Reckitt Benckiser to drive Mortein SMART campaign on mobile and TV

Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Director, RB Hygiene Home South Asia, says the brief for Havas Creative was getting consumers to upgrade to a smarter choice - a smarter way to protect

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Published: Feb 13, 2020 8:37 AM  | 4 min read
Mortein SMART

Reckitt Benckiser’s new product for Mortein brand is part of the company’s strategy to addresses the need for a tech-driven solution for the mothers of India who are ‘seeking uncompromising protection for their families’.

The launch of ‘Mortein SMART’ was attended by Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Director, RB Hygiene Home South Asia, and Actor and Entrepreneur Neha Dhupia. The brand found Neha, a young working mom, to be a perfect fit to reach out to the consumers.

RB India with this new launch aims to bring in sophisticated tech-driven solutions that will strengthen its foothold in the Rs 2,200 crore liquid vaporizer segment in India.

Havas Creative has been roped in as the agency for the product launch campaign.

Speaking about the brief given to the agency for the campaign, Aneja shared, “I think the brief clearly was that we wanted consumers to upgrade to a smarter choice - a smarter way to protect. The brief clearly was to bring alive the product magic with a consumer insight which is really relevant. The second insight, which actually led us to create this product proposition, was with respect to the smarter choices that consumers have made in other categories. They have moved to smart devices but when it comes to our own protection we still continue to use machines that are two mode-led. That is where we asked the creative agency to say it is a very functional category but the challenge was to highlight the promise of protection and the emotional benefit that is truly the liberation that a woman finds when you use a smart device.”

Havas Group India shared that, “When children come into a product it brings in efficacy and also ensures that mothers and families feel safe. Children are the ones influencing families. They are also the ones who are going and telling their family I want to feel safe and do something smart. They are the ones who are actually using the words - smart devices and smart conversations. So it fits in as indirect advocacy of a brand which is actually killing such a serious nemesis- mosquitos. So we took that strong peg of making it the most effective product which kills mosquitos but taking the route of children who are using it. We made it a tongue in cheek campaign and used the analogy of why it is a smart product. It actually appeals to the mother to say that keep your house as much mosquito-free as you can.”

The campaign will be a 360-degree campaign. The brand will be spending more on television and will also be mobile-first. The brand category expects to attract young minds who are busy and more out and about, which makes mobile advertising a perfect fit.

Bobby Pawar, Chairman & CCO, Havas Group, who played a potent role in the launch of this campaign remarked, “Fact is, that today when we are planning to colonize Mars, more deaths are caused by mosquito-borne diseases than all other diseases in the world combined! Mortein SMART sits at the cutting edge of innovation in our fight against mosquito borne diseases and the communication sharply focuses on that.”

Ravinder Siwach, NCD, Havas Creative said, “The number of Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya cases we see every year is a constant reminder of this deadly menace. Through our communication, we have called out the irony that when everything else has become automatic/smart, must our mosquito protection remain as dated as ‘manual mode change machines’.”

Aneja remarks that as a marketer she wants to make sure that we have many more conversations. “Brands are not built by 25-second advertising alone. They are really built by the category in popular culture. In a conversation where you are honest about what you are selling and also willing to listen. This happens with dialogue and not a monologue. Whether it is digital or PR these mediums allow you to engage with real people and ask real questions. This allows us to receive feedback too. It is a two-way loop”, shares Aneja.

Sharing about how the products have evolved, Aneja said: “In the pest control category, the fact that today liquid vaporizer as a category is growing much faster than products of the past is simply because people are also evolving.”

You can watch the new ad film here:

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