Reporter's Diary: Love is in the air, literally!

Reporter Priyanka Nair discovers the myriad hues of love on a rainy evening, amid the cacophony and clutter of brand ads on television

e4m by Priyanka Nair
Updated: Jul 20, 2013 9:01 AM
Reporter's Diary: Love is in the air, literally!

AR Rahman’s tracks on loop while sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee and viewing rain God’s beauty – love is bound to happen. One such recent experience made me ponder a lot. I even managed to scribble a few good lines and I had a wide grin too. The mood put me on a high.

I then switched on the television to watch my daily dose of cookery and travelogue shows. But the cacophony of the myriad brand ads put me off and so I put on the mute mode. Thanks to the ‘two-mins’ return policy of most channels, I could keep a tab on when my scheduled show would be back.

All of a sudden Big B caught my attention and I increased the volume. I was mesmerised by his charm, voice and persona. Above all, what made me fall in love with the commercial was the script. The ad was for Binani Cement, and it brought on television a beautiful line of thought, so perfect that anyone would fall in love all over again with their parents. How? Take a look the video...

It turned out that I was blessed to experience a number of lovely things that evening. This time, I was giving my naani company while she was watching her regular comedy shows. My naani was happy to see me sitting next to her and laughing along with her on the silliest of one-liners. In between the show, what caught our attention was an ad for Nazraana Diamond. All I did after watching it was share a warm smile with my naani and got up to give her a huge hug. What made me do that? Take a look at the video...

With happy feelings in my heart, I thought why not pen down my thoughts somewhere, but I needed some music while doing that. That was when I went to YouTube and selected one of my favourite Rahman numbers. As I got busy scribbling my thoughts, a conversation in the background made me return to the YouTube page. Trust me, after that I felt my day was next to perfect. Why did I feel so? Take a look at the video...

May be it is the flavour of the season. May be it was always there. What I believe is that anything said with words of love lifts your mood, makes you feel good about everything around and above all, you get a positive vibe. I am amused how amid all the clutter, there are brands who still believe that love can win the hearts of many.

If I have to sum up my thoughts in one line, it would be, ‘Love is in the air, literally!’ 

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