Sachin Tendulkar & Cricket - Will the terrific combo work for Toshiba?

Toshiba has launched a campaign for its Cricket Series LED TV, which has been developed in consultation with Sachin Tendulkar. Will this co-creation hit a home run?

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Updated: Oct 17, 2013 8:51 AM
Sachin Tendulkar & Cricket - Will the terrific combo work for Toshiba?

It turns each of us into the world’s foremost expert commentator, it makes us superstitious, it glues us to our TV sets – this is the magic of cricket. For a nation that worships cricket, Toshiba has launched a campaign for its Cricket Series LED television, developed in consultation with Sachin Tendulkar.

The main objective behind the campaign is to position the new Cricket Series LED televisions in a distinctive manner and give consumers a technology to empower their passion for whatever they love to watch.

With relevant technology and a cricket-crazy nation as the audience for it, arriving at the single-minded message was not so difficult for the brand. Hence the proposition: Enjoy. Every. Bit.

Each frame of the film takes us through everything that is about the game – the various shots, the madness of a fan, the ground and the players. It ends with Sachin watching the game on TV. It gives out the message to enjoy every bit of the game on the Toshiba Cricket Series LED TV.

On the idea behind the campaign, Abhishek Mehta, Head – Marketing Communications, Toshiba India said, “The starting point was the fact that the Toshiba Cricket Series LED television was developed in R&D itself in consultation with the one who knows the game best – Sachin Tendulkar himself. All the clichés about cricket being a religion in India, the assumed power to anoint and dismiss gods and their helpers, the deep disgust at defeat and the vicarious but no-less-real taste of victory all point to this — we’re not mere fans, we’re fanatics. And when we watch our favourite players, we’re not merely watching them. We’re walking, diving and slapping each others’ backs. We wanted to come out with a campaign that enunciates similar emotions with the same passion and elation. Because we believe that our passion unlocks your passion, we created a TV that allows you to watch the game as it is meant to be and a campaign that glorifies the madness of watching cricket.”

Narayan Devanathan, EVP and National Planning Head, Dentsu India Group said, “If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV when Chris Gayle hammers one of his sixes but have no idea where the ball went, because the TV couldn't capture it; if you’ve ever looked at the brown blotch on the screen on which Ravi Shastri was pacing and giving out his pundit-like pitch report and wondered what he was able to see there; if you’ve ever wondered at why the ground looks greener when you’re in the stadium versus on the TV; if you’ve ever wondered why your eyes and ears and your cricket-crazed senses never seem to have the richest cricket-enjoying experience on any TV until now – the all-new Cricket Series LED televisions from Toshiba was made just for you. So you can Enjoy. Every. Bit. As a cricket fanatic myself, I could relate easily to the frustrations of the fanatic that must have been the inspiration for Toshiba to develop this TV. And so when we set out to create the communication for it, we saw it more as a reverent offering to the cricket fanatic than as a mere ad.”

The campaign will be broadcasted for four weeks and will use television, digital and POS merchandise for a wider reach.

“We’ve seen so much cricket advertising in this country. We’ve also seen so much of TV advertising on TV. The idea was to do something unique that stands out off the clutter and makes Toshiba Cricket TV the best way to consume cricket. The insight was that when you want to enjoy something, you want to enjoy every bit of it. So with the Toshiba Cricket TV, a cricket fan can now enjoy every gasp and every gulp of the game,” said Titus Uppturu, NCD, Dentsu Marcom.

Will the cricket connection help?
Expert take

Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said, “Flat panel TV is a difficult category to advertise for. All that any brand wants to say is brighter, sharper and more life-like. This commercial does the same. The key question then is why use Sachin? I just didn’t get the whole bit of co-creating with Sachin or even the baseline of leading by innovation. Overall, it left me a bit bewildered. For me, this is a sales demo and not really an ad.”

Our take
If cricket is religion, then Sachin Tendulkar is our God. And what’s better than using both at the same time for a Cricket Series LED TV ad. Anything remotely related to cricket and Sachin rings with the Indians who breathe, eat and sleep with cricket and this ad is not an exception.

In this highly cluttered space where every brand is coming up with new innovations, it is important to highlight the uniqueness in a differentiated manner. Toshiba has done that by developing the Cricket Series LED television in consultation with Sachin for this cricket-crazy nation. The ad is simple and gives out the clear message of enjoying every bit of cricket through Toshiba LED TV. The music is lively and explains the proposition. However, if we remove cricket and Sachin, then the ad doesn’t show anything striking and gives the usual message of a TV ad that shows richer, sharper and crisper images.

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