The Diamond Journey: DPA’s film is visual ode to the timelessness of diamond

Diamond Producers Association has released its latest ad film for their ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ campaign, which ticks all the right boxes

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Published: Dec 26, 2019 9:23 AM  | 5 min read
The Diamond Journey

Intimate, sentimental, and a small lesson in history -- these are phrases that can best describe the film by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), aptly titled ‘The Diamond Journey'. It is a part of the association’s ongoing marketing initiative ‘Real is Rare. Real is A Diamond’ campaign, which was first launched in 2016. Aimed at the millennial consumer, the campaign intends to spur the demographic's interest in this beautiful gemstone.

The opening line of the film, ‘Before there was life, there were diamonds’ sums up, in one sense, the timelessness of the stone. The one-minute film depicts the origins of the stone, from being discovered in the rough to finding a place in our hearts forever. The diamond remains the hero of the film as it travels through time and civilizations to evolve into a symbol of love and intimacy. The decision not to use words and let the visuals to do the talking works well for the ad.

The film also wants to convey why the diamond has come to be synonymous with love, a fact no one has ever wondered about, explains Richa Singh, MD – DPA, India. “Why would a retail brand undertake a mammoth visual storytelling of ‘why a diamond?’ or the journey that a diamond faces. So, we thought it’s our job as custodians of everything diamond to tell the story. It’s factual, visually-made beautiful, and it’s something that we thought we could depict beautifully in 15-60 seconds and share why only a natural diamond is the perfect symbol of love.”

Richa Singh
Richa Singh

The campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency BBH London. Directed by Ian Pons Jewell, it also features music from Oscar-winning musician, Atticus Ross.

Shares Jewell: “It's hard to describe how special this project is. The chance to write something bespoke to a brief at this scale is extremely rare. But rarer still to have the chance to tell the story of a naturally-occurring element. I knew a little about how diamonds are formed but had no idea just how epic the journey is. We did a lot of research, not only did we look into the science, but also the human relationship with diamonds through history. It's been an incredible experience; one I don't think I'll ever get to repeat in the commercial world.”

Talking about the ad film, Richa says, “The beautiful visual narrative encompasses the truth of our lives – ‘Real is rare, real is a diamond.’ The fact that everything in your life which is real is actually precious because it's rare.”

She further explains: “If you got a diamond 20 years ago, you still remember that moment with fondness, a moment that you remember and cherish and say- it stands for something. It's a happy moment in my life. So we are trying to say is that happy moments in life are precious, celebrate them.”

About the campaign’s spends and marketing mix, she reveals: “We spent about $7million on the media here in India. For us, the mix is really being present where the consumer is. I know that everything in digital is exploding and a lot of us spend multi-screen time. But I just feel that there is something about TV that still exists from the consumption point of view. We are on TV with a shorter edit; the long-form edit is available digitally, like on OTT.”

Besides television and digital, the ads will appear in print and OOH, and in cinemas too. The target audience is in the age group of 25-40 years. The reach will be amplified with a high impact campaign on leading OTT platforms. Social media too is important from a marketing a targeting perspective. Explains Richa, “We have three platforms that we focus on -- Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Instagram is our lead media. YouTube will focus on sharing different expressions of love along with educational content. And the third is Facebook.”

Based on consumer insights, DPA’s past ad films have shown that not only grand occasions like weddings or engagements call for diamonds but also other equally-special moments do, where the gemstone can play an important part in expressing emotions and gratefulness.

Says Richa, “In India, after which weddings, the largest celebration is when a child is born. And when we spoke to the consumer, they said that this is a perfect occasion gift jewellery but no one ever told us so. Thirty-nine per cent of the Indian audience opined that the birth of the child is a perfect occasion to gift a piece of jewellery to the wife. We said, 'Why not?' It's the time that brings you two closer; it's a life-changing experience.”

The latest film, however, is different from their earlier campaigns and could almost be described as a prequel. Their campaigns have in the past tugged at heartstrings while this one subtly underlines why the diamond holds so much value, not in monetary terms but at a more emotional level.

“Diamonds transcend. We want to share that it's something that is everlasting. It's the most beautiful example of conscious luxury,” she sums it up.

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