Cannes Lions 2018: DDB Mudra nominates Puma Suede Gully and Project Free Period

The agency conceptualized these campaigns for their clients Puma and Stayfree respectively.

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Published: Jun 13, 2018 8:48 AM  | 3 min read

DDB Mudra has nominated Puma Suede Gully and Project Free Period for Cannes 2018. The agency conceptualized these campaigns for their clients Puma and Stayfree respectively.

Project Free Period

Most women hate their periods. It’s inconvenient, it’s painful and it restricts their everyday activities. More so in India. Here, girls drop out of school at the onset of periods. Women on their period are considered impure and disallowed entry into temples or even their own kitchens. The list goes on and on. It’s all of this which continues to drag the topic of periods deeper into the dark corners of society.

However, for one community of women, periods are a welcome break. These are the women in the sex trade. While periods, for them, come with the same set of biological inconveniences, they actually look forward to it. Because it was the only time of the month when they are not forced to work.

Stayfree as a brand has always stood for normalising periods in the lives of women. Here DDB found an opportunity to use periods to normalise the lives of women in the sex trade.
The agency turned their 3 days of periods, or 3 days of no work, into 3 days of learning. Introducing Project Free Period. A skill training workshop, where they took economically sustainable skills and compressed them into 3-day modules. So that they can use their period days to skill themselves in another trade.

To be able to scale the positive response from our early workshops, the agency later opened this initiative out to the world and invited volunteers. This earned a lot of media for the initiative and a lot of love for the brand. This also helped DDB Mudra refresh their curriculum with new skills, thereby attracting new students.

Puma Suede Gully

Hip-hop is the father of street culture, as we know it. And the Puma Suede is considered the most influential sneaker in hip-hop history. And that’s why for over 50 years, Puma Suede has built itself in every country by associating with its street culture.
But the street culture in India was deeply underground. So much so that the face of India’s street culture, Divine, was unknown to even his own city. 
So Puma decided to create its own street. And called it Suede Gully.
A collaboration between Divine and his friends from all walks of street culture – rappers, dance crews, graffiti artists, visual artists and street fashion gurus. Together they created India’s biggest street collaboration across 4 cities and 4 languages. 
A collaboration that spoke about the struggles that the street culture goes through to express it. A thought captured in the words “Mere joote mein tu chal ke toh dekh” or “Try walking in my shoes”

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