Titan goes seductive with SKINN

The brand has launched its first TV commercial, conceptualised by JWT India, that showcases the chemistry between strangers and the idea of being seduced by a great fragrance

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Updated: Jan 22, 2014 8:23 AM
Titan goes seductive with SKINN

Titan has recently widened its footprint in the personal lifestyle segment with the launch of ‘SKINN’ range of perfumes to tap the Indian perfume market, which is currently pegged at Rs 2,000 crore. The brand has launched its first TV commercial that showcases the chemistry between strangers and the idea of being seduced by a great fragrance. Set against a backdrop that echoes the ethos of the brand, two individuals cross paths while leaving an unforgettable impression and creating a vivid memory. The lasting memory of a fragrance is brought alive through intrigue, seduction and passion.

The set of two films, each for the men’s and women’s fragrances, have been conceptualised by JWT India. The ad for women’s fragrances opens with a woman and a man exchanging a glance. She walks past while the man stops and smells the fragrance. The man’s pupil dilates, a matchstick gets ignited and he gets goose bumps. The woman is shown spraying the perfume on her neck and the film ends with a voiceover saying, ‘SKINN by Titan, fine French perfumes for her.’ The second ad is also conceptualised on similar lines.

Elaborating on the TVC, Rajeshwari Srinivasan, Business Head - SKINN, Titan Company said, “We have added a new chapter to Titan Company by telling the story of SKINN in this new TVC. The purpose of this commercial was to celebrate the spirit of SKINN which has been beautifully captured in the film.” She further said, “SKINN has officially given a boost to our presence in the personal lifestyle space and we look forward to expanding this category and its offerings in the time to come.”

Senthil Kumar, National Creative Director, JWT India shared, “The sense of smell is truly the most potent sense when it comes to attraction, even beyond sight. And this idea of ‘cause and effect’ was magnified in the execution. External physical reactions like a pupil dilating or raising goose flesh to internal chemical reactions like a faster heartbeat and neurons firing brought the idea alive. The ‘cause and effect reactions’ were given a further enhancement by juxtaposing metaphorical reactions like a bird stopping in mid-flight, the blooming of a flower and so on. The end product brings alive the effect of Titan SKINN on him and her in two stunning executions. Enjoy the Effect of Titan SKINN through these beautifully crafted films. By the way, it’s time you went and tested this on yourself eh! It works wonders.”

Created by French perfumers Nadege Le Garlantezec, Olivier Pescheux, Michel Gerard, Harry Fremont, Fabrice Pellegrin, and Alberto Morillas, SKINN was launched in September 2013. The five-week long campaign will be promoted on television and digital media.

Are you seduced by SKINN?
Expert take

Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle, said, “There seems to be a Manmohan Desai formula to deo advertising. Manmohan Desai in 70s lived on this lost and found formula, deo as a category lives on this boy meets girl formula. Actually the similarities stop here. While MMD used his formula as a differentiator, the deo as a category uses this as a common factor.”

“The formula is at full tilt in both the commercials. There are supremely good looking and dressed-to-the-T boy and girl, they cross each other and carnal sparks fly thanks to deo. Wonderful! How many such ads have we seen? Neither the story, nor the execution is fresh. It comes as a surprise that the brand is endorsed by Titan,” he added.

Our take
The ‘smell good and score better’ mantra with a man or woman lustily hankering over the opposite sex has been the premise of every perfume or deodorant ad.  There has not been any innovation in this category and the ad is no exception. It is centered on the old dynamics of the mating game.

The insight is not fresh and the execution is also average. It looks like many of those deo or perfume ads that show a man or a woman falling and swooning over each other. And hearing the signature tune of Titan in the end is surprising. However, the brand has used gorgeous foreign faces to look distinct and establish the French connection.

In 2012, Set Wet changed the mating game and rode on the colloquial yet cool tune of ‘Buri nazar waale tera muh kaala’, thereby reinventing the gender magnetism platform. It’s time brands shed the ‘overtly sexual’ tag and come up with innovative ideas to refresh this category.

Watch the two TVCs here…

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