to not pick up work at all,” he laughs off and calls it the Jewish way of Sabbath.

Speaking about his food habits, he opens up on the health junkie he is and says he doesn’t ch(eat). “I opt for a lot of healthy, high-protein options,” he discloses and declares the Club and Fables as his go-to hangout spots for the weekend. He also loves to bond with the family on Sundays. “My Sunday breakfast is at the Club post a swimming session with the kids and is partly about feeding them and myself.” He prefers eating at least one meal at his parent’s place.

When we ask him about how he activates his brain in ways that can lead to a burst of creative, problem-solving genius, he has an envy-worthy response. Katial says that he likes to surrender to the ministrations of his therapist at the spa on Sunday and get his muscles kneaded into mush. “My time at the spa is about a bit of introspection, meditation and curling up with a good book.”

The boss of Reliance BBN loves travelling and feeding his wander-lusting soul during a vacay, savouring sunshine and crystal blue waters. “We toss the coin between South-east Asia and Europe. Phuket is a favourite for a short vacation,” he exclaims.

Katial likes partying the night away and zeroes in on Tamasha in mid-town to unwind after a draining week at work. Quiz him about special weekend memories and he says, “One weekend memory I cherish is when I started teaching my children to swim. When they popped into the big pool for the first time, it was a huge joyous moment for me that they finally learnt to be on their own,” reminisces a proud Katial.

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