e4mChillout: Shamsuddin Jasani's love for Mexican food, date nights with spouse, spending time with son...

Over weekends, the MD of Isobar India feels renewed by looking at the world through his son’s eyes and a little Mexican food just makes things even better

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Jul 15, 2017 8:41 AM

Peak performances require managing downtime too and with the key goal of really recharging your batteries. Getting away for the weekend provides great respite from the grind of an intense week at work. Shamsuddin Jasani, MD, Isobar India, is the boss not only during weekdays but also weekends. His weekend activities will tell you a thing or two about this.


The digital mogul says that his weekends are majorly about spending time with his son. “Spending time with my son clears my mind and is one of my favourite aspects of the weekend,” says Jasani. He says that taking the little one out and watching the world through his son’s eyes helps him unplug and get renewed. As Jasani devotes himself to his job throughout the week, he makes sure his weekends also include a date night with his wife.


 Jasani loves Mexican food. He says that staying at Bandra spoils you for choice when it comes to zeroing in on a hangout spot but quickly adds, “I love Mexican food but the dearth of good Mexican food joints in the city is an issue.”


The digital maestro loves chilling on his couch and spending some time over Netflix. “We are living in one of the best cities in the world. The energy of the city is infectious,” he says with a smile. When you ask him whether he indulges in any fitness activities or work over the weekend, his answer is an honest and emphatic no.


The allure of unseen destinations enthrals Jasani. He loves to travel and declares London as his favourite city. “I think Barcelona is gorgeous but my favourite city is London,” he reveals. Jasani expresses how much he loves his job but reaffirms that taking time out from work allows him time to indulge in family-bonding. He also lets us in about his love for single malt.


When speaking about what an average day in his life looks like, the MD says that the sheer quantity of work doesn’t intimidate him. He says that it might keep him on his toes but is an integral part of his life and keeps him immersed. “We’re a close-knit team and really enjoy work,” he says with pride. Jasani also believes that anyone carrying work forward at home and on weekends is a consequence of bad organisation habit and low productivity. As we end the conversation, it is evident that even weekdays with a chock-a-bloc work schedule don’t deter Jasani who spends both weekends as well as weekdays with a never-say-die attitude and rock hard determination- be it work or be it play.

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