Reporter’s Diary: A dose of weekly action-packed film!

A series of action-packed meetings, deadlines and follow ups are what fill up Tasneem Limbdiwala’s week. A peek into the hectic life of one of e4m’s oldest reporters…

e4m by Tasneem Limbdiwala
Updated: Feb 12, 2011 6:26 AM
Reporter’s Diary:  A dose of weekly action-packed film!

I have been with the exchange4media Group as a reporter for more than four years now and most of the times I get to hear: “Do you plan to retire from here?”. I wonder why people would ask me this question. Silly I say… But I feel proud to be one of the oldest employees at the organisation.

Well, coming back to the week’s Reporter’s Diary, it’s been a week of action, if I may say so. It’s been a week of meeting some of the most respected creative heads of the Indian advertising industry. And adding to the rollercoaster ride was the announcement of GoaFest 2011.

It’s been a week where I had some deadline issues that I had to attend and submit my reports at the end of the day. Thanks to my desk editor, who has been very patiently waiting for my reports. It goes without saying that I am trying hard to master the art of ‘Time Management’.

The second week of February 2011 is coming to an end and as the third week begins, it will be more of an action-packed series. As they say in true filmy style, ‘Boss, yeh toh sirf trailer hai… abhi toh poori picture baaki hai!’

I have always been a reporter who likes chasing and that’s my forte. So, between the power packed meetings and deadlines, my week also conquers the sniffing ability to find out what’s happening where. The conclusion is that it’s been a week of multi-tasking.

And as week after week of fast-paced action rolls on, another year will be over and I will be yet another year older in the organisation. So back to square one and the same question that I started with my diary with comes back to me, ‘Do I plan to retire from exchange4media?’ and my answer is, ‘Yes! No doubts… I am a proud e4mite’!


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