Sirona’s digital campaign encourages women to ‘rise up with menstrual cups’

Featuring social media influencer & theatre actor Shibani Bedi, the bold and quirky video encourages women to adopt menstrual cups as their go-to feminine hygiene solution

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: Feb 18, 2019 5:13 PM

In a bid to encourage women to move past pads and switch to comfortable, convenient, and environment-friendly menstrual cups, Sirona, a menstrual and intimate hygiene products brand, has launched a bold and hard-hitting video campaign. By promoting easy-to-use, stain-proof, durable, and environment-friendly menstrual cups in lieu of sanitary napkins, the digital awareness campaign by Sirona is a much-needed present to Indian women across the country on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Featuring popular social media influencer and theatre actor Shibani Bedi, the video aims to uncover the harsh realities of using menstrual pads. Highlighting the numerous benefits of using menstrual cups, the video encourages women to go from ‘Down with Pads’ to ‘Done with Pads’. Through a bold narrative laced with sarcasm, the video campaign sheds light on how menstrual pads prevent women from embracing life during their periods. It highlights the major issues attached with sanitary pads such as rashes, discomfort, and the fear of leakage that plague women while using pads. It also focuses on the negative impact of pads on the environment and how this method of feminine care is already outdated in the first world. The video then goes on to illustrate how easy menstrual cups are to use and how they can change the way women perceive their periods for the better.

The goal of this first-of-its-kind campaign is to encourage women to break out of their ‘inherited habit’ of using menstrual pads and switching to menstrual cups. Sirona Cups made by using FDA approved cushiony medical grade silicone and are reusable, last for a decade, and extremely comfortable to use. Women who embrace Sirona’s breakthrough offering can swim, jog, travel, wear white, and forget worrying about their periods for life. Sirona Cups are already best sellers online on leading marketplaces with raving reviews.

Sirona has been at the forefront of providing women in India with unique intimate and menstrual hygiene products. Driving home the message of ‘Rise Up with Menstrual Cups’, Sirona is speaking out loud about the complacency that dominates sanitary care in India, and informing women that better, more comfortable alternatives exist for them. Initiating a much-needed discourse around this subject is a step towards ensuring quality feminine hygiene solutions for women across the country.

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