Vikatan makes Timepass the in-thing with the youth

The TVC for the new magazine is high on style quotient and execution, but follows a storyline that is all too familiar, say experts

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Published: Oct 18, 2012 8:01 PM  | 3 min read
Vikatan makes Timepass the in-thing with the youth

Vikatan Group takes the humour peg to showcase its new magazine ‘Time Pass’, which was launched last week with a cover price of Rs 5. Paradox69 is the creative agency on record and this is the agency’s first project for Vikatan. Mindshare is handling the media duties.

Elaborating on the new campaign, Pravin Menon, National Head, Ad Sales, Vikatan Group, said, “We carried out a research with 6,000 subscribers and got to know that readers wanted a fun-filled, gossip-laden entertaining magazine. So we thought of ‘Timepass’. The TVCs supports the launch of the new magazine.”

Meanwhile, for the first time in 87 years, Vikatan Group, which owns nine magazines, has decided to drop the mascot and its brand name in Timepass. Citing the reason for this, Menon said, “For the first time we have dropped our mascot as this offering has been done after getting readers’ comments. We feel that our offering is so strong that we will anyways be recognised.”

He further said that Vikatan Group does not rely on advertising as the sole source of revenue, but believes in generating revenue through innovation.

The series of three 40-second TVCs dovetail into the same thought of ‘Timepass-kku ellam Boss’. The concept primarily revolves around the theme of people moving over from their regular timepass activities and choosing ‘Timepass’ magazine.

The three ad films show a girlfriend dumping her boyfriend for ‘Timepass’ magazine, two friends breaking up because one of them has found a better ‘Timepass’ and an mischievous college boy leaving his college for ‘Timepass’, giving a huge shock to his father.



The films have been shot by Blackbox Films, Chennai. The Group is spending approximately Rs 2.5 crore to market the product.

Industry Speaks:
Commenting on the new campaign, Tony Lawrence, Partner & Creative Head, Fisheye Creative Solution, said, “Take a little irreverence (borderline, not too much), add to that a bit of kitsch and a few fast cuts, garnish it with a voice that’s Johnny Walker meets Rakhi Sawant. Serve to youth. This seems to be the general formula of late. With no one willing to cross the line and none willing to really look at what really would turn on youth. Do I think this film will have kids queuing up for ‘Timepass’? Not so sure. Will they spot it and talk about it? Maybe, yes.” He gives the ad 3 out of 5.

Gautham T Shenoy, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Focus, too, felt that the take-nothing-seriously, ‘dil pe mat le yaar’ attitude as an approach is nothing new. “But the way this TVC uses it to associate ‘passing time’ with ‘Timepass’ is very well done – leaving no room for doubt in conveying ‘who should read it’ and ‘why they should read it’.”

He further said, “In terms of execution, it scores high in capturing the regional ethos very well and using familiar tropes to great effect – things that usually fall through the cracks when trying to execute a regional ad. So full points for execution and ‘ishtyle’. However, this cuts both ways – and since we cannot look at a TVC in pure isolation – that very same thing of ‘getting it just right’ could work against it. Because its over-the-top style is something people have seen all too often, and portrays an attitude that youngsters are all too familiar with, it may just slip under people’s radar when it comes to breaking the clutter.” He gives the ad 4 out of 5.

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