Science bringing u down? Beat boredom with Alpenliebe Pop, says Archimedes!

The new ad builds on the insight that subjects such as history & science are fascinating – but only to historians & scientists, and not poor students, who are forced to study them

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Updated: Jul 17, 2013 8:37 AM
Science bringing u down? Beat boredom with Alpenliebe Pop, says Archimedes!

Memorising the deadly principles of Archimedes and remembering the family legacy of Akbar and Babur has never been easy for any student. It’s boring, confusing and difficult. Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI), known for its innovative products and clutter-breaking advertising, has launched a new TVC positioning its lollipop product, Alpenliebe Pop, as an ‘anti-boring’ device – the insight being that subjects such as history and science are fascinating, but only to historians and scientists and not students, who are forced to study them for examinations. In the tongue-in-cheek ad film, Archimedes comes to life and offers a student an Alpenliebe Pop to deal with the boredom.

Driving on this insight, the creative idea is that Alpenliebe Pop helps you get through dreary situations – whenever there is a really boring situation, one simply has to resort to an Alpenliebe Pop and avert the boredom.

The film opens with a young boy seated in a bath tub reading his text book on the Greek scientist Archimedes and his theory of water displacement. He gets bored, shuts the book and finds an old man seated opposite to him in the tub. The old man introduces himself as Archimedes and tells the boy that his theory is boring and it is not possible for him to change it. He then offers a pack of Alpenliebe lollipop to the boy and says that it will help him deal with the boredom. The boy grabs the lollipop and smiles with the voice over saying, ‘Alpenliebe Pop – Anti Boring’.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Sharma, Director – Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “In many markets across the world, lollipops have a significant consumption amongst youth, while in India it is dominated by kids. Seeing this as an opportunity, the challenge for us as leaders is to not only increase consumption among current users but also convert non-users to users. This communication is hence targeted specifically at the youth and is based on an insight that they can easily relate to.”

Anurag Agnihotri, GCD, Ogilvy & Mather said, “We borrowed the insight behind the ads from life. Every youngster, at some point or the other, grows bored of studying and says or at least thinks that if only he could get hold of the mathematicians, scientists, etc. who formulated such complex equations, he would give them a piece of his mind.”

Expert take
Nima DT Namchu, Creative Head and Executive Creative Director, Cheil India (Cheil Worldwide SW Asia) said, “While the arrival of Archimedes did jolt me out of my reverie, it sort of went lukewarm for me after that. I'm afraid, I find the idea of Archimedes appearing in the young man’s bath tub far more entertaining and engaging than the finished film. The situation is predictably bizarre, predictably Perfetti. But I think it would have been more fun if the Greek had spoken in, well, Greek and the team had fun with the subtitles. The Bob Cristo delivery didn't work for me.”

“I think the team decided to proceed with just the observation of the consumer behaviour (people suck on candies and chew gum when they are bored) and not a consumer insight. Unlike other gems from Perfetti for Chlormint, Happydent and Center Shock, I think this one won't have it so easy,” he added.

Our take
No one can forget those dreaded theories of Archimedes that had to be interpreted without any tampering because one alternation made us land to the lowest scores. However, watching this ad makes us believe that even Archimedes theories can be hilarious.

Living up to the image of creating innovative ads, Perfetti has once again surprised the audience with the sudden appearance of Archimedes in the ad. The casting and the background score add to the delight. The ending of the ad, with the student telling Archimedes to cover himself before leaving the tub, adds to the humour and wit.

Archimedes offering an Alpenliebe to deal with the boredom of science and history is an entertaining insight and they have leveraged that people often chew gums or eat candies to get rid of boredom. Perfetti has always managed to break the clutter through ‘shockvertising’ tactics, and this ad is an addition to the very predictable nature of Perfetti.

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